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These Are The Best Dish Towels By A Mile

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Think A Dish Towel Can’t Change Your Life? Think Again

Our relatively new dishwasher is the first high-efficiency model I’ve owned, and the dry cycle in particular has taken some getting used to. The results are less consistent than my previous dishwasher, and I find that while more than half of my dishes are perfectly dry by the end of the cycle, there are at least a handful that are still pretty wet.

Luckily, my favorite waffle-weave microfiber cloths from the By Jillee Shop has proven to be an ideal solution to the problem of those still-dripping dishes! When I’m ready to unload the dishwasher, I just grab one of my microfiber cloths and swipe it over any lingering water on the dishes as I put them away. It works like a charm and doesn’t slow me down at all!

As you can imagine, these cloths are even more of a game-changer for drying dishes after washing them by hand. They’re so absorbent that you could use a single cloth to dry every single dish you own, and they don’t leave any lint behind.

In short, these are the best dang dish towels I’ve ever used — no other towel or cloth has even come close! Find out what sets them apart below.

Best Dishtowels collage: woman drying a sauce pan over an open dishwasher; closeup of pan being dried

Why My Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Are The Best Dish Towels

The OGT Team and I tested dozens of different microfiber cloths to find the perfect fit, and these waffle weave cloths had everything we were looking for (and then some!) Here’s a look at some of the features that make them so special.

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The Magic Of Microfiber

Microfiber is named for its super-fine synthetic fibers that have an asterisk-like structure. All of those microscopic nooks and crannies make microfiber incredibly absorbent, and capable of absorbing up to six times its weight in water.

Another important feature of those super-fine fibers is that they generate static electricity as they move against each other. This helps the fabric trap even the tiniest particles of dust and dirt, and even bacteria too.

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The Wonders Of Waffle Weave

But it’s not just the microfiber material that makes these cloths special — the waffle weave construction sets them apart too. It not only looks great, but it makes them even more absorbent and helps them dry faster than other cloths.

The waffle weave pattern features pockets of air within the towel, which allows the microfiber to expand and absorb even more moisture than usual. Those air pockets help the material dry quickly too, because air can circulate more freely between the fibers.

Quick-drying towels like these discourage bacterial growth and unpleasant odors, and you don’t have to worry about them dripping when you hang them up.

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Other Advantages And Benefits

  • Size. At 16 x 23 inches, these microfiber cloths fall somewhere between standard dish towels and cleaning cloths. It’s a great size to work with, and since they’re so absorbent, they don’t really need to be any bigger.
  • Hanging Loop. The sturdy hanging loop on each cloth is perfect for hanging them up to dry.
  • Texture. Compared to a standard microfiber cleaning cloth, these towels feel especially soft and fluffy. They’re a joy to use!
  • Versatility. Their absorbency and lint-free finish makes these cloths highly versatile. They eliminate smudges and smears like nothing else, and are strong enough to power through grimy and sticky messes, yet gentle enough for even the most delicate surfaces. I especially love using them to shine my stainless steel appliances!
Best Dishtowels - closeup of cup being dried with a towel

What Are OGT Readers Saying About These Cloths?

You’ve heard why I think my microfiber cleaning cloths are the best dish towels around, but what do OGT readers think? Here’s what people saying about these towels:

“I’ve been searching for absorbent kitchen towels for years with little success. Even my husband would complain about kitchen towels “just pushing the water around.” I resorted to buying pretty bathroom hand towels because they absorb better. Trusting Jillee, I bought these towels. Well, wow, was she right. Finally, kitchen towels that absorb and polish after wiping up spills. So glad I found these.”

Dianne M.

“I love these towels, and even my husband asked where I got them. He said these are some of the best towels we have bought, can you buy more? We would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a great towel.”

Linda P.

“I love these microfiber cleaning cloths so much, I had to order more. They’re great to scrub up grimy messes because of the waffle design and they are so durable. You just toss them into the washing machine and they come out like new. In my 51 years of marriage, I have purchased so many dish towels and cleaning cloths that go thread-bare so quickly. Those days are over. I have finally found a solution. Thanks Jillee.”

D. Boothe
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The Takeaway

The only thing I love more than these cloths is how much other people love them too! In fact, I’ve received numerous emails from readers who have told them they initially bought the cloths to use at them, but they ended up buying more to give to their friends and family as gifts! That’s a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one.

Do you have a favorite dish towel?

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  • They sound great. Except I’ve stopped buying microfibre. They are terrible for the environment. Microscopic particles are invading waterways, soil and have even been found in the bodies of both people and animals.

  • Our appliance salesman said the “newer” dishwashers will do that but said if you use jet dry rinse aid, it solves 99% of that problem. He was right. The only damp areas I have now are if the glass or whatever has a dip in the bottom where water settles. I do not use the heat feature because I wash a lot of plastics that I don’t want to warp.

    • Back when I was refurbishing old dishwashers to resell, many of which came directly out of a kitchen to be replaced with new, it was extremely rare to find one that the owners hed ever even bothered to refill the rinse aid tanks on.As a result, they likely never bothered to refill it on their new machine either, then called for service because it was leaving spots on the glassware and nothing was drying..

  • Generally speaking, your water heater should be set at 120 degrees, which simply is not warm enough for dishwasher soap to properly clean things in a dishwasher. Consequently, if your dishwasher has any sort of heat boost settings (sani rinse, high temp scrub, or the like, you should have those turned on. If you are going to be pretty much right there when the dishwasher finishes, don’t bother with the heated drying cycle either. Instead, just open the dishwasher and slide the racks out, let them sit for about 5 minutes to cool, and the only water you’ll have to watch out for is a bit that collects in the depressed cup bottoms, and everything else will then be dry and cool enough to handle without burning your fingers.

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