This Is The NEW Miracle Cure For Droopy Earrings

droopy earring cure

As you are probably aware by this point, I love finding simple, artful solutions to everyday problems. It’s kind of my thing! :-)

Most of the time, these simple solutions take the form of a clever hack or quick tip. But occasionally, I come across a product that is so brilliant and useful that I feel compelled to spread the word about it! And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in today’s post.

droopy earring cure

The Problem: Droopy Earlobes & Earrings

One of the less enjoyable aspects of getting older is losing elasticity in your skin. I have taken this change in stride for the most part, but the hardest pill to swallow was giving up dangly earrings.

As much as I love them, they had started to weigh down my earlobes, causing them to look droopy and sad. I (reluctantly) made the switch to stud-style earrings, but after a while, even the studs starting making my earlobes look droopy!

I’ve always loved wearing earrings, so this was a highly distressing development! For a while, I figured that the only way to fix the problem was to have my earlobes surgically reshaped.

That is, until I came across the miraculous product that solved my problem in seconds!

droopy earring cure

The Solution: Earring Supports

Unsurprisingly, I discovered the simple solution to my problem on Amazon. They’re called BlingDots Earring Supports, and they are self-adhesive stabilizers you place on the backs of your earlobes. Simply apply the BlingDots and poke the posts of your earrings through them, and your earrings will stay put!

droopy earring cure

One of the best thing about these little dots, in my opinion, is how long they last. I can keep a single pair on for several days at a time, through showers and shampoo, and I don’t even notice them!

droopy earring cure

One box costs about $15 and comes with 90 BlingDots (or 45 pairs). With as long as they last, I know I won’t have to buy another box for several months!

droopy earring cure

I haven’t had any issues or problems while wearing these—only the benefits of feeling confident about wearing earrings again! And since I know I’m not the only person who feels self-conscious about having droopy earlobes, I hope someone out there can benefit from learning about these like I did! :-)

droopy earring cure

What’s the best problem-solving product you’ve bought recently?

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  • Walmart has had earring backs for YEARS that you can buy that would do the same thing! They have them with either sterling silver or surgical steel (I’m not sure which) that have a plastic (or rubber?) pad. Not very expensive at all.

  • I am an earring lover but could wear only a few of my nicest pairs because of their weight. Read your column on BlingDots and got some. I am so thrilled by the results. Thank you for mentioning them.

  • you can use different kinds of tape to do the same thing. purchasing an entire roll of something for a couple bucks will last a very long time. plus, then you don’t have to leave them on day after day if you are not wearing earrings.
    soft medical paper tapes work just fine and are inexpensive as well.

  • I’ll have to look for the hospital tape. It would definitely be cheaper for me. W luckily haven’t had to deal with droopy lobes yet. When I wear the dangling earrings with the wires I use a small plastic back to keep them in my ears. I think this has helped me.

  • Thank you. these look much better than those other lifters you spoke of before–they would spin around and the top would stick out of the side of my earlobe, or they were super hard to poke the post through. going to try these

  • The only blingdots on the UK site are for computer keybooards, I assume you don’t mean those….and re another ladies suggestion we don’t get translucent medical tape, closest to that is paper tape, too weak by far.
    Seems U.K Amazon is a bit lacking

      • Thanks Kathy, everything that I have found look like a larger ear ring to cover the fact that they droop. Rather than something to be worn with the earrings that you have. There are of course the plastic style backs which keep the earring on but they still droop. Ah well,.old in the U.K is just old!!

  • I just bought these and I lOVE them! Thank you! I got my ears reprierced last year after years of not wearing earrings. I don’t know if that made the hole to big or if it’s just that now I’m older but I was so frustrated at the drooping earrings. Now they look perfect and I’m not worried that I’ll lose a good pearl.

  • Funny timing. I just noticed yesterday that my one of my favorite pairs of hoop earrings looks like it’s trying to rip my earlobe in half. I never even know products like these existed! Thank you!

  • By coincidence,,I just ordered two sets on was earlier tonight…Been wanting them for a long time and I hope I will like them..i have noticed the last couple of years,that my earrings are not looking the same as they used to,in other words,my lobes are starting to droop just like everything else is…Thank you for the article and all the other interesting things you post..

  • I’ve always used the earring backs that include the clear plastic disk for any earrings that are heavier or pull on my ears. It’s a pet peeve of mine to have droopy or slanted earrings that won’t hang correctly. I believe the concept of having a bigger backing is the same as these. I buy a box of several backs that are extremely cheap and if you lose one, there are lots more from which to replace. They can be found in any costume jewelry section of a store.

    • Mia – I have been using these for years and they are great. Inexpensive too as you said ’cause I’m always losing them. Also really good for the Shepard hook ratings that I often loose.

  • Does anyone else have a pile of single earrings, after losing or breaking one? I would like just one pair of earrings that are impossible to lose. Having long hair and wearing winter hats (we have a farm), I have lost many single earrings over the years. And what do you do with all those singles in the back of the drawer?

    • I have started to use my “orphaned” earrings as ornaments on a small Christmas tree that is made of wool. You just have to look at proportions as you wouldn’t want really large ones on the tabletop tree.

    • Losing one of a favourite pair is upsetting, so I deliberately wear odd earrings; most people don’t see both sides of your head at once, and if they do comment I tell them it’s a new Club of Lost Earrings. I do the same with socks and am amused that people BUY pairs of socks that are mismatched. I would do the same thing with gloves except for the fact it’s always the right one I lose!

      • Odd stud ratings are great to add to a jacket lappel for a little added bling.

    • Bev..yes…all through the years I have lost many earrings and most of the time,,,,never found the missing one.I usually keep the earring and hope I find the mate but never do.

    • I have a small Christmas tree about 10 inches and I put the single earrings on it each year (along with some other mini ornaments. It adds a little bling and some happy memories when I take out the single earring.

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