The Genius Accessory You Need Under Your Countertop Appliances

appliance sliding trays collage: woman standing at kitchen counter with a red stand mixer on a sliding tray, woman's hands using a spatula in a stand mixer slid to edge of counter on an appliance stand

The Best Appliance Sliding Trays For Your Countertop

When it comes to small kitchen appliances, I can’t imagine life without my KitchenAid stand mixer. I use it to mix cookie dough, make fresh whipped cream, and even shred chicken, but if there’s one feature I would change about my stand mixer if given the chance, it would be how heavy it is!

Anyone who’s ever hauled a KitchenAid mixer out of a cabinet or their pantry is likely all too familiar with this particular problem. And it’s no wonder, really, because the popular 5-qt. Artisan models weigh about 26 pounds (and the 6-qt. Professional Series that I have is a full 3 pounds heavier!)

appliance sliding trays: woman's hand pressing down on a rolling appliance tray under a red stand mixer

In fact, I’ve often found myself struggling just to drag my mixer to the edge of the countertop where I keep it stored. At least until recently, after having stumbled upon a brilliant solution that I’ll be telling you all about in today’s blog post: the Goldlion appliance sliding tray!

Just place one of these trays underneath your countertop appliances and you’ll be able to slide your appliances back and forth with ease. These trays have been a total game-changer for me personally, so today I wanted to give you all a quick overview of how they earned a permanent spot on my kitchen counter, and why you may want to give them a try for yourself!

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3 Things I Love About These Appliance Sliding Trays

rolling appliance stand collage: Instant Pot on a rolling stand at back of counter, Instant Pot on a rolling stand that has been rolled to the front of the counter.

1. They’re Easy To Use

These appliance sliding trays couldn’t be easier to operate. Once you’ve positioned one of your appliances on top, just use the lever on the handle to unlock the tray and slide it forward for easy access with no heavy lifting required!

Then when you’re done using the appliance, simply use the lever again to slide it back into place. The silicone surface of the tray will keep your appliance securely in place, and at less than 1” tall, it’s perfect for those appliances you keep tucked underneath your kitchen cabinets.

rolling appliance stand with a red stand mixer on it, woman pressing lever at front of stand

2. They Come In 2 Convenient Styles

Goldlion, the brand that makes these sliding trays, makes two different styles to accommodate different types of appliances. While the two styles are actually identical in size (11.7” x 16.1”), they slide in different directions.

The wider tray, which has its lever on one of the long edges, is ideal for wider appliances, so I use one for my Instant Pot. The deeper tray, which has its lever on one of the short edges, is the perfect sliding tray for KitchenAid mixers, coffee makers, blenders, toasters, etc.

rolling appliance stand with tea kettle, mug, bottle of honey, and boxes of tea

To help make the most of your counter space, you might even consider grouping a couple of different items on the same sliding tray. For example, you could set up a sliding tea station by arranging your kettle, tea canister, and honey on one (or your coffee maker, grinder, milk, and sugar if you’re a coffee drinker.)

With one quick slide, you’ll have everything you need for your morning beverage at the ready! And when you’re finished with it, you can tuck it all away quickly and easily.

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rolling appliance stand rolled to front of counter with an Instant Pot on it

3. They Can Handle The Heat

Another thoughtfully-designed feature on these sliding trays is their silicone surface, which is not only non-slip but heat-resistant too! That means you can safely operate your Instant Pot, bread maker, or air fryer on one of these trays without having to worry about damaging the tray.

As an added bonus, the silicone surface is also easy to clean. I just give mine a quick wipe with a damp cloth every once in a while to get rid of dust and splatters.

rolling appliance stand with a red stand mixer, woman's hand using a spatula to mix the contents of the mixer bowl

These Goldlion sliding trays also have great reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 4,000 reviews!

The Takeaway

Whether limited mobility or an injury has made it impossible for you to haul heavy appliances around your kitchen, or — like me — you’d just prefer not to, I think you’ll love these appliance sliding trays! Once you experience how much easier they make it to use your countertop appliances, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! :-)

Do you have any kitchen gadgets you can’t live without?

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Bright Ideas

  • I have the same Kitchenaid Pro 6000 mixer that stays out on my countertop 24/7. For the last 7 years, I have been horsing it out from under our upper kitchen corner cabinets until I ran across this article a few weeks ago. Straight away my order was placed on Amazon and the tray is everything you said it was. My mixer now glides out effortlessly into its usable position. Thank you for another great tip!

    Speaking of tips, how about an article on all the great uses for hand sanitizer? I have found it to be very useful in removing tree sap, label residue and permanent marker. But as a relative newbie to your website, chances are you have already covered the topic. Just a thought and thanks again!

  • That is a great idea. I am 62 yrs old and have arthritis in my hands and lower back. That would make it easy since it’s on rollers!
    Thank you Jillee!

  • Bought one last month (different brand) to roll my Keurig coffemaker back out of the way when not being used. This is one of those items that you don’t know you need until you see what they do. And as mentioned by NanCee Maynard, be sure to check the height of both your appliance and the platform so you can be sure that the combined height will clear your cabinets. Ours sit rather low, so I was careful to measure exactly soI don’t end up having to return the platform. p.s. There are many different styles/shapes of these available on Amazon.

  • Tray is a great idea, Measure the height of your appliance before ordering one often the space between counter & cupboards is limited. I found the tray failed as I used my Kitchen aid while mixing cookie/quick bread dough(and bread dough) and started moving while locked in place. I put felt pads under the “bumpers” to slide out and when using I place piece of the no slide drawer liner under to keep it in place.

  • I always have the toaster on the counter, but to avoid the heat under the top cabinets, I found one of these slider trays, and it is wonderful. But – wow – you OGT ladies are awesome – wish I had the quick smarts to think about any of your easy and inexpensive solutions.

  • I was trying to explain this to my mom and showed her the picture . I had actually seen the same type of thing onTarget and Walmart’s websites for about half of the Amazon
    price. I love reading about other cheaper diy versions.

  • All of these ideas are wonderful additions. The trays are just a suggestion for those who want to use them in their kitchen. Especially if you have limited mobility or are unable to lift and/or move heavy appliances. I personally love mine! :-)

  • I use a Dollar tree placemat (very thin, slick on both sides and extremely sturdy). My mixer is heavy and lives in a corner of my countertop and sits on top of this placemat. By holding onto the edge of the mat I can easily slide my mixer in and out without any hassle. It’s also very easy to clean. I’ve been using it for many years. I feel like I really did get a lot of bang for my $1.00!

  • Interesting! I’ve note heard of these or thought of the awesome tips the viewers below me have shared either. I don’t like to keep appliances out on the counter because it makes my kitchen feel smaller and cluttered. When we remodel I’m getting a lift for my kitchenaid mixer. The kind that stores it in a lower cabinet and lifts it up to counter height when needed. Since it can be used on the lift it’s like having some extra counter space too.

  • Flexible cutting boards also work nicely. Some years ago I purchased a set of 3 for $10. They are brightly colored, come in various sizes and are easy to clean.

  • I can see the value of this for something like an instant pot. As far as my mixer goes, for many years now I’ve used a folded flour sack towel underneath mine. It’s easy to fold to size, and my mixer slides forward and back with ease.

  • I’m sure the tray is is nice and does the job of allowing you to move your appliances easily. However, I’ve been using an oven liner mat cut to size for many years. I also have my food processor and instant pot on the oven mat. You can usually find the oven liner mat for about $10.00 and one mat is big enough to use under 3 or 4 appliances, depending on their sizes.

  • >