“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part Fifteen

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Here on my blog, I strive to share simple, everyday tips and tricks that can help make your life a little bit easier. But sometimes, the tips that I want to share aren’t something I can write a whole blog post about! And since I simply cannot waste a good idea, I tuck them away to use at a later date. Today I’ll be sharing some of those tips and tricks with you in the fifteenth edition of my ongoing series “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

1. Freeze Your Water Bottle

During the summer, the water in your reusable bottle can go from icy cold to lukewarm in a matter of minutes. But there’s a simple way to keep your water colder for much longer!

Before bed, fill your water bottle halfway with water and place it on its side in your freezer. In the morning, just fill the rest of the bottle with water for icy cold water that actually lasts!

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

2. Better Microwaved Pizza

When you reheat pizza in a microwave, the crust can turn unpleasantly tough. To avoid this, just place a small glass of water in the microwave along side your pizza. The added moisture will help preserve the texture of the crust!

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

3. iPhone Cursor Hack

Anyone with an iPhone can tell you how annoying it is to edit text after you’ve typed it. Selecting the right spot in the text to place the cursor is so tricky that it’s often easier to just delete it all and start over!

But I recently learned there’s actually a MUCH simpler way to do it—just hold down the space bar! This allows you to move the cursor around freely so you can put it right where you want it.

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

4. Waterproof Your Canvas Shoes

Canvas sneakers are great for everyday wear, but they don’t do much to keep your feet dry. But you can waterproof your canvas shoes using only a bit of beeswax and a hair dryer!

Spread the beeswax over the outside of your shoes, then use the hair dryer to melt the wax. As the wax becomes more pliable, spread it out in an even layer and remove any excess wax as needed. Once the wax has melted and disappeared, you’re done!

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

5. Start Fires With Chips

Even when you have a good amount of twigs and kindling to start a campfire, an added boost can help get things started. Have a bag of snack chips nearby? Add a handful to your kindling!

The fat, oil, and additives in snack chips tend to burn up easily. Use them to get enough of a flame going to light your kindling, and you’ll be well on your way to a roaring campfire.

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

6. Keep Garlic Fresh

Worried about keeping those garlic bulbs fresh long enough to use them? Place them in a lidded container and cover them in coarse salt. The salt will draw enough moisture out of the garlic to help keep it fresh and ready to use!

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

7. Grater Breadcrumbs

You don’t have to pull out your food processor just to make breadcrumbs! Instead, freeze a piece of bread until it’s solid, then grate it up with your box grater. You’ll have perfect breadcrumbs with less cleanup!

The “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Series

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Bright Ideas

  • I agree about the restroom floors. I also try not put my purse on the floor when I go other places in public you never know what germs are lurking out there. I also have a little purse hanger that has its own bag. It’s great for restaurants if there’s not a chair next to me.

  • Just thought you might want to know the difference between kindling and tinder Jillee. Tinder is usually finely divided dry material that will begin to glow under a shower of sparks. Fire starters are considered tinder as well. The flaming tinder is used to ignite kindling, which in turn is used to ignite the fuel.

  • Another iPhone cursor trick is to slide the cursor to (close) to where you want it, and hold it down there. A pop-up magnifier of the area appears. With that it’s easy to finish sliding the cursor into place.

  • Got banana sap all over my shirt and shorts. Washed and dried didn’t touch the stains. After $16 at the dry cleaners, no better success. Any ideas?

  • Great tips!!
    Here’s my trick for getting those pesky sealed-on silvery plastic lids off. You know the kind – they come on some containers of coffee, or pourable coffee creamers, even those single-serve half-n-half cups. I’ve not broken nor chipped a nail since keeping a pair of needle-nosed pliers handy. The pointy end lifts the flap, then you grab it midway in the pliers and roll. So so easy. (And for those of us born back in the Jurassic period – wink – this is reminiscent of the old “key” that used to come attached to cans of coffee so you could open the aluminum lid.)

    • There’s a product called ‘Terro’ for ants. Years ago I had those big black ants invading – two days after Terro they were gone. This summer, out of nowhere, the little ants started invading. Terro again to the rescue in 2 days, and I haven’t seen any for months. Best product I’ve ever used to get rid of those critters.

      • That is what we use, too. An exterminator told us it is the strongest thing you can buy without a license. One caveat – when you put it out, you will have ants such as you’ve never seen and wonder what on earth you’ve gotten into. But as Lyn said, in two days it’s all over. They take the stuff back to the nest and it poisons the whole crew.

        We had ants in the bedroom, and found they were crawling up the porch posts. Terro is a sort of loose gel, so we ran two lines of it around the post just above eye level. Too high to worry that the cats would get into it, anyway. The ants didn’t cross the gel, so it kept them out of the house and solved the problem.

    • The Terro products are great, but expensive. If you prefer to DIY, The active ingredient in Terro is Borax. Just add some water to make it liquid, and you’re good to go. Replace when no longer effective.

      • I use Borax and sugar – a bit of liquid to make it stick together, put it on a bit of cardboard and the ants eat it up. Replace it when gone, a few days later – no ants.

    • Check around the perimeter of your house as well. Terro works very well. Place on paper, otherwise it hardens and is hard to clean up. You don’t need to use much.

  • Love the hints especially the jumpy curser and the water bottle; freeze a chunk or 2 of orange or other fruit as well! Or maybe left over coffee? hum….we could get carried away with this ; )

  • This happens all the time at my house… (4 adults):
    Morning, time for a bowl of cereal… You pour the Cereal into a bowl, open the fridge… NO MILK!!!!!
    Lately, instead of pouring the cereal, back into the box…
    I just use water, simple, “on tap”, and the cereal still tastes Grrrrrate! (Tony The Tiger)
    Don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it :)

  • Here’s another tip – did you ever go into a restroom stall with no hook to hang your handbag? If you have a long strap on your handbag, you can loop it around the top edge of the door where there is a space for the door to swing open. No more hanging the handbag around your neck while you do your business!

    • I have had to do this several times and it works well. NEVER ever, put your bag on the floor!!! You have no idea what *^%# is on the floor and then you take it back to your home and spread all these germs. I have seen so many bags on the floor, just almost makes me nauseated. A public restroom is one of the most nasty places, and no manner how clean you keep your own at home, they still have germs lurking, and it’s so unreal how many persons will leave the rest room and ‘never’ wash their hands. I ‘know’ this doesn’t pertain to today’s post but thought I would throw it in.

    • Be careful doing that. Someone can walk by and grab that bag. I don’t even use the hook on door when it is high, had a friend lose a purse when someone reached over and grabbed it.
      She was at a high in store in a mall in Utah. I usually leave my purse hanging on my shoulder.

      • Or hang it off the toilet paper dispenser if possible. If the strap is long , I tie it in a knot then drape it over the tp holder

      • I’m from New York, and would NEVER leave my bag where some mean person could grab it.

    • The stalls usually have a sliding latch. I just hang my pocketbook over that. If you have a should bag just shorten the strap or if not adjustable try wrapping around vertically on center. It may sound nutty, but I started carrying some toilet tissue in a zipper lock bag as sometimes you go to use the restroom and no toilet tissue. This could especially useful if you go to a port when on a cruise and use a public restroom.

  • I also love the iphone hack. I’m an Android snob but occasionally have to send texts from the front desk at work via iphone notifying an employee their visitor has arrived. Not being able to click into a word to edit it has been so frustrating. Eager to try this out!

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