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chore tracker

During my spring cleaning a few weeks ago, I found that my spring cleaning checklist made it easy to keep track of my progress, not to mention that it felt very satisfying to check off each task. Having a list makes it easier to get things done because I don’t have to waste my time and energy thinking about what I have left to do or what I should do next. 

My positive experience with that checklist inspired me to make one I could use throughout the year to track the daily and weekly chores that go into keeping house. So I did just that, and now I’m passing it along to you in hopes you’ll find it just as useful!

chore tracker

Printable Chore Tracker For Daily And Weekly Chores

At the top of my weekly chore tracker, you’ll find an area where you can list daily chores, like wiping down countertops, loading the dishwasher, and so on. Below that, there are spaces to list chores you do on a weekly basis divided up by days of the week. That way, you’ll only have a few tasks to complete each day, rather than cleaning and tidying up for hours on one particular day.

Because we all have different homes, habits, and needs, I left the lists blank to allow you to customize your schedule so that it’s perfectly tailored to your own needs. Keep in mind that your first draft doesn’t have to be your last—if you follow your initial schedule for a week and it’s not working out, switch it up and try something different next week.

In fact, you may want to print out the chore tracker, put it in a plastic sheet protector, and write on that with a dry erase marker. That will make it easy to make changes to it as often as you need until you figure out an ideal schedule.

Just to give you an example of what your daily and weekly chore schedule could look like, here’s what I decided on for mine:

chore tracker

Example: My Daily & Weekly Chore Schedule

  • Daily
    • Make bed
    • Dishes
    • Empty trash cans
    • Laundry
  • Monday
    • Clean the fridge 
    • Countertops
    • Sweep and mop
  • Tuesday
    • Dust 
    • Vacuum
  • Wednesday
    • Tidy nightstand
  • Thursday
    • Clean bathrooms
  • Friday
    • Vacuum
  • Saturday/Sunday
    • Mow lawn
    • Weeding, garden tasks

Download the printable chore tracker below!

Chore Tracker

Download this printable and use it to make a schedule of your typical daily and weekly chores.

This is a printable chore tracker.

Download The Chore Tracker PDF

How do you stay on track with your cleaning chores?

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