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Can’t Stand The Heat? Make This Refreshing Face Mist

DIY Face Mist

Of all the beauty and skincare products that are on the market these days, I would argue that face mists are one of the most versatile. A good face mist can provide hydration to dry skin, lock in moisture, help you feel refreshed, and so much more. And today I’ll be showing you how to make a truly wonderful and all-natural DIY face mist, because I know you’re going to love it! :-)

First we’ll take a look at the three main ingredients that go into this mist, then I’ll share the easy recipe and directions for making this DIY face mist at home. Then we’ll finish off by exploring 7 different ways you can use this face mist — I suggest trying them all so you can decide which ones you like best!

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DIY Face Mist

What’s In It? Face Mist Ingredients

Apart from distilled water, this hydrating mist has three main ingredients that offer a variety of benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of what they do:

In addition to these three main ingredients, there are also a few optional ingredients you can choose to use to customize the spray for your unique skin type. I’ve included those for you in the recipe below.

DIY Face Mist

How To Make A Refreshing DIY Face Mist


3 Tbsp distilled water
2 Tbsp witch hazel
2 Tbsp rose water
1 Tbsp vegetable glycerin

DIY Face Mist

Optional Ingredients:

1 drop tea tree essential oil (for acne-prone skin)
1 drop lavender essential oil (for sensitive skin)
1 tsp aloe vera gel (to reduce redness)
1-3 drops liquid highlighter (for added shimmer)

DIY Face Mist


Add the distilled water, witch hazel, rose water, vegetable glycerin, and optional ingredients (if using) to a small glass spray bottle.

DIY Face Mist

Shake well to combine, then store in a cool, dark cabinet for up to one month, or in the fridge for up to three months.

7 Ways To Use Your DIY Face Mist

DIY Face Mist

1. Moisten Makeup Sponges

For those who use a makeup sponge to apply or blend your foundation, dampen your sponge with your face mist instead of water.

2. Before Makeup

Spritz the mist onto your skin before applying your makeup, and it will help your makeup adhere to your skin better.

DIY Face Mist

3. After Makeup

Use the mist as a setting spray after you apply your makeup. Setting sprays help “set” your makeup and keep it in place so it lasts longer.

4. During Touchups

Need to touch up your makeup during the day? Carry this face mist in your makeup bag or purse to use before or after a touchup.

DIY Face Mist

5. As A Toner

This face mist makes a wonderful toner too. Use it after washing your face to remove any remaining impurities and tone your skin, then follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

6. Cool Off

Use this face mist any time your skin could use some refreshment! It’s perfect for cooling off when you feel overheated, or anytime you want to freshen up a bit.

DIY Face Mist

7. At-Home Facial

Enjoy a luxurious spa treatment in the comfort of your own home! Start your at-home facial by using the exfoliating face mask from the link below, then follow up with a few spritzes of your DIY face mist. After that, your skin will look and feel fresh and rejuvenated!

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Have you ever used a face mist before?

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  • I actually found a good oil control spray last year. It’s by Makeup Revolution . It’s called Oil Control Spray. I live in the Midwest and it’s almost impossible not to have stuff running down my face. I use it after my Face Sunscreen and Powder. I’ve had the bottle since last summer. I think l may have tried the original version of this spray.

  • This site keeps closing while I’m trying to write a comment. Fifth (5th) try… —sigh—
    I agree for the most part that this DIY hydrating face mist is beneficial. But, just to share my experience……. Using a face mister on my “made up” face, without a mirror, is a bad idea. While it’s lovely for hydrating the skin it plays havoc with eye makeup. Be prepared to keep it away from your “made up” eyes or you most likely will find all your hard work, (shadow, liner, mascara, brows) turns to an unattractive mess. Picture if you will,… eyeshadow in creases and mascara everywhere! Humidity is not kind to my eye makeup…… I would suggest using it before applying makeup or if you use a mist on your face during the day, …. you will want to be “fresh faced”. Just my experience for consideration…

    • Hi Adrienne! I think this really depends on the spray bottle you’re using. The spray bottle I used creates a pretty fine mist, so your face doesn’t get “wet” enough to mess anything up. But if your spray bottle is more a squirt and less of a mist, you may end up with makeup sort of “melting” off. I hope that helps! :-)

      Also, I’d love to ask you about your experience with writing the comment – could you email me at jill@byjillee.com and let me know if you’re commenting on your computer or on your phone? I’d love to make things easier!

  • Has anyone used geranium eo diluted on their face and had issues with burning? I’m sure my dilution was just off but want to check before I try again.

    • I use geranium in this anti-aging serum and have never felt burning! You may have particularly sensitive skin, or it may have just been too strong of a mixture.

  • Does the glycerin have to be the vegetable kind? I did actually try the NYX makeup setting spray last summer. Someone in the cosmetic department had recommended it to me. I wanted to like it because the girl said it helped set her makeup in our hot humid summer weather. Unfortunately,it didn’t work for me. My job requires us to sometimes be outside for long periods. I still had the same problem I have in past summers of my makeup not staying in place and running down my face due to our weather. I’d love it if this spray would help.

    • I agree with what Adrienne is saying. I live in the Midwest and it’s almost impossible to keep makeup from melting off due to the humidity in Summertime and my oily skin. I’d love to know if anyone has had success with anything. I also started using an eyeshadow primer, it stays on but still creases in the middle. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara and eyeliner or I would have my eye makeup running down my face.

  • That brand of Witch Hazel is diluted with isopropyl alcohol, so those with a sensitivity may want to use caution. Companies like Mountain Rose Herbs and New Directions Aromatics have alcohol free hydrosols and distillates that are wonderful.

  • Jillie Thanks for this recipe. I live in S.Arizona and it is so dry here all year long. After reading that Hyaluronic Acid will pull the moisture out of your skin if you live in a dry place ie, Winter with heat, Arizona, etc. So I have upped my face misting game and now carry a mist in my purse too.

    • Joanna,
      You’ll want to be mindful of all water drawing humectants if they dry your skin out, glycerin included. We have a similar issue with cold dry air where I am, and I find sealing my skin with a product including a skin friendly oil, butter or silicone helps a lot.

    • Az momma here too. If you are looking for a face moisturizer & have dry skin- Pixi rose oil. They sell it at Target – about $25 for a bottle & worth every penny. It absorbs after a few minutes.

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