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This Is The Easiest Way To Keep A Food Diary

food diary

I don’t track every meal I eat every day, but I have found it useful to keep a “food diary” at various points in my life. It’s often the first thing that doctors recommend when you’re trying to pinpoint a food allergy or intolerance, or when you’re low on certain nutrients and trying to get more of them in your diet.

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It’s also a useful tool for those working on losing weight, because being able to see what you eat and when makes it easier to know which habits you may need to adjust. But you don’t need to set up a whole food tracking system on your own, because I’ve already done it for you!

food diary

The Printable Food Tracker & How To Use It

I wanted to make a food tracker that was not only simple to use, but versatile enough that it could be useful to anyone needing to track their food. To achieve that, I left the two columns on the right unlabeled so that you can use them for whatever you’re tracking, like calories, fat, protein, carbs, salt, sugar, etc.

You can also use those two columns as a checklist. For instance, did your meal contain veggies? Healthy fats? Probiotics? Allergens? Whatever it is you want to focus on, using the printable food tracker can be a powerful tool for fine-tuning your diet.

food diary

I think it would be useful to use this tracker every now and then just to check in with your diet and be more conscious about your eating habits. It’s all too easy to fall into less than ideal habits, so using this food tracker can help increase your awareness if you use it regularly.

Download the food tracker below!

Printable Food Tracker

This simple printable food tracker will help you keep track of what you eat, no matter what your goals are.

The food tracker template is shown in colorless.

Download The Food Tracker PDF

Have you ever kept a food diary?

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