20 Handy Ways to Reuse Tights and Pantyhose

I can’t actually remember the last time I wore a traditional pair of pantyhose, but I do wear plenty of tights and stockings (that eventually end up unwearable after I abuse them in some manor.) Once you get a hole or a run in your pantyhose (or nylons, tights, etc) they’re pretty much useless….or are they???

Well, you know I had to find out! And after some intensive research (well, OK, medium intensity research) here is what I found….

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

1. Homemade cleaning products tend to clog spray bottles. Prevent those clogs with a tiny bit of nylon tied around the end of the sprayer and secure it with a tiny rubber band. 

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

2.  Make cleaning your hairbrush easy with a layer of nylons on the base of the brush. No more picking and peeling!

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

3.   Store onions in a way that keeps them dry, aerated, and keeps the skins intact! This is less messy, and takes up less space than a veggie bowl, too! You can also use this method for storing bulbs. 

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

4.  Use the waistband to secure the trash bag and prevent slipping. (One of my many pet peeves.)

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

5.   Create a quick glove to remove dog hair easily. 

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

6.   Store wrapping paper, magazines, or posters in a leg to keep them tidy and prevent rips. 

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

7.  Use a small section of nylons as a hair-tie.

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

8.   Use pantyhose as a mesh bag to wash small toys on the top rack of the dishwasher. Great for Legos, figurines and marbles! 

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

9.   Lost something tiny in the carpet? Put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find it right away! 

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

10.   Roll up clothing and wrap it in nylon legs to save space when packing a suitcase. A great DIY alternative to packing cubes!

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

11.   Polish delicate furniture or nice shoes with a soft nylon glove. You can even scrub dishes with a bit of old nylons! Or keep a reusable “cotton swab” for removing nail polish. Clean anything that needs a delicate scrub!

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

12.   Line a flower pot before filling with soil to keep every bit of dirt inside the pot.

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

13.  Store fruits and veggies in a mason jar with some nylon over the top. Use the same method for making a home for bugs that the kiddos catch. :-)

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

14.   Wipe away deodorant stains without leaving tissue bits behind.

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

15.   Wear old nylons under your jeans to add some warmth on a cold day!

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

16.  Clean tight spaces with some nylons secured around your broom handle. Great for reaching under the fridge!

Remove Odor From Shoes

17.   Stinky shoes? Fill the foot of a pair of nylons with baking soda and some essential oils to absorb odors and leave a fresh scent!

Draft stopper

18.  Fill a leg of nylons with stuffing, tie off both ends, and tuck it under a door to prevents drafts.

19.  Save up little slivers of soap and make a scrubbing pouch out of a knotted piece of nylons. Like this idea? Check out this post about felted soap!

20.  Soothe skin with a an easy to make oatmeal shower bag. Use the foot section of an old pair of nylons and tie a knot at the top.

How do you use old nylons?

20 Handy Ways to Use Pantyhose

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Bright Ideas

  • Once cleaned and dried, I cut the legs off, and fill one with rice. I tie the end of it, place it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and there you can use it on sore neck muscles

  • Mom always put the “panty” over the clothes dryer filter, it caught more lint, was easy to clean and when it was worn out we just threw it away.
    I still do it,

  • I have made small cat toys stuffed with poly filling and some cat nip. They will stick to the paws and make a fun game for the cat. I have also cut them up into small pieces to use for stuffing in stuffy toys. I believe that my mother used them to tie tomato plants to stakes to keep them from hanging on the ground.

  • Before our dogs go in the pool, we cover the skimmer basket with knee-hi hose. It catches the dog hair before it gets to the filter. Saves a ton of work.

  • Hi,
    I sent you a comment per Google but don’t think you’ve received it.
    I’d like to give you a tip about how to get a double use out of tights. When I buy them, I always get half a dozen of the same color. Once there’s a run in the leg, I cut it off at the beginning of the panty and save the panty and the “good” leg. When the same thing happens with another leg of a tight, I again cut off the “bad” leg. The next day I wear one panty with one “good” leg and over it another panty with another “good” leg. Although I’m wearing two panties, this cannot be seen. The only result is that two “perfect” legs are seen. Here you save 50% on your tights.
    I always save the stockings or tight with runs for making rugs. After cutting off the tip of the foot and the band at the top of the hose, I sew them all together, mixing the colors. Afterwards I make a braid and then sew it together to make a round or oval rug. I’m making one at the moment. When it’s finished, I’ll send you the picture.
    Thank you for all your interesting articles.
    Very kind regards,
    Margrith Broger
    Pre-Pyrenees, Catalonia

  • Stretch portions of pantyhose under any floor vents to prevent dirt and small toys or food from going down the ductwork. It does not interfere with airflow.

  • Use one as a lint trap on the water ejector hose of your washing machine. I tie it on with a broken rubber band. No knot necessary if you wrap tight and place the last lose end under a wrap or two

  • Every fall I use pantyhose to tie up the shrubs. Just cut off most of the panty part and use the connected legs to wrap around shrubs then tie the ends together. The panty hose keep the shrubs tight so the snow does not flattten the shrub or break the branches. Nude or black blend right in. Cut them off in the spring and no winter damage!

  • Many years ago, when all women wore pantyhose for work, or high shool, my grandfather had us save our worn out ones – clean and washed, he would cut off the elastic waist, and cut up the middle, removing the seam, if there was one.
    He then used this as reinforcement when he make braided rugs.
    Everyone n the family had at least one or two of these. My favorite was one made of old jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt. It was soft and springy, and very washable. I kept it in front of my kitchen sink- for years. I would pop it into the washer every so often, with jeans and other darks, and then lay it flat to dry, on the porch floor – a nice sunny spot that was just slats of wood.
    I wish I still had one of these little rugs, Grandpa has been gone for 40 yerars!

  • Bulbs! Brilliant! Ironically, I was reading this blog to take a mental break from Googling “How to make Baking Soda Dissolve and Not Clog Sprayers”. Badda bing, problem solved. My stinky dog and I thank you.

  • When camping with children put a bar of soap in the foot of a nylon and tie it to the wash station for easy hand washing. For bug bites all over the body from camping I’ve made a big pot of soupy oatmeal with cinnamon and I drain the liquid into a barly warm bath and put the mushy oatmeal in the foot of a nylon and sit in it. The nylon is used to scrub up. This works on any itchy rash. Great for when u get poison. I also will use them for putting moth balls into to hang up or when I make dryer balls.

  • I’ve put them over my hairbrush on days I don’t wash my hair. I sprinkle baby powder on my hair and I spray the nylon with a dab of perfume. It absorbs the excess oils and makes my hair look clean. I’ve used this tip before when traveling.

  • I love broomstick skirts, but the sticks are a pain. After washing a skirt, while it’s still wet, I twist it & pull a panty hose leg over it. I drape it over a towel rod until it’s dry, then make a loop at the open end to hang over a hook in my closet.

      • Broomstick skirts are the long, colorful, crinkly skirts that often come from India, for instance. I had several in different colors.
        Anyway, when you wash them, in order to regain the crinkled effect, you need to twist them tightly on a stick. I never did. I just twisted them tightly and knotted them and let them finish drying that way.

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