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This Quick Hack Makes It Easy To Decide What To Wear

deciding what to wear

There are a lot of things that can throw a wrench into your morning routine, and outfit indecision is definitely one of them. It might seem silly to some people to get sidetracked by something as simple as deciding what to wear, but that decision can have a real impact! In my experience, if I start my day wearing something that I don’t feel super confident about (for whatever reason), it can throw me off throughout the day.

Because of that effect, I am willing to take some extra time to find an outfit that I can feel good about wearing that day. Or, perhaps I should specify that I’m willing to take some extra time WITHIN REASON. I can’t afford to stand in front of my closet all day, agonizing over what to wear! So I eventually created a quick and easy solution that has helped me get around my outfit indecision. And I’ll be sharing that solution with you today!

deciding what to wear

How I Decided What To Wear

While some days it’s hard to decide what to wear, it’s not always a struggle! Occasionally I’ll put together an outfit that I really like, so I started keeping track of those successful outfits by taking a photo! I would simply stand in front of my mirror and snap a quick outfit pic with my phone. Then I would move the photo into a special folder (or “album,” as my iPhone calls it) that I made just for pictures of outfits I liked!

deciding what to wear

Over time, this photo album of outfits grew into something of a catalog of outfit options. Now, whenever I feel like I just can’t decide what to wear, all I have to do is pull out my phone! Perusing my album of outfit options acts as a reminder about things I could wear that I already know I like. It has been a huge help to me, because it narrows down my options so I don’t keep staring into my closet feeling overwhelmed. It’s like a digital stylist I can keep in my back pocket!

deciding what to wear

How To Make Your Own Outfit Photo Album

If my outfit photo album idea sounds like something that could help you, I hope you’ll give it a try! It only takes a few seconds to get started. To make a new photo album on an iPhone, start by opening the Photos app. Select the “Albums” tab near the bottom of the screen, then click the + symbol near the top of the screen. Select “New Album,” give your album a name, and voila! You’re ready to start filling it with outfit photos!

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deciding what to wear

As I’m not an Android user, I’m not sure specifically how to create new albums in the Gallery app. However, I’m sure it is a very similar process to doing it on an iPhone, because the photo apps are pretty similar! When in doubt, just long press on a photo and see what options it brings up.

Do you have any tips for overcoming outfit indecision?

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  • I open the closet door and then wear whatever the first thing hanging on the left side. If it’s a shirt, I just have to pick out a pair of pants. If it’s a dress, I wear that. When I go to hang it back up I put it at the right side of my closet. This is the way I rotate everything. Half of my closet it is cold weather stuff, the other half is for warm weather. If I don’t want to wear it I give it one or two more chances (one or two more days). If I still don’t want to wear it I put it in the donate pile, because I no longer like it. So easy, but then again, I’m not fussy.

  • The night before I choose two different outfits. One with stretchy waistband and one with out. That way I have two to choose from. And if my hands don’t want to work or I am swollen for whatever reason I have something picked out just incase. Or if you live where I do and the weather changes every 5 minutes I have something picked out for when the weather doesn’t corroporate.

  • I’d add to note if the outfit is for a “P” day or not, as some clothes fit better in between menstruating days. Putting together a comfortable outfit on “P” days was a wretched excercise when I worked in an office where appearance mattered.

    • I know exactly how you feel. I have certain outfits that are great when I’m feeling bloated., I know not to try to wear certain skirts with full length stockings. Torture!

  • I try to assemble an outfit on a hanger along with necklace and bracelet, place on a hook on a white door and snap a picture. Clean clothing on hangers facing inward, once worn and aired out, back into closet with hanger facing outward. This system helps me to get a second wearing out of my clothes. Through the years I’ve learned that, for me, the fewer the choices, the easier the decision-making process.
    Thanks for the great information you share….you are appreciated!

  • Looking at your pictures, Jillee, I think you did something else we all should do. You seem to have a bunch of clothes all from the same color palate. It looks to me like it’s very easy to mix and match from your entire closet. I think when we have too many colors, patterns, etc., our closets look like a jumble and it can be overwhelming. A few years ago I decided my best colors were jewel tones with black and navy as my neutrals. This has made it SO much easier to put together outfits now that I limit my purchases to only this color palatte.

  • I was preparing to send this article to my adult daughters when it occurred to me it might also be a great idea to try with their school age daughters (kinder and first grade) who often have meltdowns choosing what to wear in the morning. Trying to make this decision at night doesn’t always work as minds get changed while sleeping at times! Anyway having a record of previous happy decisions and results might make a big difference! Thanks for this great idea. I usually don’t have wardrobe indecision unless it’s for a dress-up occasion, but I do tend to wear the same outfits over and over.

  • i think taking pictures of your outfit front AND back views is a great idea. I have noticed with the current clingy fabrics used today that even thin people have “rolls” especially in back. I may look OK in the front, but like the Michelin man from the back! Sometimes a different bra fixes the problem, but sometimes it prompts me to put that garment in the “donate” bag!

  • My system is to choose from the left and put back on the right. If something stays on the left too long, that’s my signal to give it away. This method has worked for me for years and makes it much easier to discard items.

  • When I worked in a large office, I kept a daily wardrobe journal so as not to wear the same outfit twice in one week. I was fortunate to have enough outfits for two weeks.

    • This made me remember that when I was in high school a long time ago and quite the clotheshorse, I could stand at my closet and remember what I wore for the previous 3 weeks in order, even with repeats on outfits as I didn’t have 3 weeks worth of clothes. I wish I still had that many brain cells as I can’t remember what I wore 2 days ago unless it is still visible in the clothes hamper.

  • Dear Jilee, Another thing I do…I always look at the forecast and my calendar before heading in for my bedtime routine. I will then pick out what I am going to wear the next day and hang it on a hook on my bedroom door. I wear a lot of dresses so they are always put together. I do own skirts though and will put them together with blouses or Tee’s. If I have an early appointment and know I will be under a time crunch I will select jewelry the night before also. This saves me a ton of time when I am trying to keep quiet as my husband is still sleeping.

  • Great idea. It sounds like my mom and I looking at our closets and saying we have nothing to wear. I usually when I’m working decide the night before. As far as my work clothes I don’t really have a choice because we wear uniforms. One of these days I’ll have a job without the uniform issue. Drives me nuts.

  • Boy do I have days like this. I no longer work due to a disability, and all my clothes are casual, but it’s still difficult to to find things that seem to go together sometimes. What a wonderful idea! Thank you for offering such a simple solution.

  • I post mine in my Pinterest board labelled “Wardrobe”. I also use a Capsule Wardrobe so I don’t have a bunch of clothes I never wear making the decision more difficult. Thanks and God bless!

    • I am very grateful! I’ve worked really hard in my life, and I’m lucky enough to have a supportive family to keep me afloat during hard times. I know that not everyone has this issue, but some of my readers do, so I wanted to share this tip with them. :-) Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be just for you!

      • Didn’t mean it as a criticism of you. We all, including myself ,have so much to be thankful for and often don’t think about it. Your post just put it in perspective for me. I do enjoy many of your ideas.

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