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The 7 Most Useful Cleaning Sprays You Can Make At Home

Most Useful Cleaning Sprays You Can Make At Home

I’ve been writing about making and using homemade cleaning products for over a decade now, and it remains as rewarding as ever. There’s no shortage of benefits to embracing DIY cleaning solutions — you’ll save money, make fewer trips to the store, and have total control over the ingredients you use!

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I’ve researched, made, and tested a lot of different cleaning solutions over the years, and while I’ve found many of them useful, there are some that I’ve found myself going back to again and again. I’ll be sharing those with you in this post, in the form of a list of 7 of my all-time favorite homemade cleaning sprays.

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Keep These Recipes Handy With A Set Of Spray Bottle Labels!

All 7 of the homemade spray cleaners featured in this post are included in my cleaning recipe spray bottle label set that’s available now in my online shop! Each self-adhesive label in the set features the name of a specific homemade spray cleaner, plus the recipe and instructions for making it.

In addition to being water-resistant, these clear labels are printed with white text that pairs perfectly with my favorite amber spray bottles. With these spray bottle labels, you’ll never have to go looking for the recipe when you’re ready to make more of your favorite spray cleaners!

cleaning labels

What Are Reviewers Saying About These Spray Bottle Labels?

In the midst of a busy day it’s always so convenient to have the directions to make a fresh bottle of cleaning spray right on the bottle. I love anything that makes my life simple but more efficient.

Yvonne C.

I didn’t know I needed these until they arrived! I love that I have the “recipe” on the label and don’t have to hunt for it online. SO glad I got these….you should, too!


Thank you for creating these – they are so helpful. Definitely not something I wanted to have to DIY—it would have taken me forever! Such great quality. I’m confident these will hold up for years.


My Top 7 Homemade Spray Cleaners

Click the linked title of each cleaner for more information.

Two pictures of a woman cleaning a shelf with spray cleaners and a cloth.

1. All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

This all-purpose spray is my go-to cleaner for everyday tasks like wiping down countertops and cleaning up spills and splatters. This is a gentle formula you can feel good about using around your home, but it’s tough enough to power through sticky, greasy messes too!

Two pictures of a woman using spray cleaners to clean her face in front of a mirror.

2. Window & Mirror Cleaner

I’ve tried out many different formulas for window cleaners over the years, and while many of them worked okay, this particular window and mirror cleaner is by far the most effective. It cuts through greasy fingerprints with ease and keeps my mirrors and windows sparkling clean.

Two pictures of a woman cleaning a counter with spray cleaners.

3. Granite Cleaner

Using the right cleaning formulas is a critical part of maintaining your granite or marble countertops, and this granite cleaner is one of them. It won’t etch or damage your stone countertops, but it will take care of tough grease and sticky messes!

One woman is holding a bottle of spray cleaner.

4. Tub & Shower Cleaner

The first time I used this two-ingredient tub and shower cleaner, I was honestly shocked by how well it cut through stubborn soap scum and hard water stains. Not only will it leave your tub or shower gleaming, but it also works best when you let it sit for a while rather than relying on elbow grease.

Two pictures of a woman using spray cleaners to clean a wooden table.

5. Dusting Spray

Dusting is one of my least favorite chores, but at least this all-natural dusting spray makes the results of that hard work last longer. The formula features vinegar to cut through grime, a bit of olive oil for shine, and lemon essential oil to help kill germs and leave behind a fresh, clean scent!

Two pictures of a woman in a kitchen with spray cleaners on the stove.

6. Citrus Degreaser

Whether you’re cleaning up splatters on the stovetop or a spill at the bottom of your oven, reach for this citrus degreaser spray. This formula features grease-cutting lemon essential oil and castile soap, which work together to make even your greasiest cleaning tasks quick and easy.

Two pictures of a person using spray cleaners to clean a sink.

7. Mold & Mildew Cleaner

Need help keeping mold and mildew at bay in a damp bathroom? This mold and mildew cleaning spray features natural ingredients like white vinegar, a surprisingly powerful disinfectant, and anti-fungal tea tree essential oil. These natural fungus fighters can help prevent mold and mildew from running rampant in tubs and showers.

Do you have a favorite homemade spray cleaner?

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  • Absolutely love this list! It’s fantastic to see homemade cleaning solutions that are not only effective but also eco-friendly and safe to use around the house. The incorporation of essential oils not only helps in cleaning but also leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. I’m especially keen on trying out the Citrus Degreaser and the Tub & Shower Cleaner. Thanks for sharing these recipes with us; it’s always refreshing to have natural alternatives that can easily be made from ingredients we already have in our homes. Keep up the great work! Mary P.

  • I use your granite cleaner for glass, mirrors, counters and appliances – anything that needs to be streak free. I use Sal Suds for bathrooms and my table. It lasts for years since it’s just 1 tablespoon of Sal suds concentrate in a 32 oz spray bottle of water. Glitsa and a microfiber mop for floors. That’s 1/4 cup in a 32 oz. bottle, and I use a clean mop pad on each room. I use a damp microfiber for dusting. Everything else seems a bit redundant.

  • Is there a fruit and veggie spray recipe hat will cut the wax AND germ, pesticides from all fruits and veggies, including the tender ones like broccoli, strawberries, etc? I’m mostly looking for one that gets the wax and pesticides off. Currently, I put strawberries and raspberries, in warm water with some white vinegar, lay on towel to dry off, and refrigerate or eat.

  • Love this post. I already had some of the formulas on printable cards from an earlier post. I put some of them in a small photo album . I was glad to see the reminder about the mold formula.Mold isn’t something you want to mess with. I had a former co- worker die recently because of toxic mold in his place that had gotten out of control.

  • I like it that glass bottles are provided or made available from a lot of natural cleaning product companies. However nobody seems to have found (or found a way to make) a non-plastic spray head. The plastic tube that goes in the bottle can be easily switched out for silicone (e.g., an aquarium air line) but why can’t there be an all-metal spray head? Not only would switching out the plastic reduce the overall amount in our environment, but given that the spray head is typically the first part to wear out I would think a non-corrosive metal one would last much longer – and be less of an eyesore to display. We’ve only had plastic for the past 60 years or so; what did people use before this? Did they not have spray bottles?

  • Re: your dusting spray with vinegar. I thought vinegar would harm wood surfaces. I think I read that regarding use on wood floors. Could you please clarify? Thanks Jillee.

  • Ironically, a supervisor mixed up some Dawn and vinegar yesterday. We used it to clean the commercial dishwasher on the outside! We have incredibly hard water that leaves quite a residue. This formula works great on stainless steel. We were uncertain of the ratio of Dawn to vinegar. Now I know, thanks Jillee.

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