9 Easy Cleaning Projects You’ll Never Regret Doing

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I’ve been keeping myself busy with spring cleaning over past few weeks, mopping floors, wiping down baseboards, and de-greasing things in the kitchen. Every cleaning project I finish helps my home feel that much more fresh, which I find highly satisfying.

Tackling these common spring cleaning tasks has gotten me thinking about cleaning tasks that might not be so obvious, because I often find they make just as a big a difference in how clean your home feels!

So I decided to put together a list of impactful cleaning tasks that might not occur to you to add to your spring cleaning to-do list. Choose a couple of these to tackle in the coming weeks, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in getting your home ready for spring and summer fun! :-)

9 Easily Overlooked Cleaning Projects To Add To Your To-Do List

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

1. Entryway Closet

Several months of removing and returning wet clothes and shoes from your entryway closet has likely left it in quite a state, so this is a good opportunity to give it a good cleaning! Pull everything out and vacuum up all the dirt out of the corners, and maybe even add an over-the-door pocket organizer to keep things tidy! Your closet will feel refreshed, and you’ll be sitting pretty for the next few months.

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

2. Toolbox

There are always things to fix up and repair during the spring and summer seasons, and you can set your self up for success by making sure your toolbox is clean! Vacuum it out, and toss out any junk that found its way in there. You’ll be organized and ready to tackle any project that comes your way.

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

3. Craft Supplies

Wherever you keep your craft supplies, take a minute to assess the situation. Vacuum up any loose glitter, recycle any paper scraps, and tidy it up a bit. You’ll thank yourself for doing it the next time you’re ready to start a new project!

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

4. Throw Pillows & Throw Blankets

Check out the labels on your throw pillows and throw blankets, and wash them accordingly. A lot of throw pillow covers can be removed and tossed right into your washing machine! Freshening up your pillows and blankets will go a long way towards making your space feel clean, fresh, and inviting!

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

5. Ceiling Fans

Before you need to start using your ceiling fans to keep your house cool, give them a good cleaning. That way you won’t be showered in dust when you turn them on! And as a bonus, your ceiling fan blades are actually one of the quickest and easiest things to clean. That is, if you know my fan blade cleaning secret! ;-) Check it out at the link below.

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Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

6. Fridge Drawers

Just by virtue of being at the bottom of your fridge, fridge drawers tend to get really dirty! Pull them out of the fridge and give them a good wash in soapy water. (If your sink isn’t big enough, you can always do it in your bathtub!) You’ll feel much better about storing your farmer’s market produce in a clean drawer.

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

7. Luggage

Get your luggage ready for your upcoming summer trips! Pull your bags and suitcases out of the closet and wipe down the outside with a wet cloth. Make sure to check out the inside too! Empty any lingering junk out of the pockets, and spot clean any messes.

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

8. Pet Toys & Bedding

For pet owners, “spring cleaning” often involves a lot of pet hair removal! Springtime shedding means all your pet’s stuff could probably use a good cleaning. Wash your pet’s bed and bedding if possible, and toss any cloth toys in the wash.

Places You Wouldn’t Think To Spring Clean

9. Outdoor Garbage Cans

It’s a good idea to wash out your outdoor garbage cans every once in a while. It helps keep lingering odors from becoming a problem! Drag your empty garbage can out onto the lawn, and pour a good amount of vinegar and a squirt of dish soap into the bottom. Use your garden hose to “pressure wash” the interior of the can. Then pour out the soapy water and give it a good rinse. Much better!

Is there a spring cleaning project you tend to overlook?

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