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A couple of weeks ago, I polled the readers of my email newsletter about which format of books they prefer. Hardcovers and paperbacks ranked higher than ebooks and audiobooks, so I feel confident that today’s download is going to be useful to a lot of you!


4 Printable Bookmarks

This week’s digital download is a sheet of 4 decorative bookmarks, which you can cut apart and use separately, or glue back-to-back to make them double-sided. One can be used to track and rate your recent reads, either as an alternative to or in tandem with my printable reading log.

Two of the bookmarks have a couple of my favorite quotes about reading, and the last one is covered in some nice colorful flowers. Download the PDF file with all 4 bookmarks below and print as many as you like!


Bonus Bookmark Tips:

  • For a sturdier bookmark, print or glue them onto card stock.
  • Print a few extra copies to share with your book club.
  • Tuck one of the bookmarks into a book you’re giving someone as a gift.
  • Punch a hole at the top and add some ribbon to make your bookmarks easy to find.

4 Printable Bookmarks

Print these bookmarks, cut them out, and use them to mark your spot while reading.

A set of printable bookmarks with flowers on them.

Download The Bookmarks

How do you mark your place in a book?

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Bright Ideas

  • I love your printable bookmarks. My favourite way to mark a book is my home-made book thongs. I take a length of fine cord and thread on a couple of inches of colourful beads at each end, secured with knots. Then lay them across the middle of the book with the beads hanging out of the ends. They’re so pretty. I love using them and giving them as gifts.

    • I’ve never heard of the book thongs before. Apparently they are big sellers on craft sites . What a great idea.
      I would add after putting the bookmarks on the card stock to use clear packing tape for a laminated look. I haven’t tried this yet – but I’ve also used the clear gift wrapping tape on labels for some the homemade cleaning solutions, beauty serums , diy I’ve made from Jillees ideas.

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