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The Easy Way To Stay Motivated While Forming Good Habits

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Keep Yourself Motivated With A Habit Tracker

There’s something to be said for having a way to visualize your progress when you’re working toward a goal, especially when it’s something that requires a sustained effort. Whether you’re trying to stick to a certain diet, drink more water, or journal every day, being able to see how much you’ve done can motivate you to keep going.

It’s the same principle behind those daily activity rings on Apple Watches. (I don’t personally own one, but I know enough people who do to have heard all about how they motivate wearers to “close their rings” every day!)

When you can see how far you’ve come, it makes it easier to keep going, and that applies to nearly any habit, practice, or skill you’d like to develop. But I’ve always been more of a pen-and-paper gal, so I thought I’d put together a printable that would make it easy to keep track of various habits and practices you might be working on or want to improve on.

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How Do I Use The Habit Tracker?

The habit tracker printable has space for you to keep track of up to 8 different habits, with 31 numbered circles next to each (one for each day of the month). When you do the thing you’re trying to make a habit of, simply fill in the circle that corresponds to the current date.

When you get to the end of the month, print a fresh copy of the tracker and start again!

woman's hands filling out habit tracker with pen

What Habits Should I Track?

While daily habits are an obvious choice for this habit tracker, that’s not the only way you can use it. It works just as well for keeping track of things you want to do once a week, or even less often than that! It’s all about visualizing your progress and holding yourself accountable.

Here are some habits you could keep track of using this tracker:

Download The Printable Habit Tracker

Use the download button below to get your free printable habit tracker as a PDF file, and may it help you establish good habits in the months to come!

Printable Habit Tracker

Download a PDF file of the Habit Tracker. Print it out and use it to keep track of your progress while establishing good habits.

New habit tracker printable.

Download The Habit Tracker PDF

Are you working on forming any good habits?

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  • I downloaded the Habit Tracker pdf and opened it on my computer. I printed to a laser printer. The circles and numbers are so light that they are barely visible at all. What can I do to get them to print darker. Everything else on the page prints fine. This will be quite useful if I can see the form to use it. Thanks, Jill

  • Sounds like you may have read/listened to Ben Franklin “Wealth and Wisdom”! If you haven’t, you should…and it will make you smile. You’re in good company!!!

  • We bought a large wall calendar and ordered stickers off of Etsy. Each day we did the habit we intended, we’d put a sticker on the calendar. It was right by the front door and is a motivational daily reminder for us how far we’ve come. A sticker printable would be a welcome download. The PDF is great too.

  • I recently quit smoking and I use a tracker to keep track of the days I don’t smoke. I am now on day 27 of no smoking. Now in the new year, I plan to create some better habits but also keep track of the non-smoking!!

  • I never put my bras in the dryer. It ruins the elastic in the bra and the bra does not last as long. It will also start to look shabby really a lot sooner. I hang my bras up on a hanger just like they would be worn. It helps to keep the bras shape longer. Also, drying in the dryer makes the bra start to yellow sooner.

    • Sherry, try downloading the printouts to your desktop, then print it. Sometimes when downloads open in another webpage, they don’t print right. Hope this helps.

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