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Freshen The Air Instantly With This Cheap & Easy DIY

This Is The Easiest Way To Freshen Up Any Room

While I love my diffuser and use it frequently at home, diffusing isn’t the only way to use essential oils! In fact, there are all sorts of reasons you may prefer an alternative to diffusing essential oils.

Some people prefer subtler scents that can be hard to achieve with some diffusers. And some people don’t own a diffuser to begin with, and that’s okay too! :-)

In this post, I’ll show you how to make a DIY air freshener spray — it’s one of my favorite ways to use essential oils without the use of a diffuser! This air freshener spray is easy to make, has many useful applications (which we’ll get to shortly), and makes a great gift to boot.

DIY Natural Air Freshener

What’s In This Spray?

This simple and customizable air freshener spray is made with just 3 simple elements. You can make my favorite version of this spray by following the recipe provided below, or choose your own unique ingredients to make a spray that’s all your own.

  • Distilled Water – You can use tap water in a pinch, but distilled water is the way to go if you want to maximize the shelf life of your spray.
  • Essential Oils – If you’re looking for a fresh scent, it’s hard to beat the combination of lemon and lavender oils. It’s uplifting, comforting, and wonderfully clean. I also like using my Defend Essential Oil Blend to purify the air and shore up my immune system. My Simple Clean Essential Oil Blend is another great choice that gets rid of unpleasant odors while lifting your mood.
  • Emulsifier – Adding an emulsifier like witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or vodka helps the water and oil mix together more effectively. (Even with an emulsifier, the spray is still likely to separate over time, but it’s nothing a good shake can’t fix!)
DIY Natural Air Freshener

How To Make Your Own Air Freshener Spray

Ingredients & Supplies:

DIY Natural Air Freshener


Add the distilled water, emulsifier (either witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or vodka), and essential oils to your glass spray bottle.

Replace the top, shake well to combine, and it’s ready to go!

Holiday Option: Replace the lavender and lemon essential oils with one of the Scents of the Season essential oil blends you can find in our shop every year around the holidays – it will make your home smell like Christmas!

DIY Natural Air Freshener

7 Ways To Use Your Air Freshener Spray

1. In Your Guest Room

Spritz it around your guest room before friends or family arrive to stay over. You can also leave the bottle itself in the room so your guests can use it to freshen things up throughout their stay!

2. On Upholstery

Spritz upholstered furniture, decor, and drapes after dusting to keep them smelling fresh.

3. In The Air

Kitchen still smells a bit funky, even after you took the trash out? Grab your air freshener spray for an instant dose of freshness!

DIY Natural Air Freshener

4. In The Bathroom

Leave a bottle in the bathroom to use as a natural alternative to synthetic air fresheners. (Bonus Tip: You can also spray this directly into the toilet before using it to help prevent unpleasant bathroom odors!)

5. On Your Clothes

Clothes that have been in your drawer or closet for a while can smell a bit stale. Freshen them up with just a few spritzes!

6. On The Road

This spray can be a great travel companion, too! Use it in your hotel room to make it smell a bit more like home.

7. In The Shower

You can even take your spray into the shower with you! The lemon and lavender oils will can help you feel more centered and even help open up your airways (especially when you add steam from your shower into the equation!)

What scent(s) would you use in this air freshener spray?

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  • I actually about a year ago found a great pillow mist spray. It has Melatonin in the spray. It’s made by Dr Teals and it’s about $5.00. I was excited to find a spray this cheap.l usually can find it at Walmart or Ulta – so it can be a little hard to locate.

  • I take my sleep very seriously and sleep better than anyone I know! I always use a scent on my pillows before I go to sleep . . . $15-$18-even $25 each for as little as 4 ounces, thank you very much! I purchased the best mattress and protective covering/pad I could possibly afford and always buy the most crisp cotton linens, replacing them every year when they go limp with repeated laundering. I change pillowcases every other day, and flip the pillow every night. A fresh pillowcase could very well help eliminate teens’ acne bacteria. I have all of the ingredients and a handy spritz bottle, so I’ll be making my own sleepy time sprays from now on. Wish I’d read your hint way before now. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JILLEE!

  • Since it is coming up on Fall and Winter, I usually use Cinnamon and Wild Orange oils for my spray. I LOVE the sprays and I also use the same oils in my diffuser!

    • Some essential oils are safe for pets. Some are actually dangerous. Lavender is safe and lemon (not topical but in a diffuser or spray is okay), in small doses is safe. I would recommend that you always check with your vet first. Here is a great article I found on the internet or feel free to search on your own. http://bit.ly/2PFJJ6n

  • I like this. I do have a diffuser, but it would be kind of a mess to use in our bathroom with the cord. I generally just use the spray. I would definitely try this spray. I have everything on hand and the oils aren’t too pricey. I may try the peppermint oil with this.

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