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Look On The Bright Side With This Easy Mood Booster

mood-boosting spray

If you’re anything like me, you could always use an extra dose of happiness in your life. That’s particularly true for me lately, since the past couple of weeks have been such a roller coaster.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to take advantage of the natural mood-boosting effects of essential oils by making a simple DIY spray. I’ll start by providing an overview of the effects that different essential oils can have on our state of mind, just to give you a sense of which ones might be most useful to you.

After that, I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to make your a mood-boosting essential oil spray at home. I can’t promise it will solve all your problems, but it’s a simple step you can take in support of your mental and emotional health, and that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Mood Boosting Essential Oils & Oil Blends

Many aromatic essential oils can affect a person’s mood, and here I’ll highlight a few single essential oils with useful mood-altering properties. I’ll also point out a few mood-boosting oil blends, which will give you several great options to choose from when you make your mood-boosting essential oil spray (more on that shortly!)

mood boosting spray

▶︎ Single Oils


Floral lavender oil is well-known for its powerfully calming effects. Use lavender oil when you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, or as an all-natural sleep aid.


The bright and citrus-y aroma of lemon oil will sweeten a sour mood. Use lemon oil to brighten up your disposition when you’re feeling down.


Minty fresh peppermint oil is like a wake-up call for all of your senses! Use peppermint when you’re low on energy or feeling mentally sluggish.

▶︎ Oil Blends

mood boosting spray

Lemon & Peppermint (AKA “Instant Pick-Me-Up”)

Ratio: 3 drops lemon oil : 1 drop peppermint oil

This blend offers an attitude adjustment and an energy boost in one! It’s the perfect choice to help you reset after waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

mood boosting spray

Lavender & Lemon (AKA “Anxiety Aid”)

Ratio: 3 drops lavender oil : 1 drop lemon oil

When anxious thoughts are weighing you down, reach for this blend! The combination of relaxing lavender oil and sunny lemon oil will help take the edge off.

slumber blend

Slumber Blend

While Slumber is great for sleep, it can also help you relax and achieve peace of mind at any hour. It features calming lavender oil, plus grounding cedarwood and vetiver oils.

mood spray

Freshly Washed Blend

Not only is Freshly Washed great for laundry, but it has incredible mood-boosting properties too. The blend of sweet citrus oils, spearmint, and bergamot has a clean fresh scent that lifts your spirits.

How To Make A Mood-Boosting Essential Oil Spray

You’ll need:

4-ounce glass spray bottle
Small funnel (optional)
1 1/2 ounces distilled water
1 1/2 ounces witch hazel
20 drops essential oil(s) of your choice (see above)

mood boosting spray


With the help of a small funnel if needed, add the water, witch hazel, and essential oils to a small glass spray bottle. Replace the spray top and shake to combine.

The witch hazel in this recipe acts as an emulsifier, helping the water and oil to combine more readily. (The mixture will still want to separate though, so just give the bottle a shake before each use!)

mood boosting spray

How To Use Your Mood-Boosting Spray

Spray it over furniture, into the air, onto clothing, over your pillow, or wherever else you want to use it. As long as you can smell the oils, there’s no wrong way or place to use it to help improve your mood!

Which essential oil(s) do you turn to help improve your mood?

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  • I have never used essential oils, but I could certainly use some kind of mood booster. I have two issues that may make it difficult: 1. I do not care for the scent of lavender, and 2. my husband does not like fragrances of any kind. Any ideas that might help me?

  • My mother and I love the Sunny Lavender blend for better mood before bed. Although, I have a hard time to get the real deal Witch Hazel here in Sweden. I used to order it online at Amazon (se) but delivery is not working right now. What can I do to compensate for the 12% alcohol in your kind of Witch Hazel, when I only can get one without any alcohol? I do need some kind of alcohol for the spray, don’t I?

    • There is a large selection with many options and some with oils and lighting. Groupon is a good source. I have got several from there. Think you will find what you’re looking for

    • Eucalyptus oil from Jillees recent post is good. I used it 1-2 weeks ago when I was just miserable and had the bad headache. I did used it. It helped a lot.

  • Just started with essential oils this year. I keep a diffuser running in my studio and the oils I choose vary according to my needs at the time. I haven’t used the wild orange yet – look forward to giving it try. Thank you for the tis! BTW- I used your tip on the “inhaling jar” and it really worked! Ahh…I can breathe again!

  • I’m really new to the oils. So does it have to be a glass bottle? Why, I’m asking is I’m such a klutz that if I don’t knock it off and break it, one of my animals probably will. So if a little bit will do it, I don’t want to kill myself with an overdose of smell. By this I mean I have real bad asthma and smells trigger it. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi it is always safer to use shaded glass as this prevents any effects of light and the mixture will last longer. Plastic could react and chang the effectiveness of the oils. Hope this helps!

  • I love :
    Bergamot & lime
    Frankincense & wild orange
    Vetiver & ylang ylang
    Eucalyptus & spearmint
    …and many more!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe! So fun to try new things!

    • I may start using essential oils because you sound so positive in your comment! Any suggestions for someone who likes mostly clean and fruity scents and has a very sensitive sense of smell? Thanks!

      • @Lynelle they have lemon, orange, and tangerine that are very fresh and fruity. If you are sensitive to smells just start off with a smaller amount and work up to what you can tolerate.

  • I actually have a few mood boosting blends. One is happiness and the other is energy. They are fairly new and sold under the Natures Truth brand. The energy one does contain the bergamot with some other oils. With this brand I can apply on my skin. I just mix it with a drop of almond oil first.

    • I’ll definitely have to try these blends. They quit making my energy blend awhile ago . I’m thrilled to see a diy formula for it. Its one of the blends I usually have with me in a roller bottle for work. So a little formula with how much to use would be great.

      • I just saw the ratio for the roller blends. I was half awake when I read it before.

  • Jill, you are so precious…I love your selection of reading materials!
    I would think that the trick to NOT having any risk of the oils leaving marks on fabrics would be to always shake the bottle really well before spraying, and to make sure your sprayer is putting out a nice, fine mist.
    (I certainly could have used this when nearly dozing off at my computer at work today. I HATE when that happens!!)

  • I have the same question – don’t essential oils leave stains on fabric? (It may all depend on the intensity of the oils used.) My understanding is that they WILL.and that it is advised NOT to use oil based sprays on carpets, curtains, furniture. I would love to be wrong. And look forward to someone’s response.

    I’ve just recently been using a couple of natural, non-aerosol products of industrial strength used in hospitals and all people settings – one, ‘oil-based’ and the other, ‘water-based’ … the water-based are safe for all fabrics. I don’t think I can mention the company’s name here but they’re out there and so far loving the products.

    • I use my Young Living Essential oils on fabrics and have never had a problem. Many brands of oils are cut with other items besides the oil and tgat may be what would stain.

    • Certain oil would stain if you drop them directly onto fabric. However, if you dilute them and spray them out of a spray bottle that creates a mist, you won’t have any problems!

  • >