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9 Surprising Solutions For The Most Common Aches & Pains

essential oils for everyday aches and pains

Minor aches and pains of the everyday variety are pretty much unavoidable. We all have to deal with them, but we also have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to finding relief. I personally don’t have anything popping a couple of ibuprofen, but I know that taking too many pain relievers isn’t good for you. (According to WebMD, it can lead to stomach, kidney, or liver problems!)

Essential oils are a great option for soothing all kinds of everyday pains when you can get by without medication. To help illustrate my point, today I’ll show you how you can solve 9 different everyday ailments using 4 basic essential oils. Once you add these essential oils to your medicine cabinet, you’ll always have a quick remedy close at hand! :-)

9 Everyday Aches & Pains You Can Solve With Essential Oils

1. Bug Bites

You can soothe angry mosquito bites and even bee stings with lavender essential oil! Place a drop of the oil on the end of a Q-tip, then rub it over the bite to help stop the itch and reduce inflammation.

essential oils for everyday aches and pains

2. Allergies

Whether your allergies are seasonal or year-round, it helps to have a natural remedy up your sleeve that can help soothe your symptoms! When my kids’ allergies are acting up, I diffuse a combination of lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils. Just add a few drops of each oil to your diffuser and turn it on to help keep allergies at bay.

Peppermint EO

3. Stomach Aches

Overindulged at dinner? One of the uses of peppermint essential oil is to help settle an upset stomach. Just add a drop of peppermint oil to a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil (or another preferred carrier oil), then apply to your stomach.

4. Headaches

You can also use peppermint oil to freeze a headache in its tracks! Apply diluted peppermint oil (see above) to your temples and the back of your neck. Take it easy for a few minutes and drink some water, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

5. Breakouts

The mixture of sun exposure, sunscreen, makeup, and sweat on our faces during the summer can be a recipe for breakouts. Luckily, tea tree essential oil makes a powerful zit zapper! Add a single drop of tea tree oil to a Q-tip and apply it to blemishes before bedtime.

For a gentler treatment option, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite cleanser or moisturizer to help keep breakouts at bay. (One drop per ounce of product should do the trick!)

6. Cuts & Scrapes

Summer fun and cuts and scrapes tend to go hand in hand, in my experience. That’s why I like to keep a bottle of lavender oil close at hand! Apply diluted lavender oil to clean scrapes to help promote healing and reduce potential scarring.

essential oils for everyday aches and pains

7. Foot Fungus

Sweaty feet are often affected by issues like Athlete’s Foot or toenail fungus. You can use anti-fungal tea tree oil to help resolve these issues. Just apply a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the affected area nightly before bed.

Tea Tree Foot Soak

You can also do a simple tea tree foot soak to help resolve fungal infections, or simply to help control foot odor! Add the following ingredients to a foot bath or dish tub:

Soak your feet in this mixture for about 30 minutes, and repeat daily (or up to twice per day) until the condition resolves.

8. Canker Sores

Oh, canker sores—how can something so small be so painful? Use tea tree oil to help ease the pain and speed healing of the canker sore naturally. Add a drop of tea tree oil to a Q-tip and dab it directly onto the canker sore.

essential oils for everyday aches and pains

9. Heartburn

Even the simple act of inhaling the minty aroma of peppermint essential oil can help stop heartburn. Add a few drops to your diffuser whenever you feel heartburn setting in, or diffuse it after a meal to help prevent it in the first place.

You can also make your own essential oil inhalers to take with you wherever you go!

Do you use essential oils for everyday aches and pains?

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  • I would love to print this for friends/family but there is an issue with the “gateway” (I keep getting an error). Is it just my computer? Is there another way to copy this list? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    • Hi DB! Unfortunately, there is not one oil that works exactly like lavender does. Each essential oil has unique properties. However, any floral oil (geranium is one of my favorites) works wonderfully in a lot of the same situations – it soothes skin and treats many irritations. I would suggest looking up “essential oils for [ailment]” on a case by case basis. You’ll find plenty of oils that can do the job! :-)

  • Burn yourself a little while cooking? Put a drop or 2 of Lavender essential oil directly on the injury right away. Relief is immediate and no blisters later!

  • My daughter is pregnant and has heartburn issues; sometimes little painful. Would she be able to use the peppermint oil while she is pregnant and if so, what would be the best and most effective method for her to disburse the oil.

    • Cindy, some essential oils can be safe during pregnancy, but it recommended that no essential oils should be used during the first trimester. I would recommend, lavender, orange, lemon or ginger essential oils for her indigestion. Always dilute them and it is best to use them in a diffuser while pregnant. Of course, she should consult her doctor first.

  • I can not express enough how important it is how to dilute peppermint oil correctly. I just recently put some directly on my temples because my head was pounding and I wasn’t thinking . I know better! My head was burning so badly, I did forgot all about my headache for a little while. So don’t forget about dilution or you will regret it! Is there anybody else that tea tree oil doesn’t work very well on pimples for? Or is it just me? doesn’t stop me from keep trying though!

  • When I have overeaten or have heartburn and am miserable, I put one drop of peppermint oil on the back of my hand and then lick it. Sounds gross lol but my hands are clean! I am not good at getting just one drop out and dropping it on my hand lets me completely cover my tongue with it. My belly woes are gone within a few minutes!

  • I love peppermint . It’s great if my stomach is a little unsettled. If that doesn’t do it, then I’ll grab a ginger chew. I was amazed how well the lavender worked on mosquitos bites. Both my parents had bad ones and it made the swelling go down. I was out of my usual chigarid. I also used my owie stick which helped a lot .

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