The Best Way To Get To Know The 2 Most Useful Oils

2 most useful essential oils

Getting started with using essential oils can be intimidating, partly because there are so many different oils out there! And while every oil is useful in its own way, some are more versatile (and more helpful around the house) than others.

So to help simplify matters, this post will focus on my top two favorite essential oils — the two that I believe are the most useful to have on hand.

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The 2 Most Useful Essential Oils To Have At Home

In my humble opinion, the two most useful essential oils to have at home are lavender and lemon. Whenever I’m asked which essential oils are the best to buy first (which is a question I’m asked frequently!), these are the two I recommend.

Why lemon and lavender, you ask? Because there are so many practical ways to use them! With these two oils at your disposal, you can clean, sanitize, and freshen just about anything in your home.

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2 favorite oils

How To Use My Two Favorite Oils

But the best way to discover how useful these oils are isn’t for me to tell you about it — it’s by experiencing them for yourself! That’s why I’ve put together a handy beginner-friendly guide to these oils featuring dozens of practical ways to use them around the house.

But you don’t have to be a beginner to find this guide useful! It’s great as a reference for more experienced essential oil users too. Keep a copy of it at your desk or in a cupboard so it’s always close at hand.

2 favorite oils

Download The Printable Beginners Guide

Download your free copy of my “Beginners Guide To My Two Favorite Oils” by clicking the download button in the box below. With helpful guide on hand, you’ll feel like an expert in no time!

Beginner’s Guide To My Two Favorite Essential Oils

Download this printable guide and start discovering the many uses for lavender and lemon oils.

Discover the best way to use two useful oils.

Download The Guide

Lemon or lavender — which is your favorite and why?

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