Keeping Track Of Your Holiday Gifts Just Got So Much Easier

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While I do love doing the majority of my Christmas shopping from my favorite recliner chair in my living room, the volume of packages I receive during December has been known to make our spare bedroom look more like a shipping warehouse. In fact, it often gets to the point where I start to lose track of which box has a gift for which family member, turning the wrapping process into a bonafide logistical nightmare!

For the past few years of this Christmas logistics conundrum of mine, I’ve thought to myself there simply must be a better way to keep all my gifts (as well as details about said gifts) organized. Preferably, a way that prevents me from doing things like leaving some of the gifts in my car and forgetting about them until mid January.

So this year, I decided well before I had ordered any gifts that this year was going to be different. I was going to figure out how to keep it all organized, and I think I’ve come up with something that will not only be useful to me this holiday season, but to anyone who could use some help keeping track of their Christmas gifts!

gift list

A Christmas Gift List Printable To Help You Stay Organized

This week’s free digital download is a printable “gift list” I’ve put together, with space to keep track of all the most important information about each gift you’ll be giving this year.

Whether you’re trying to keep track of your gift budget, where you’re storing your presents around the house, or which gifts have been wrapped and which haven’t, this printable is designed to hold all that information and more!

If the 17 lines on the sheet aren’t enough, you can print as many copies as you need to keep track of all your holiday gifts. I can already tell this printable is going to make a huge difference for me in the days and weeks to come, and I hope it proves just as useful for you!

Download your copy of the Christmas Gift List using the button in the box below.

Printable Christmas Gift List

This printable gift list will help you keep track of everything to do with your holiday gifts, from budgeting to wrapping and beyond. Get your copy by pressing the download button below!

Christmas gift list template.

Download The Christmas Gift List PDF

Do you have any tips for staying organized during the Christmas gift giving season?

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