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Here’s Every Post In The “Simple Handmade Gifts” Series

Each holiday season, I try to share at least one roundup of simple handmade gift ideas post to help provide some inspiration for your gift-giving. I’ve shared 13 of these collections so far, and I’m not done yet!

To make it easier to navigate them all, I thought I would create a single page — a “one stop shop,” if you will — for all my simple handmade gift posts. I’m all about making the holidays as simple for you as possible, and hopefully this helps in some small way! :-)

Click on the links for inspiration galore!

The Complete “Simple Handmade Gifts” Series

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part One

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Two

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Three

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Four

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Five

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Six

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Seven

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Eight

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Nine

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Ten

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Eleven

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Twelve

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Thirteen

Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Fourteen

There you have it! Make sure to bookmark this page (or save it in your Favorites, if you’re an OGT Free or OGT Plus member) so you can return to this page whenever you need some gift-giving inspiration.

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  • I cannot wait until 8 pm! I love making homemade gifts, so much so that that is all I give now. A few things I have learned when making gifts is that people love food gifts & DIY spa type gifts. Friends say they wish they had the time to do homemade gifts; I say the time saved by not shopping or cruising the mall (& parking lot) is all it takes for making gifts. Total time for me to buy supplies for gifts is 2 hours; then I spend the rest of the holiday season at home making gifts, listening to music & sipping hot chocolate. Making the gifts can really cut back on the stress the holidays inflict.

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