Homemade Gift Ideas: 40 DIY Gifts They’ll Love

Decor and useful item alike are great homemade gift ideas.

If you’re looking for great ideas for homemade gifts you can give to friends and family (whether for Christmas 2024 or any other gift-giving occasion), you’ve come to the right place — there are 40 homemade gift ideas awaiting you in this post!

Not only do I personally love giving and receiving homemade gifts for Christmas, but I also really enjoy hunting down ideas about homemade gifts to share here with all of you! :-)

There are plenty of reasons to make your Christmas gifts homemade, from wanting your gifts to be more meaningful to the desire to stretch a limited gift budget. But no matter why you’re looking for homemade gift ideas, you’ve certainly come to the right place, because I’ve rounded up some amazing homemade Christmas gift ideas from around the web for you below! :-)

40 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas For Christmas

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How's this for a homemade gift idea? Decoupage soap!

1. Decoupage Soap

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

Decoupage soap? I’d never heard of such a thing before encountering this idea, but these bars of soap look so cute and take minutes to make. What a great DIY Christmas gift! (And yes, the decoupaged decoration will stay in place throughout the life of the soap!)

A DIY message board from a frame is a great homemade gift idea.

2. Picture Frame Message Board

Source: House by Hoff

Message boards continue to be a popular home decor trend, and they’re easy to DIY! You can make your own to give as a gift using an old picture frame, a bit of twine, and some cute gift tags.

Make this cute homemade Christmas gift to match anyone's decor - a key holder.

3. Wooden Slab Key Holder

Source: The Crafted Life

This is the perfect inexpensive homemade gift idea for the scatterbrains in your life — give them a cute and functional place to hang their keys! I like the combination of painted and unpainted wood in this handmade gift.

Here's a simple homemade gift idea -- just add scallops to a bulletin board.

4. Scalloped Cork Board

Source: A Bubbly Life

Give your loved ones the gift of organization this year with a nice looking cork board! You can get cork boards cheap at dollar stores and thrift stores, then give them a makeover with craft paint and other adornments. I think this scalloped design is really cute, but you could decorate it with whatever design you like.

These mini frame magnets are a homemade gift idea that anyone would love.

5. Mini Frame Magnets

Source: Purely Katie

I never seem to have enough fridge magnets for all the stuff that I want to hang up, so a few of these frame magnets would be wonderful to receive as a holiday gift! You could make a lot of them fairly quickly, so they’d be a smart choice for those with long gift lists this year.

Easily paint these tile coaster for a lovely homemade Christmas gift or housewarming present.

6. Tile Coasters

Source: It All Started With Paint

Every coffee table needs a few coasters. These tile coasters are a super simple gift to make, and you can customize them to fit the style of whoever you’re giving them to.

A hand painted mug is the ideal homemade gift idea for the coffee or tea lover in your life.

7. Hand Painted Holiday Mugs

Source: TidyMom

You can never have enough mugs, in my opinion. These hand painted mugs would make great gifts for friends who drink a lot of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Add a hot chocolate bomb (see #22) to put it over the top!

This simple homemade gift idea is so easy - painted bottles that can be used in a variety of ways.

8. Painted Bottles

Source: Homey Oh My

I just love these painted bottles, and your gift recipient could use them in so many different ways! Give them as a hostess gift to use as a vase for flowers, as a pencil cup, or simply as decoration.

Jewel thumbtacks are a blingy homemade gift idea.

9. Jewel Thumbtacks

Source: Today’s Creative Life

Who would use regular push pins or thumbtacks if they had the option to use bejeweled thumbtacks? Give them to someone who works from home, or anyone who uses a cork board to stay organized.

Maps and a frame are all you need for this cute homemade gift idea.

10. “Places You’ve Lived” Map Decor

Source: Mabey She Made It

Make homemade maps to help the person who receives it remember all the places they’ve called home in a meaningful way they can appreciate often.

Repot some dollar store succulents for an ideal homemade gift idea.

11. Dollar Store Potted Succulents

Source: Little House of Four

Succulents are pretty low maintenance compared to other indoor plants, and there are so many quirky varieties! Add a touch of green to your decor with this simple craft using dollar store items.

Use washi tape to DIY these headbands for a cute Christmas gift.

12. Washi Tape Headbands

Source: The Crafting Chicks

Perfect for bad hair days, these headbands are a fun gift idea for “girls” of all ages! And best of all, they’re crazy simple to make. Take your favorite roll of washi tape, wrap it around a headband, and add some gift wrap!

Heart-shaped handwarmers are the perfect diy Christmas gift for anyone.

13. Heart-Shaped Hand Warmers

Source: Haberdashery Fun

These soft fabric hand warmers are perfect for chilly days and can be tucked into pockets and mittens of all sizes. Stick them in your jacket pocket when walking to work or hitting the slopes. Make smaller ones for your kiddos to keep their hands warm while they wait for the school bus. Perfect as a stocking stuffer!

Need homemade gift ideas for cooks? Try these tea towels.

14. Tea Towel Gift Set

Source: Purely Katie

Add some whimsy to your kitchen with this nice tea towel, or give it as a thoughtful handmade gift! A super easy gift idea for Mom, Grandma, or your favorite hostess! You can never have enough cute tea towels for the kitchen, and there’s a free printable gift tag you can use to tie it all together.

Make DIY coaster out of terracotta bases for ideal homemade gifts for anyone who uses cups!

15. Terra Cotta Coaster

Source: Jaderbomb

These DIY “coasters” made with terra cotta pot bases are fun and easy to create. They’d make a darling coffee table accessory, and a perfect gift for Mom, Grandma, or teachers!

These darling DIY roasting sticks are the perfect homemade gift.

16. Decorative Roasting Sticks

Source: Ella Claire

Roast hot dogs and marshmallows in style with this must-have tool for barbecues, picnics, and camping. Extra-long handles keep kids at a safe distance, and you can re-use them year after year. These charming DIY roasting sticks make the perfect gift for family and friends!

Make a homemade gift using the recipient's Instagram photos!

17. Instagram Calendar

Source: Kristi Murphy

This simple and stylish flip calendar is one of many gift ideas using snaps from someone’s Instagram feed. Grab screenshots of the recipient’s best posts to personalize the calendar with some of their cherished memories. Would make perfect Christmas gifts for just about anyone on your list!

This simple homemade gift idea uses yogurt jars and tea candles.

18. Yogurt Jar Candles

Learn more on One Good Thing

French-style yogurts come in glass jars that are way too cute to send to the trash! Recycle them into these rustic-yet-chic homemade candles for an easy DIY project that’s also perfect for Christmas gifts.

These macrame wall hangings are ideal homemade gift ideas - all you need is cording and a stick!

19. Macrame Wall Hanging

Source: Macrame for Beginners

Macrame is one of several ‘70s trends to have made a comeback in recent years. Macrame wall hangings add character and texture to any space, and they’re as fun to make as they are to look at!

A homemade rosemary and lavender candle is a wonderful handmade gift.

20. Lavender-Rosemary Candles

Source: Live Simply

Candles are usually a welcome gift for most people, especially ones that feature a lovely combinations of scents like these lavender-rosemary candles. They feature lavender and rosemary essential oils, as well as dried lavender and rosemary, resulting in a candle that looks as nice as it smells.

Make a fashionable and useful homemade gift by making a scarf from a flannel blanket.

21. Flannel Blanket Scarf

Source: Our Home Made Easy

A blanket scarf is the perfect gift for that friend or family member who is always cold! Blanket scarves are nice because they’re so versatile—you can wear it as a scarf, a blanket, a nursing cover, a shawl, etc. And this one doesn’t require a single stitch of sewing, which makes it a very simple DIY to put under your Christmas tree!

Hot chocolate bombs are the ultimate homemade gift idea for the hot cocoa lover in your life.

22. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Learn more on One Good Thing

Hot chocolate bombs have been super popular the past couple of years, but you won’t have to worry about finding them in stores if you make your own hot chocolate bombs at home! They’re easier to make than you’d think, and would make a nice addition to any gift basket or gift box you might be putting together.

These custom wooden hangers look so high-end, but they're an easy homemade gift idea.

23. Personalized Wood Hangers

Source: Driven by Decor

Wood hangers are so nice to have, but not many of us would think to splurge on them for our own closets. That’s why these unique DIY personalized wood hangers would make such a good gift for a loved one! Personalize them with names, quotes, or whatever you like.

Make a knitted coffee cup sleeve from an old sweater for the ideal homemade gift idea for coffee lovers.

24. Sweater Coffee Sleeve

Source: Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

For that friend who always has coffee or tea in hand, this sweater coffee sleeve is sure to come in handy! Just cut an old sweater to size, hem it with your sewing machine, and add a button and loop to secure it. It’s a very doable project, and your coffee-loving friend will love having a protective sleeve that’s infinitely reusable!

The ultimate homemade gift idea for grandma is an apron with handprints of all her grandkids.

25. Handprint Apron

Source: Old Salt Farm

Grandparents love sentimental gifts, making this handprint apron a surefire hit with Grandma and Grandpa! Gather up the kids so they can take turns making painted handprints on the apron, then paint each child’s name next to it. It’s a practical gift that will make any grandparent smile every time they pull it on.

These clay and wood boxes look anything but homemade!

26. Clay & Wood Bracelet Jewelry Boxes

Source: Damask Love

These cute jewelry boxes look like they came from high-end boutique, but they’re actually made from wooden bangles and a bit of clay! They would make a special way to give a gift of jewelry, too. They’re easy to put together, and are the perfect size to keep rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.

A homemade gift idea for the diva -- citrus sugar scrub.

27. Citrus Sugar Scrub

Source: Alice & Lois

Whip up this all-natural citrus sugar scrub with coconut oil, sugar, and orange zest for a wonderfully fragrant exfoliating treatment. You can use scrubs any time of year, but they can be particularly useful for those who struggle with dry skin during the winter.

What a cute homemade gift idea -- use cookie cutters to stamp tea towels!

28. Stamped Tea Towels

Source: Tidbits & Company

I could always use another dish towel or two in my kitchen, and I’m sure most people feel the same way! And you can easily dress up a couple of dish towels to make them more gift-able with a fun stamped design. Make some for any friend who loves spending time in the kitchen!

Homemade gift ideas don't get less expensive than these DIY cereal box bookmarks!

29. Cereal Box Bookmarks

Learn more on One Good Thing

The paperboard used for cereal boxes makes an incredibly versatile craft material! Why not turn it into custom bookmarks for the book lovers in your life?

These DIY map magnets are a great gift for anyone who travels.

30. Map Magnets

Source: The Happy Housie

Maps can also make an excellent crafting material for homemade gifts, especially for friends and family who love to travel, have lived abroad, or simply have an adventurous spirit! Making a set of these map magnets featuring cities the recipient has visited or lived in would be a perfect personalized gift for any occasion!

Homemade butter is an amazing homemade gift idea.

31. Homemade Butter

Learn more on One Good Thing

Edible homemade gifts are not only thoughtful, but often taste better than the store-bought stuff! Homemade butter is a real treat, and anyone you give it to is sure to be equal parts impressed and excited to try it! Package a small jar of the butter with a loaf of homemade bread to put this gift over the top.

Your man will never guess that this monogrammed tie tack is a homemade gift!

32. Stamped Leather Tie Clip

Source: Lovely Indeed

A nice tie clip is a nice, traditional gift for anyone who wears a tie to work or church, and they’re surprisingly simple to make! The custom stamped leather makes this one look like it came from the pages of a high-end catalog.

These darling DIY pineapple dishes are handy for so many things -- they're the perfect homemade gift idea.

33. Pineapple Ring Dish

Source: Idle Hands Awake

For those in your life who simply never leave the house without a number of well-chosen accessories, give them something that will help them keep all that bling organized! This cute pineapple ring dish would make a great gift, especially once you’ve customized it with your own pattern or artwork.

This DIY gold leaf print is a homemade gift idea that looks very high-end.

34. Gold Leaf Art Print

Source: The Spruce Crafts

Gifts like wall art can be tricky to get right, but if anyone on your list has a lot of metallic decor, a homemade gold leaf art print is sure to be a home-run! Just outline a basic shape like the monstera leaf shown here, add some adhesive, slap on some gold leaf, and voila! What a great housewarming gift this would make!

DIY these tasseled placemats for a wonderful homemade gift.

35. Tassel Placemats

Source: The Spruce Crafts

Have a friend who can’t get enough tassels? These colorful tassel placemats are sure to impress. And as is always the case with homemade gifts, no one needs to know how quick and easy it was to make. Customize them by choosing colors for Christmas or any occasion.

A photo wood transfer is so much easier to DIY than it looks, and it makes a great homemade gift!

36. Photo Transfer Wood Decor

Source: The Turquoise Home

For recipients who gravitate toward rustic decor, custom wood decor with photo transfers would make an ideal gift. You can use actual photos, text, or even your own designs to personalize it for the person you want to give it to.

Looking for a chic homemade gift idea? Try these mystery braid bracelets!

37. Mystery Braid Bracelets

Source: A Pumpkin & A Princess

Another of my favorite craft ideas on this list, these simple leather bracelets would make amazing homemade gifts. They’re unique and simple to make, too! The “mystery” of these braided bracelets refers to fact that the leather strips are fully attached at both ends. But don’t worry — once you get the hang of the method, braiding them is actually pretty easy! 

A few feet of rope and a couple of knots, and you've got a DIY macrame jar hanger fit for gifting.

38. Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

Source: The Spruce Crafts

Another fun and unique macrame project, this plant hanger is perfectly sized to accommodate a mason jar. That makes it a perfect gift for both mason jar fans and plant lovers alike! All it takes is some inexpensive cording and you can make a bunch of them for your friends for Christmas. 

This DIY boxwood wreath looks expensive - they'll never guess it's a homemade gift!

39. Faux Boxwood Wreath

Source: anderson + grant

Evergreen foliage and small, round leaves make boxwood a lovely material for a wreath. But rather than shelling out $100 or more for a real boxwood wreath, you can make a convincing replica using faux boxwood for a fraction of the cost! It would make a great gift for just about anyone, too — it’s one classy DIY!

Paint chips and tassels (or embroidery floss) are all you need for these homemade paint chip bookmarks that make great gifts.

40. Paint Chip Bookmark

Source: Mama Miss

Another great gift for your favorite bookwork, especially one who loves a splash of color, would be a set of these paint chip bookmarks! They’re fun to make, and any book lover can appreciate seeing those cheerful colors every time they pick up or put down the latest page-turner. Your kids can help make some for their friends, too.

A gift in a jar is an infinitely customizable homemade gift idea.

Bonus Gift Idea: A Gift In A Jar!

Looking for more ideas for homemade gifts? While not totally handmade, a gift in a jar (a big glass jar full of smaller gifts) is always a hit with recipients, and they’re easy to put together!

Another great idea for a homemade gift is to bag up some homemade Christmas treats or some fragrant homemade stovetop potpourri — either of these could also be a gift in a jar!

Do you prefer your gifts handmade or store-bought?

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