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Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Six

I want to know who is responsible for time going so fast!!  I just looked at the calendar and realized Thanksgiving is two weeks from today!  How the heck did that happen? I realize Thanksgiving is earlier than usual this year….but still!  I cannot believe how fast this year has (almost) gone by!  yikes.

Well, I had planned on doing several of installments of “Simple Handmade Gifts” before Christmas rolled around…but at this rate I’ll be lucky to get one more in! I’ll do my best though.

So let’s get right to it! Here is the latest installment of my favorite handmade gift ideas curated from across the world wide web.

(Disclaimer: Similar to parts 1 – 5, not all of the gift ideas listed have tutorials attached, and some even link to Etsy shops or other places where you can purchase the item. But I included them if I thought they were simple enough to easily replicate. Also, some are not 100% “handmade”, but again, if they were SIMPLE ideas and had some personalization to them, they were included.)  

Christmas In A Jar by Dandee-Designs

christmas in a jar

Chocolate Dipped Spoons by Alpha Mom

Chocolate Dipped Spoons

Soy Candle Teacups by Go Make Me 

soy candle teacups

Pretty Drawstring Pouch by A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs

pretty drawstring pouch

Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce by My Baking Addiction 

hot fudge sauce

CLICK HERE to view a complete list of my “Simple Handmade Gifts” series!

Shrink Plastic Pendants by How About Orange

shrink plastic necklace

Homemade Limeade Mix by My Weddings


There is no link to a recipe. The closest thing I could find was a recipe for Strawberry Lemonade Mix. Maybe swap out the strawberry Kool Aid for lime?

Mix together:

  • 3 cups of powdered lemonade mix
  • 1 package of strawberry Kool Aid

To prepare: mix according to the package directions for the lemonade mix.

Sweater Socks by Pearls and Scissors

sweater socks

Fabric Magnet Board by Etsy.com

magnet board

Infused Sugar by Sugar and Charm Blog

infused sugar

Homemade Flavored Salt by Yum Sugar

flavored salt

Hankie Sachet by Country Living

hankie sachet

Decoupage Mason Jar Solar Lights by Etsy

vintage mason jars

Quilted Floor Cushion by dobleufa

quilted floor cushion

Dress Shirt Pillow Sham by Releve Designs

dress shirt pillow sham

DIY Washi Tape Magnets by Specu-laas

washi tape magnets

No-Sew Teacup Pincushion by Punk Projects

teacup pincushion

Stacked Can Storage by I Heart Organizing

stacked can storage

Criss-Cross Headband by Fine and Feathered 

criss cross headband

Stenciled Mugs by Country Living

stenciled mugs

Backpack Gift Boxes by Basic Grey

backpack gift boxes

Necktie Wristlet by Etsy

Necktie Wristlet

Doily Stenciled Teacups by Etsy

doily teacups

Homemade Jams by Country Living

homemade jams

Quick Jar Covers by One Good Thing

jar covers

Trimmed Kitchen Towels by Sew 4 Home

trimmed kitchen towels

DIY Parchment Loaf Basket by Sew Take A Hike

parchment basket

Ric-Rac Coasters by Flickr

ric-rac coasters

Cast Iron Skillet Memo Board by At The Picket Fence

cast iron skillet memo board

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration SOMEWHERE in this list. I know *I* have!  :-)

CLICK HERE to view a complete list of my “Simple Handmade Gifts” series!

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  • Hey Jillee!

    These are great ideas, and although it’s april (!) I was looking for an idea for my dad’s birthday. Next time you do one of these, you should feature making you’re own steak rub! I found a quick recipe online that made a killer steak rub. It was cheap, organic, and my dad loved it when I paired it with his own apron. Just an idea!

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  • […] when I posted my most recent installment of “Simple Handmade Gift Ideas“, including this Wheat Bag by A Spoonful of Sugar Designs, it got me thinking about combining […]

  • Wow, thank you so much. Yes, some evil time elf has stolen the year, and suddenly it’s the holidays. Add to that the fact we’ve moved up the trip to the in-laws house and… I need holiday ideas like _pronto_. These are fabulous. I can’t wait to get started sorting who-gets-what from this list. Thank you!

  • Lavender wheat bag….this is from the blog.

    “I have made these with both wheat (available from pet food aisle of the supermarket – readily available in Australia) and uncooked long grain rice. You can also use lupins, barley, buckwheat hulls.”

    Natural Grocer inside Vitamin Cottage has stuff in their bulk area that you can put inside these for great prices.

  • I have been looking into CANVAS WRAPPED PHOTOS for gifts and after seeing the absurd prices for these I looked into DIY.

    Super easy and super spendy looking! And very personal.

    I purchased :
    7 pack of — Pre-Stretched Canvas (11 x 14″) for $19 ( At Micheals—did not have coupon)
    Mod Podge (large size about $7) Matte
    Photo enlargement (see below) $7 each 11 x 14″ + edge

    Paint brush OR foam brush OR small roller (on hand)
    Household (office type) stapler (on hand)

    Went to STAPLES and directly emailed our photo to the addy the guy at the counter gave me. For $7 EACH they made a beautiful enlargement 2″ on EACH side bigger than the face of the canvas—you need this to wrap the photo on the canvas edges. ( They also nicely did a “test” print to show us how it would look and how it would overhang) You can also bring in photos to them or some other places—altho I have heard that some places charge a LOT for the prints. Check around on this!

    Mark where your photo is centered on canvas allowing for overhang–do NOT trim!!! Coat canvas with Modpodge; lay photo carefully on canvas. Use the centering marks you made to get this lined up right! Use a credit type card to GENTLY but FIRMLY smooth to edges–you can work on both front and back to get all sections smooth. To wrap edges—wrap over the edge using more Modpodge on the canvas. Use a SMALL cut to the corners to wrap the photo edge around–much easier to DO and SEE than to describe! Use a household stapler to secure edges to BACK of wood stretcher. (Start in center of long side; do one staple on each side; do center top and center bottom; keep adding staples –not too many!-around the back working between the center and the corners; staple the corner tabs too)

    Let dry for 12 or more hours. Coat face of photo with ModPodge–one coat going long wise one going across…you WANT some texture to this! You can use a foam brush. a regular brush or a small roller for this. Make sure you coat edges (you can go back and do edges later if you want to use them to handle the work)

    Let dry.

    Add small hanging hardware–this depends on your wall–or prop on a shelf.

    You could also use several photos and do a “quilt” or composite effect. Or add other items to the canvas. Unlimited possibilities here!

    Et voila! Gorgeous canvas wrapped personal photos at a fraction (we priced this size at about $80 and UP)

    OH—The handkerchief sachet would be great with a small ribbon or lace loop to hang over a closet rod or directly on the hangers! Hmmmm—- Saw how to do Modpodge print transfer to wood hangers to make the look vintage on a blog recently–very cool! Very easy!

    • You tell us that you saw a modpodge print transfer to wooden hangers and don’t give us the link? Shame ;D That looks like a great idea and I’m going to use your instructions…very clear and what a great gift.

  • So many cute ideas. Thank you for compiling the list.
    I love giving food items because– EVERYONE EATS! And let’s face it who needs another trinket to collect dust. Food says thinking of you, relax a little and enjoy something put together for you.
    I think I will make some of the flavored salt, I’ll pick up some unusual salt shakers for fun. Look out dollar store.
    Thanks again for the great ideas.

  • I love all these ideas. I have been wanting to make some of the wheat bags. I have looked at a couple tutorials now, does anyone know what kind of wheat to buy for these? Thanks again, I love your Blog!!!

    • I don’t know what kind of wheat is used. But, I make these and I use flaxseed (it’s softer) with a mix of lavender flowers. Very calming and peaceful.

  • I’ve enjoyed following you for a couple of months now and these ideas for gifts are very helpful. Do you have any ideas on how to make the Doily Stenciled Teacups? The Etsy site seems to only sell them. Thank you!

    • You can draw a design on any oven-safe dish with a sharpie and then bake it in the oven @ 325*F for something like 20 minutes and it will bake the ink permanently so it doesn’t wash off. I am actually buying some little mugs, coasters and sharpies with directions to make little “design your own mug kits” for all the kids on my list.

  • Hi Jillee, Love your site and all your wonderful ideas! Thank you!!
    The chocolate spoons link goes to the lavender wheat pillow :-( Can you fix?

  • Ohhh, perfect timing!! I’m just trying to make up my Christmas give list, and I LOOOOOVE the soy teacup candle idea!! The cute cupcake lids are awesome too! Great ideas as always Jillee! <3

  • Hi Jillee, I just recently found your blog (Pinterest did the trick for me) but since I subscribed I read over and over again all your postings. I love all your ideas and though sometimes it’s difficult finding the products you use to create all. But I’m searching the internet to find it in The Netherlands and sometimes I succeed.
    Thanks heeps for sharing!

  • GREAT IDEAS (as always!!!) Thanks so much!! The necktie wristlet is really cool, but you link to an etsy store which doesn’t show how to make (same with the doily stencil teacups.) Anyway, I searched for a tutorial and found this blog from the the lady who made the pink necktie wristlet in your post. http://tearfultouch.blogspot.com/2011/12/recycled-necktie-wristlet-how-do-you.html Unfortunately, she does not have a tutorial, but she does sell other cool things on etsy! I found another blogger with great instructions http://onegirlsadventuresinthrifting.blogspot.com/2012/03/necktie-mother-lode.html — maybe you should change your link to her blog.

    • Angelia….I searched and searched as well…but the closest thing I could come up with was a Strawberry Lemonade mix that I have added to the post above. I hope this helps!

    • Thanks KayZee. I fixed the link. Darn internet provider went down in the wee hours of the morning and it was about 3:30am by the time I posted this. That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it! ;-)

  • I still have some beautiful handkerchiefs I bought as souvenirs while I studied abroad about 5 years ago. I intended on gifting them, but I wanted to do something to personalize them and make them into something more than just a pretty hankie. I’m thinking drawer sachets it is!

    Excellent list, as always, there are many ideas sparking my creative side :)

  • Jillee…thanks so much for this post and the others before…we found out last week that my husband will be losing his job. So cheap and home-made are going to be the themes for this Christmas.

  • Hi Jilliee, I’m interested in the “Christmas in a Jar” but when I click on it it takes me to the criss-cross headband. Can you fix the link? Thanks!

  • Hi Jillee! Just love all your posts and wonderful ideas. I would really like to make that limeade recipe above. Do you happen to have one? The link just brings you to a picture of the mason jars with the mix in it. Thanks either way!
    Blessings to you!

    • Michele…the closest thing I could find was a Strawberry Lemonade Mix that I have added to the post above. I’m thinking you could just swap out the strawberry with lime. Hope this helps!

      • Why not use the Lemon/Lime flavored Kool-Aid? I was surprised by the photo only too. So then I thought why not figure my own ratios. So I got right to it. It’s not bad and would make a nice punch base.
        Into 4 oz canning jar layer (for 2 qts):
        5 TB Country Time Pre-sweetened Mix
        3 TB Kool –Aid Lemon/Lime Sweetened Mix (Mix 1 C sugar w/ Kool-Aid unsweetened pckt)
        To make: Dissolve mix into 2 C heated water.
        Add ice (20 cubes) and enough water to make 2 qts.
        Stir & allow some ice to melt . Stir again & serve
        Add a drop or two of food coloring to Kool Aid Mix for a light lime color.

      • Yes! It does help. Thank you! And thank you, CTY for taking the proactive approach and figuring it out. :)

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