9 Practical Gift Wrap Hacks That Will Simplify Your Holidays

gift wrapping hacks

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself hidden away in my office scrambling to finish my gift wrapping at midnight (or later!) on Christmas Eve. Typically it involves me sitting in a sea of wrapping paper scraps, sifting through the mess to find my scissor and tape, and struggling to remember who I was even planning to give the gift I’m trying to wrap! In other words, it’s sheer holiday madness!

If that scene sound familiar to you, then you’ve come to the right place! Because the clever and ingenious gift wrap hacks I’ll be sharing in today’s post will help us all avoid the annual chaotic wrap-athon this year! Whether you want to get more organized, mix up your present presentation, or cut back on gift wrap waste, these tricks and techniques are sure to help!

9 Gift Wrap Hacks That Will Simplify Your Holidays

gift wrapping hacks

1. No Scissors, No Tape, No Problem!

I recently saw a brilliant gift wrapping method on TikTok that I just had to share with you, because it’s a convenient solution for wrapping a gift if you have limited time or supplies. In fact, all you need is a piece of tissue paper and a ribbon to do it!

gift wrapping hacks

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Start by folding a large piece of tissue paper in half, then set the gift in the center of the paper.
  2. Fold the left side over the top of the gift, making as many folds as you need in the paper so that it rests nicely close to the right edge of the gift.
  3. Repeat the process with the right side of the tissue paper. You should end up with tissue paper covering the bottom and top of the gift, with end closest to you and the end furthest away still open.
  4. On both of the open ends, carefully tuck the tissue paper inside itself to close up the gift.
  5. Your gift is officially wrapped! Feel free to finish it off with a bow or ribbon to add a little flair.
gift wrapping hacks

2. Make It Look Professional

An easy way to make all your gifts look professionally wrapped is to use double-sided tape instead of the regular stuff. It’s a super simple trick, but it makes any present look like it belongs on the cover of a holiday catalog! Check out other quick and easy holiday hacks here.

gift wrapping hacks

3. Keep It Kid Friendly

Do you have little Christmas elves in the family who love helping to distribute the gifts from under the tree? Make it easier for them to serve as Santa’s little helper by labeling your gifts with a photo of the recipient instead of their name.

With no reading required, even the youngest helpers will be able to figure out who to give each gift to all on their own!

gift wrapping hacks

4. Box It Up

Why spend the money on gift boxes when your home is likely already full of boxes? Reduce waste and save a few bucks by repurposing cereal boxes paper grocery bags, and other materials to package your gifts. They’ll all look the same one you’ve wrapped them in your favorite festive wrapping paper!

gift wrapping hacks

5. Wrap Gifts Strategically

Foil potential “present peepers” by skipping gift tags on your wrapped gifts. Instead, designate one roll of wrapping paper for each person, and jot down which person gets which wrap. Then you’ll be the only one who knows whose gifts are whose!

My two youngest boys used to love shaking and analyzing each of the gifts marked with their name to try and suss out what was inside. It drove it me crazy, and while they eventually outgrew their “gift detective” stage, I definitely would have used this tip if I had known about it at the time!

gift wrapping hacks

6. Reduce And Reuse

Gifting something small? Cut back on waste by tucking the gift into a paper towel or toilet paper tube! You’ll be reusing something you would have otherwise thrown out, and it will take less wrapping paper to cover it.

For more useful ways to repurpose toilet paper and cardboard tubes, click here.

gift wrapping hacks

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is exchanging Christmas cookies and other treats with my friends and neighbors. I just love experiencing all the different variations from people’s family recipes!

When it’s time to pack up my own to share (such as my mom’s sour cream cookies), I’ve used muffin tins, mailing tubes, and these other clever cookie parcels to great effect!

gift wrapping hacks

8. Genius Gift Card Giving

To some, gift cards and cash have a bad reputation for being “lazy” gifts. Squash that perception with these clever ideas for gift card gift giving! Whether the recipient is an outdoor lover or movie buff, these creative card presentations will show them you put their gift together with thought and care!

gift wrapping hacks

9. Stay Organized

Boxes and bows and tags, oh my! Don’t let your holiday gift wrapping supplies take over the whole house. Whether you’re utilizing vertical space behind a door or making the most of some extra room under the bed, these tips will help you keep all your gift wrap necessities organized and easy to find!

Do you have any tips or tricks for wrapping holiday gifts?

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