The Easiest Way To Make A Mason Jar Even More Useful

DIY Mason Jar Dispenser

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you already know just how much I love mason jars. But what’s not to love? These beautiful and iconic containers are not only as American as apple pie, but they’re incredibly versatile — you can even use them to get organized around the house!

In this post, I’ll show you an easy way to make a mason jar even more useful than it already is. Learn how to make a simple DIY mason jar dispenser lid below!

How To Make A DIY Mason Jar Dispenser Lid

mason jar dispenser

You’ll need:

  • Empty carton with a capped pour spout
  • Mason jar with canning ring
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
mason jar dispenser


Start by ripping open the glued portions of the the empty carton and lay it out flat on your work surface.

mason jar dispenser

Next, grab your pencil and canning ring, and use the canning ring to trace a circle around the capped spout.

mason jar dispenser

Use your scissors to cut out the circle you just drew, then press the carton section into the canning ring with the capped spout facing outward. Screw your new pour spout onto your mason jar, and you’re done!

mason jar dispenser

All that’s left to do is to figure out what you’re going to store inside it! ;-) Read on for some ideas of how to use it!

mason jar dispenser

How To Use Your DIY Dispenser Lid

You can use your DIY dispenser to store almost anything you could consider “pourable.” I have one at home that I’ve filled with baking soda, and it makes it so easy to sprinkle a bit of baking soda onto grimy cookie sheets, oily stains, and other household messes.

In addition to cleaning powders like baking soda, these mason jar dispensers could be equally useful for storing dry ingredients and pantry staples. Fill it with chopped nuts or chocolate chips to use in baking projects, or fill it with your favorite powdered coffee creamer or sugar substitute and store it with your coffee supplies.

The possibilities for your DIY mason jar dispenser are virtually endless, and I’d love to hear back about how you end up putting yours to good use! :-) Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email at (My inbox is always open!)

What would you store in a DIY mason jar dispenser?

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  • I think I got this from Jillie: cut a circle the size of the mason jar lid out of a plastic coated paper plate. Use a hole punch to make holes in it. Fit it into the mason jar ring, keeping the original mason jar lid. I use this to dispense homemade carpet powder, and it works great! Just remember to seal it with the original lid under the perforated lid when you’re done.

  • What ever is old is new again. LOL My mom was using the top of the salt box on a jar for her dry dish washing soap when I was a youngster, and I’m ooold now.

  • I’d like to find a DIY way to sprinkle powdered sugar on stuff like pancakes & French toast. I love the pour spout idea but don’t know how I’d convert it to a sprinkler.

  • I would use it for the essential oil recipe that you posted for the yoga mat cleaner. My glass spray bottles are not big enough for the entire recipe but can be filled from the mason jar. What a great idea, thanks for posting.

  • Thanks for a great idea Jillee!! I use Msson Jars for EVERYTHING!! I can in the summer so I have lots of jars around my house…. Will have to remember to keep the lid from Parmesan cheese to use in the bathrooms!! Great Job!

  • Just a thought about before I use these. All components from the carton need to be scrubbed clean, disinfected and completely dry before using (especially if reusing for food items). I use mine for dry food items all the time, but will not use it if it still has juice colors or smell lingering. Also–some just do not dry out. If they are not spiffy clean & dry at best it will change the taste, at worst it will grow mold.

  • THANK YOU, Jillee, for this idea. It helps solve a problem we had this Summer. My husband like to have a large glass of ice water with him when he mows the lawn. Most insulated coffee cups were too small, and leftover cups from fast food restaurants with a straw always let dirt go into the cup. We drink out of large mason jars at our house, so this idea really works for us. I appreciate your blog, and always look forward to it.

  • For me this will be great for dispensing flaxseed and chia seeds that I use. Now I dip them out w a spoon and often spill some I the process. Love the idea for the baking soda.

  • This idea is awesome. I take small amounts of half and half to work for my coffee. This could be used for that. Then I read about the parmesan cheese container lid and thought, why not just resue the entire container?

  • I’ve seen plastic mason jars in the store. I was thinking you could use your idea for drinks for the kids. Fill them up with juice and all the kids have to do go into the fridge, pull out their jar and drink. With the screw top, it would be for elementary age kids but it’s still an idea!

  • Here’s an idea that might be even easier: use the lid from a Parmesan cheese container! You know, the one where half the lid flips up as a shaker and the other as a wide-mouth opening? They fit mason jars too!


  • I would use it for our baking powder. Currently, our baking powder is sitting in a clear bag unlabeled. So is our powdered sugar actually. I really must get those two things put in containers and labeled soon!

  • This is such a good idea!. Baking soda, for sure, it would save the big whoosh, that I usually get when I go to pour it from the big bag it comes in. I have put some in an old Mayo jar to keep in the bathroom – great for cleaning and drains., but even that often allows too much at once.

    Thanks for the neat idea!

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