The No-Scrub Secret That Keeps Showers Clean Longer

Daily Shower Cleaner

Regardless of what cleaning solutions and tools you use to clean your shower, there’s no getting around the fact that the job takes a decent amount of time and effort! So if you’re anything like me, when you do get around to cleaning your shower, you want to try and keep it that way as long as possible!

Fortunately for all of us, there is a simple way to keep our showers cleaner from day to day. And all it takes is combining a few ingredients to make a simple daily shower cleaner, which is what I’ll be sharing with all of you in today’s post!

shower spray

Every time you step out of the shower, you leave behind a thin layer of soapy residue on your shower walls from soaps, shampoos, etc. But when you spray a daily shower cleaner on those still-wet shower walls, it helps prevent that soapy residue from hardening into a tough layer of soap scum, and keep mildew at bay to boot!

All in all, adding this simple step to your post-shower ritual is an easy way to keep your shower clean longer. Here’s how you can make your own daily shower cleaner at home!

When it’s time to deep clean your shower, check out the recipe for my soap scum-busting shower cleaner! And for more of my favorite DIY cleaning recipes, check out my eBook Cleaning House, available in my shop (or get it free if you’re an OGT Plus member!)

How To Make A Daily Shower Cleaner

shower spray


shower spray


Pour the peroxide, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and rinse aid into a 16-ounce amber spray bottle. (Hydrogen peroxide will start to break down when exposed to sunlight, which is why it’s particularly important to make this cleaner in a dark-colored bottle.)

shower spray

Fill the remainder of the bottle with water, then replace the spray top. Slowly tip the spray bottle back and forth to gently mix the ingredients together.

shower spray

How To Use It

After showering, spray your daily shower cleaner lightly over the damp walls of your shower, and that’s it! No rinsing or wiping required—cool, right? :-)

Have you ever tried using a daily shower cleaner?

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  • Thankfully I ordered 2 of your dark spray bottles to use this cleaner in my bath/shower. 2 showers and I have used up 1 bottle of cleaner, so having 2 made at the same time helps me feel like I am not always mixing this cleaner. It seems to be working well! Thanks for sharing. I do have 1 problem = one of the sprayers does not spray well at all. It is hard to operate and very little comes out. I have had to revert to using the 1 good sprayer for each of the 2 bottles. Is it normal that the sprayer squirts out cleaner rather than making a fine mist spray? My good sprayer is more of a squirter than a mist sprayer – is that normal?

  • I have two kitties that like to play in the bathtub. I have never used a no rinse treatment for the shower walls. Will this drip down into the tub? I’m worried the kitties will get it on their paws. Should I just rinse the tub after spraying the walls with this? Thank you!

    • Nothing in the spray should harm the cats at tiny doses. But, I have cats and coat power cords, earbud cords, etc. with disk soap to stop chewing, they might be reluctant to clean their paws after going in the tub. OTOH, they may stop playing in the bathtub altogether after the first taste!

  • Hi, Jillee,
    They may not sell this product where you live, but I live in MA and our supermarkets carry an inexpensive product called “Clean Shower,” you just spray and walk away, no wiping down is necessary but you can if you wish to do so.

  • Hi, Jillee! I had to laugh at myself because I thought this was going to be something about skin, you know…a body product! I always put on my own EO & carrier oil concoction all over myself when I step out of the shower and I am still warm and wet! But I like this idea, too. I don’t know why but I have never been really diligent about my shower unless it looks really dirty. Probably should pay closer attention! (other people may be noticing!) When I moved in 15 years ago, the fiberglass surround was not in that great of shape. So I cleaned it crazy good and then wiped down the walls with a little bit of oil. Olive oil, vegetable oil, or even baby oil will work. Just a little on a rag and wipe it down…don’t go overboard. When I shower, the water just rolls down the walls, never having time to set, dry, and become a problem! I use a good cleanser 1X a month and wipe it down with the oil again. This actually has worked for me really well for all this time! Maybe just an idea for someone? God bless!

  • Does the dark bottle have to be glass. I’m sure we probably have some that are dark colored. We also have some that are lighter colored but not see thru when held up to the light. Just wondering. Thinking of trying for both the showers in our house.

  • Add 2drops of peppermint oil to a spray bottle with water. And spray the shower
    and wip and rinse to clean too clean. Then spray again and rinse.becarefull peppermint is very strong.

  • Disagreeing with my husband on this article. The way I read this, you don’t wipe it down before you spray, then let spray formula dry without wiping again. That would defeat your purpose I’d imagine. He doesn’t read it that way; he thinks you wipe it down, then spray, then wipe again. Pls. clarify.

  • Hi, we don’t have the dishwashing rinse aid in our country, if we exclude that from the recipe will that affect its cleaning capabilities or can you suggest a substitute for it?

  • How timely that I found this after just scrubbing showers earlier today. I’ve made this to use as soon as everyone finishes their showers tonight!

    One tip. The 32 oz. spray bottle lid that I had at home fits the 32 oz. hydrogen peroxide bottle from Sam’s. The peroxide bottle is a little shorter, so I just pulled the tube out of the spray lid & shortened the top end of it to match the height of the peroxide bottle then slipped the tube back into the lid. Perfect way to store any cleaner with peroxide in it.

    Thanks for another great (and cheap) tip, Jill!

  • I make a chrome and glass cleaner with isopropyl ( rubbing) alcohol and water and Fairy liquid (Dawn). UK / Oz equivalent. I boiland cool the water first or use distilled water as this stops it leaving mineral deposits when it dries. That would probably work well for this recipe too. I love Jillee’s stuff.

  • Hi Jillee, love all your posts. Do you find that the tub is slippery after using this spray? I’m always concerned about slipping when using leave-in products that contain soap/soapy ingredients. I realise that this spray has only 1 tsp of dish soap but even the tiniest amount of Dawn can make a lot of suds. Thanks so much for all your tips!

  • I have been using this spray mix for years, not just for the shower but I keep a bottle by every sink too. Bathroom ceramic, stainless laundry and stainless kitchen sinks. Aa quick mist after every use of a sink also keeps water spots and grime at bay until time to scrub the sink. I also spray all the fixtures, faucet, handles, sink drains. Everyone in the family now has the habit too – after using a shower or sink, rinse it down, spray it down. Done.

    Not only do showers and sinks stay cleaner longer, the slight film of this spray keeps everything from stocking and makes scrubbing a breeze when the time comes, even my kitchen sink.

    Watch for sales on the ingredients and stock up. My local pharmacy often runs BOGOs on rubbing alcohol and peroxide. Since I use a lot of this spray the savings really add up.

    FWIW I’ve not had this spray ever harm any surface – fiberglass, tile, grout, aluminium, chrome, brushed stainless, ceramics. Of couse test an inconspicuous area repeatedly over a time if there is any uncertainty.

  • Have been using it every day after my shower. Even use it on the cast iron bath tub. Just wipe and rinse. Now 1/2 hour for both bathroom. Great time saver and the chrome is blindingly shiny again. Just made up second batch.
    Thank you for sharing

  • I have been using this shower cleaner for over a year on a fiberglass shower, it cleans great and have had no issues to the shower. I sometimes spray it on the plastic liner without a problem either.

  • What can I use to get mineral deposits off shower walls? Our water is very hard. Have a lot of trouble with mineral deposits in toilet too. Walls are not tile but more plastic like

  • I also use vinegar in the dishwasher, but it just doesn’t work as well for this cleaner. I would suggest a dollar store version of rinse aid just for this recipe. :-)

  • Sounds amazing. Can’t wait to try. I sometimes use natural cleaners to clean our tub and shower. They work fine but I admit some of the store bought cleaners are more effective. Perhaps this daily cleaner will cut down on the need to go to the store brand (more toxic) chemicals. Thanks for sharing.

  • i SPRAY IT DOWN AT NIGHT AFTER LAST SHOWER. Close shower doors (or bathroom door) to keep cats off til morning. At which time, I open the door (the shower is dry) and no worries. I have two cats and neither have gotten sick……………………. I only have to scrub (with Jillee’s cleaner) about once or twice a year using a similar recipe. Was excited upon seeing Jillee’s blog today…………….

  • >