32 Practical Uses For Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used for fluffier omelets, better smelling shoes, and even cleaning grout!

In addition to being one of my all-time MVPs of cleaning ingredients, there are many other baking soda uses for all sorts of useful purposes, from beauty to hygiene and beyond! If you’ve ever wondered why baking soda is considered so useful, what exactly baking soda is used for, or how to make the most of it as a household product, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this post, you’ll learn just about everything there is to know about baking soda. We’ll begin by exploring the various properties and benefits of baking soda, after which we’ll cover the many practical ways you can use it around the house.

Baking Soda Basics & FAQs

Baking soda is also known as bicarbonate of soda. It reacts with acidic substances to produce carbon dioxide.

What Is Baking Soda?

This inconspicuous white powder is actually an alkaline salt, known for the fizzy reaction that takes place when it’s mixed with an acidic ingredient like vinegar or lemon juice. As the reaction fizzes, it produces carbon dioxide gas, making it useful as a leavening agent in baked goods (just like baking powder!)

Baking soda has a variety of health benefits, as well as various other properties that make it useful around the house. Commercial baking soda is typically made from soda ash or a mineral called trona, which is found in huge quantities in Wyoming. The soda ash is combined with carbon dioxide to make baking soda. 

Baking soda is pure bicarbonate of soda, while baking powder has an added acidic such as cream of tartar, and maybe a filler like cornstarch.

What’s The Difference Between Baking Powder And Baking Soda?

Yes, there is a difference between baking powder and baking soda. While both substances can be used for leavening, baking soda is pure sodium bicarbonate. To make baking soda work as a leavening agent when you’re baking, it needs to be mixed with an acid like vinegar, cocoa powder, or buttermilk.

The main difference between baking soda and baking powder is that the latter already contains an acid, usually in the form of cream of tartar. (Some baking powders also contain cornstarch and other ingredients.) Baking powder may be more convenient, but baking soda also promotes browning, so some baking recipes call for both!

Find out how baking soda differs from other powders in my guide to the differences between baking soda, washing soda, and borax!

Use baking soda as a gentle exfoliant for your face.

Many Names, Many Useful Properties

Because baking soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda) is alkaline, it can help to neutralize many of the acidic chemical compounds responsible for unpleasant odors. It’s also highly absorbent, a great laundry booster (similar to washing soda and borax), and an abrasive scouring powder, helping to scrub away grime while being gentle enough to use as a facial exfoliant.

Plenty of people keep an open box of baking soda in the fridge to control odors, but there are so many other places you can use it! I use baking soda as a cleaning agent all over the house (with glass and wood being two of the rare exceptions). Check out 34 of the best tips for using baking soda below!

34 Practical Household Uses For Baking Soda

sprinkle baking soda on carpets before vacuuming to deodorize the carpets

1. Freshen Carpets

Sprinkle baking soda onto your carpets to absorb moisture and eliminate odors. Let it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming it up. For a pleasant scent, stir a bit of cinnamon or a few drops of essential oils into the baking soda before using it on carpets. (This is a great tip for those with pets at home — just be sure to keep them out of the area until you’re done!)

2. Erase Marks From Painted Surfaces

You can use baking soda to erase marks on painted furniture, and even remove crayon from your walls! Just sprinkle baking soda onto a damp sponge, rub lightly until the stain is gone, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Make a sachet of baking soda with a coffee filter and string, then put it in a stinky shoe overnight to deodorize the shoe!

3. Freshen Smelly Shoes

One of the best uses for baking soda is absorbing and eliminating odor from stinky shoes. It takes just seconds to make a baking soda sachet that helps remove stinky shoe odor overnight!

4. Remove Corrosion From Batteries

Since it’s alkaline, you can use baking soda to remove the acidic corrosion on car batteries and other batteries. Create a paste by mixing baking soda and a bit of water, then disconnect the battery and apply the paste to corroded areas and scrub. Remove the paste and corrosion with a damp cloth, then swipe a bit of vaseline on the terminals to keep them clean.

Use a toothbrush to scrub a paste of baking soda and peroxide on your tile grout.

5. Clean Grout

Grimy grout lines? Make a simple grout cleaner by combining baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Apply the mixture to dirty grout and scrub with an old toothbrush.

6. Exfoliate Skin Gently

Before shaving or applying self-tanner, scrub off any dead skin cells with a baking soda paste — about 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Gently rub the paste on your skin in circular motions to exfoliate, then rinse clean for perfectly prepped skin!

Make washing soda with just your oven and some baking soda

7. Make Washing Soda

Washing soda is a powerful laundry booster (it’s in my homemade laundry detergent for a reason!), but it also comes in handy for removing stains, scouring dishes, and more! And while you can usually buy washing soda in stores, it’s also surprisingly easy to make washing soda using baking soda — all you need is a baking sheet and an oven.

8. Soothe Diaper Rash

If your baby is suffering from a diaper rash, a baking soda bath can help! Add 1/4 cup baking soda to your baby’s bath water to help soothe the skin and clear up the redness.

Sift baking soda over a mattress then vacuum to keep your mattress smelling sweet

9. Dry And Deodorize Wet Mattresses

Speaking of little ones, baking soda can help you dry and deodorize mattresses after a bed-wetting incident. Use towels to soak up as much moisture as you can from the mattress, then sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the entire damp area and let it sit for two hours.

The baking soda will not only draw out the remaining moisture in the mattress, but it will also eliminate odors and leave it smelling fresher. When the baking soda dries out, vacuum it up, then spritz the mattress with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar.

10. Freshen Mattresses

Regular baking soda treatments can help keep your mattress fresh over time, too. Just sprinkle baking soda evenly over your mattress, let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum it up to get rid of unwanted odors, dust mites, and moisture.

A pinch of baking soda added to the cooking water will keep veggies bright and colorful.

11. Preserve The Color Of Cooked Veggies

When cooking green vegetables, add a pinch of baking soda to the water and then bring to a boil as usual. The baking soda will help preserve the veggies’ bright green color as they cook.

12. Remove Burnt Food From Pots & Pans

To remove burnt food from a pot or pan, fill it with water, add a bit of baking soda, and bring it to a simmer on your stovetop. Let it simmer for a few minutes to allow the food residue to soften up, and you’ll be able to remove it much more easily!

Use baking soda to remove carpet stains by first blotting the spill, then sprinkle baking soda to cover and let dry before vacuuming.

13. Remove Carpet Stains

Use baking soda to help treat and remove carpet stains. Blot the spill with a towel to soak up as much of the liquid as you can, then spray the area with water and sprinkle baking soda over the top. Let it sit until the baking soda dries, then vacuum.

14. Deodorize Food Storage Containers

Do you re-use plastic food containers? Deodorize them in between uses with baking soda sprinkled on a clean, damp sponge. For even tougher odors, soak items in a solution of 1/4 cup of baking soda and one quart of warm water.

A pinch of baking soda in the eggs will make your omelets fluffier

15. Make Extra Fluffy Omelets

Make your morning omelet extra fluffy by adding a small amount of baking soda! Just add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda for every 3 eggs in your omelet(s).

16. Clean Grimy Tub Jets

To clean and deodorize jets in a jetted tub, fill the bath to a few inches above the jets, add two cups of baking soda, then run the jets for about 10 minutes. Drain the grimy water, refill the tub with clean water, then run the jets for another 10 minutes.

(As someone with a jetted tub, this is one of my favorite uses for baking soda! I’ve tried a LOT of methods for cleaning tub jets, and this one works better than any of them.

17. ‘Dry Clean’ Stuffed Animals

Risking your child’s favorite stuffed animal by putting it through the wash may be more trouble than it’s worth! Instead, use baking soda to “dry clean” those precious stuffed animals and remove odors, body oils, and more!

Place a stuffed animal in a large ziplock bag (or trash bag, depending on the size.) Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the bag, tie it off, then give the bag a good shake and let it sit for 30 minutes. Afterward, use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to remove any excess baking soda from the animal, and you’re done!

18. Deodorize Smelly Drains

Have a smelly drain in your kitchen sink or bathtub? Sprinkle baking soda down the drain, pour some vinegar in, then quickly put a stopper into or over the drain.

The fizzy reaction will eat away at grease, food deposits, soap scum, and other grime that can cause odors. Flush the drainwith boiling water afterwards to clear out the loosened gunk.

Scrub a stained mug with baking soda to remove stains.

19. Clean Stained Mugs

Use baking soda to erase stubborn tea and coffee stains from your favorite mugs. Simply sprinkle a bit of baking soda inside a wet mug to make a paste and scrub!

20. Boost Your Bath Water

Add a handful of baking soda to your bath water to soften rough skin. (And if you normally use bubble bath, the baking soda will also result in super sudsy bubbles!)

Use baking soda to keep fresh flowers looking good longer - a teaspoon in the water does the trick.

21. Keep Flowers Fresh

Keep fresh-cut flowers alive longer by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the vase of water.

22. Wash Fresh Produce

Use baking soda to wash away dirt and chemicals from your fresh produce. Fill your sink or a large bowl with cold water, dissolve a few tablespoons of baking soda in the water, then soak your veggies in the water for 10 minutes. Rinse under clean water before drying. (And by the way, you don’t need to wash pre-washed greens and lettuce!)

A baking soda and powdered sugar mixture kills insects.

23. Kill Insects 

Baking soda is a safe and effective way to get rid of ants. Just mix baking soda and powdered sugar, then sprinkle it in corners or cupboards where insects are present.

24. Dishwasher Booster

Adding baking soda to your dishwasher is an easy way to get cleaner dishes and a cleaner dishwasher in one! Just add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to your dishwasher along with your usual detergent. Baking soda is also a featured ingredient in my highly effective homemade dishwasher detergent.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make a powerful cleaner.

25. Remove Brown Stains From Sheet Pans

A paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is one of the only things I found that can actually remove stubborn stains from sheet pans. (As a bonus, it’s also a powerhouse combination for fighting bathroom stains!)

26. Brighten Dingy Nails

Use a paste of three parts baking soda and one part water to brighten your manicure! Use a damp cloth to rub the mixture over your hands and fingers in a gentle, circular motion to exfoliate and smooth your skin. Rinse clean with warm water and apply polish as usual.

Baking soda and vinegar can fix smelly towels (and make volcanoes for science class).

27. Eliminate Musty Smells From Towels

Towels can easily develop an unpleasant mildew smell, but you can fix smelly towels easily with baking soda and vinegar. A vinegar wash followed by a baking soda wash will kick those odors to the curb! The powerful combination of baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean a lot of things around the house.

28. Brighten Grey Hair Naturally

The occasional baking soda treatment can brighten gray hair naturally by removing buildup from body oil and hair products. Just mix equal parts of baking soda and shampoo and massage it into your hair. Let it work for a couple of minutes, then rinse and condition. (Do this only as needed to avoid drying out your scalp!)

Baking soda can help get rid of bad breath.

29. Fight Bad Breath

A baking soda and water mouth rinse can neutralize the acidity of plaque, which can contribute to bad breath. Just rinse your mouth with 1 teaspoon of baking soda per quarter cup of water. Swish good and hard to get out any little food particles that might be hiding in nooks and crannies.

Add cream of tartar to baking soda to make baking powder.

30. Make Baking Powder

Make your own baking powder at home is as simple as mixing 1 part baking soda with 2 parts cream of tartar. As an added bonus, the resulting baking powder is fully gluten free, unlike some brands you’ll find in stores.

You can make deodorizing tablets for you trash cans using baking soda.

31. Prevent Garbage Odors

Keep kitchen and bathroom trash cans smelling fresh with the help of baking soda! Just sprinkle a small amount of baking soda into your trash bag every once in a while, or sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the bottom of the empty receptacle before lining it with a new bag.

32. Put Out Kitchen Fires

Grease fires can quickly get out of control in a kitchen, and putting water on them can actually make it worse! When you’re cooking with oil or grease, keep a pan lid and a box of baking soda nearby. If a grease fire starts, immediately put the lid on the pan and smother the flames with baking soda.

What other uses for baking soda would you add to this list?

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Bright Ideas

  • Baking soda is also excellent to use when doing laundry. I’ve used it with vinegar for smelly towels. I’ve also used it with Peroxide and Dawn for stubborn stains.

  • Just two quick comments: adding baking soda to boiling veggies to enhance the color will diminish the vitamins/nutrients; putting baking soda in a newer dishwasher that has a detachable/cleanable filter will become clogged and the debris stays in the machine. (this one happened to me…)

    • that’s exactly what I was going to say about leaching vitamins……………..Thanks for the heads up regarding the filter becoming clogged after adding baking soda……………..

  • I love all these uses for baking soda, I use many of them. I also use a pinch of baking soda added to a pan of onions when I am trying to caramelize them and don’t time it takes to do it slowly.

  • Hi Jillee,
    For years I have used baking soda for most of the things for which you use baking soda. However, it will be a cold day in h311 before, this limber 83 year old, gets on her hands and knees to clean grout with a toothbrush. LOL I purposely chose a dark blue grout to be used between our bathroom tiles.
    I would, some day if I live that long, to have light blue tile in our kitchen and I would choose a dark blue grout. A white grout is asking to be soiled. Yes, do wash my two bathroom floors and the kitchen floor every week.

  • I use baking soda as a weed killer. Sprinkle liberally straight from the box, especially on those weeds that are difficult to get at in the sidewalk or interlocking brick cracks. Saw the tip on Pinterest and never looked back. Large bag would be great. Didn’t know that Costco has that.

  • If your milk is still good, but the taste or smell is just slightly off, put a pinch of baking soda into what’s left of the gallon and shake. The milk will smell and taste as fresh as when you bought it!

  • Clean silver. Put tinfoil in the bottom of a big flat pan. Add silver. Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons baking soda over silver. Add boiling water. Silver will be tarnish free in two or three minutes. Longer for more tarnish. Wash and dry silver. You’re done!

  • I recently started using it for hair clogs with drains . It was actually on Jillees blog awhile ago . I use 2T baking soda and 1/2 c white vinegar and let it sit about 20 minutes. The mixture will foam. Then run warm water and rinse. It works fairly good. Our main problem now is a drain that doesn’t like to stay shut .Its probably a job for a plumber.

  • Just this week on the internet I found a useful way to use baking soda to clean our glass shower doors. Take baking soda, add enough white distilled vinegar to make a think “paint” and paint the inside of the shower doors. Let it sit a few minutes then I used a gentle plastic scrubby and all the residue came right off easily! It was the easiest thing I ever found and best!

  • OK….DUMMY ME…..FORGOT ONE MORE THING. LOL…..dab the cold sore with this a couple of times a day. SOOOO SORRY Y’ALL!!!! Been a long hard week and I’m kinda slow on the draw tonight!!!! SMH

  • Don’t know if this one’s been listed in the comments. So many that I didn’t take the time to browse through them yet. SORRY. Anyway…..being a 60 yr old woman….this baking soda trick has been part of my whole life. When we were little and got a cold sore, Momma would make a BAKING SODA/WATER PASTE and using a Q-TIP, dab the cold sore with the paste. NO LIE….the cold sore would be gone in less than two days!!!! BAKING SODA is like vinegar……been around forever and our Grandmomma’s and Great-Grandmomma’s magic go-to for practically EVERYTHING!!!!!

  • Great ideas! The only one I change up is using my favorite fabric softener … I’m allergic to most of those overpowering fake scents, so I add vanilla, coffee beans, dried mint leaves, or cinnamon sticks, instead.

    I especially use the cinnamon or mint in areas where bugs might like to hang out. They don’t seem to like those scents much, so that cuts down on the use of commercial debugging sprays and their scary ingredients that may also harm small pets and children.

  • You can shake baking soda into your cleaned and dried, insulated coolers before you store them for the winter. Next spring they will be fresh for your picnics and camping trips. I use about 1/4 cup depending on the size of the cooler.

  • I have talked to 2 different vacuum cleaner experts and they both have told me that powdered carpet cleaners are the worst thing for vacuums. It is better to come up with something to put into the vacuum bag.

    • My husband said the same thing. He also let’s in his big old dog in sometimes. Needless to say I use the powder when the hubs not at home. Problem solved. Hubster happy. Dog happy. I’m happy. Home smells so nice.

  • I’ve noticed some comments about using Baking Soda for indigestion/acid reflux/etc. I have been putting 2 teaspoons of baking soda to a gallon of water and that is all the water I drink. I’ve been doing this for years: NO acid reflux and NO complications with my high BP [just take my med.]. Everyone I’m have given a sample taste of the water to has liked it and the grandkids love it [even the Cat!].

  • My favorite use of baking soda is for brushing my teeth when I want them to be especially white. It doesn’t taste so good but I follow it up by brushing a bit with regular toothpaste. But it really does whiten your teeth!

    • There is some abrasive action with baking soda. It is not a good idea to do this often as you are actually scouring the enamel off your teeth. Very slowly but it whitens by scouring so I stopped this after my dentist explained.

    • I found that I can buy the non-clumping (cheaper) cat litter and by adding lots of baking soda, it kinda clumps. Makes it easier to scoop (although never as easy as with the pricey clumping kind). The smell is greatly reduced, too. The cat doesn’t seem to care, by the way :)

    • I have used baking soda on my hair, especially just before a perm, to cut all the buildup from sprays and other hair products. Seems I get a better curl. My beauty operator told me about this years ago. Has not harmed my hair.

      • To reduce gummy hair, change shampoo every 7 days. I have found great success. It helps keep the shine in my hair.

  • You can use baking soda to remove built up grease and grime from counter tops by sprinkling the soda on then spraying hydrogen proxide over to make a paste. Let sit over night and the next morning wash away. This also works for cleaning your oven.

  • I love my baking soda for all the ways shown. In addition to these ideas I place an open container of baking soda inside the Instant Pot to neutralize any odors lingering in the silicone gasket. I only use the IP for savory dishes but still like being able to neutralize the odors. I appreciate all the hints you post daily.

  • I have also used it to remove stains from my coffee pot. To add to the list when I use vinegar to clean my coffee pot that is when I pour the baking soda in my kitchen drain and then pour the hot vinegar over it .Wait a few minutes then run water thru coffee maker and use the hot water that I am flushing the coffee pot out with to flush the sink….2 bride with 1 stone in my opinion.

  • I use the baking soda shampoo.. mix 8oz of water with a tap to a tbsp of baking soda (depending on the thickness and oiliness of your hair) pour about half on to your scalp and massage gently, rinse as usual. Conditioner? Yes 8oz of water to 1 tbsp of vinegar (I used ACV) pour onto your scalp and massage through your hair. Rinse and enjoy naturally clean hair ( very soft as well).

  • I want to share my use. For baking soda. I use 1 cup cleaning vinegar and 1 cup baking soda to soak my white towels in. They come out very clean, very soft and my fluffy robe looks brand new.

  • When I first began working in the early 60’s, I was not making much money. To save money I brushed my teeth with baking soda, using it the same way younwould use tooth powder. It worked very well and was approved by my dentist–I would save on toothpaste but not skip my six month dentist check up!

  • Great ideas.Im surprised my favorite use wasn’t mentioned. I don’t have a cat anymore- long story.But, back when we had her I learned how to make a cheap cat box deodorizer using it. You use 1 cup baking soda and about 10-15 drops of lavendar or other sessential oils.Mix it up, really good and add before putting fresh cat litter in – after changing the litter box. It really made a big difference in the litter box odor.I would only change out the litter monthly. It was much cheaper than the one they sell in stores. A 2 pound box lasted a long time.

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  • […] 8. Take a day to detail your bathroom. Clean your grout. Use a toothbrush to scrub around faucets. Scrub your tub and shower. A clean bathroom is an appealing bathroom! Photo Source: One Good Thing By Jillee […]

  • I think you basically summed it right up in the first few words of the title… bicarb has countless uses – it’s amazing! Thanks for the great tips. I’ve seen this lots of places but nobody seems to have been quite in depth! I have been meaning to try it for a while with my cooker but needed to build up my confidence… in the past I have used professional companies, which if you haven’t got the time I don’t mind recommending at all. We used oven cleaner maidstone or oven cleaning sheffield depending on hubby’s work location at the time, but this will give me some fun – I am a sucker for before and after photos – will share them!

  • I bought a used ceramic stove top oven. The top of it is pretty messed up with food stains and marks on the stove top. What would be a good way to clean it? I bought some stuff at Lowes, but doesnt seem to clean it as well as I thought it would.

    • Actually, the best thing I’ve found to clean my ceramic stove top is baking soda! Make a paste with the baking soda and a little water and spread on the stove top. Let it sit for about 30 minutes then take a wet sponge and gently rub the stains. Rinse well and dry. If anything remains you can repeat. Also, if you are very careful, you can use a straight edge razor on a tough area. Just be sure it is a new razor blade so it doesn’t scratch the top.

  • Baking soda, which is sodium bicarbonate (or, chemically, sodium hydrogen carbonate), should not be ingested as an antacid, put in tea, or used to combat a UTI by those who have high blood pressure. When you see “Soda” think, “Sodium”. It’s a no-no for many. The kind of soda you drink in soft drinks, however is not sodium. It’s carbon dioxide, and that’s what is release when baking soda and vinegar and mixed together! And those two are the best drain cleaners I’ve ever used!

  • I had a hair coloring disaster. I bought a box of Excellence hair color in light brown, but my hair came out nearly black! To have my hairdresser fix it would have cost much more money than I had, plus I was extremely busy ith my work and could not take the time to sit in a salon all day.

    I tried lots of things and nothing worked. Finally I tried peroxide and baking soda. I didn’t measure. I just made a thick paste and then I distributed it through my hair, popped on a plastic bag and a shower cap, and about an hour later I washed it out and my hair was close to the original color, but a little redder. The next day I went back in and did some highlights, which worked, too.

    • This sounds so reckles and brave of you! Having had a lot of home-coloring tragedies (orange hair!) I have let the gray have its way. But you are lucky you didn’t end up bald with a rainbow scalp!!

  • Be careful mixing baking soda into your shampoo. If you color your hair, the combo might strip that color right out! ( especially if you use Prell!)

  • […] Baking Soda: Clean BBQ Grill Mix a cup of baking soda with half a cup water to make a paste. Dip your brush […]

  • I also use baking soda for everything….I always add a bit to iced tea (or even hot tea I’ve let steep too long) cuz it really does take the bitter out and just makes it taste better overall.

    I also use as a carpet powder on occasion and add spices like clove and/or cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, etc. I’ve started dating my spice containers so I know when I open them and any old stuff I save and use for carpet powder since I hate to throw stuff away.

    Making a paste with baking soda for scrubbing just about anything is a real money saver. This also works great on flat top stoves, glass shower doors…and teeth. ;)

    I use baking soda in all versions of toothpaste recipes. It’s not as harsh as people think (7 on the dental abrasivity list) and way less harsh than commercial toothpaste which are over 90 on the list (even Tom’s of Maine). Works great at removing coffee and tea stains on teeth.

    Love using baking soda and it’s cheap. Can’t beat that! :D

  • Be careful using on the outside of the grill. Works great but also takes any lettering, dial markings, right off! Have been using baking soda to also soak up cat urine in the garage as one of my outside cats appears to think she’s too good to use the litterbox. If anyone has any other suggestions for this to eliminate smell, they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • First: use an enzyme spray (like Urine Gone) very heavily. That will get most of the smell to be eaten up by enzymes. Try not to use much water in cleaning as you just spread the urine out into the cement. Next, there is a product called Angry Orange on Amazon that is pure citrus that you spray on the spot several times. Cats loathe citrus so they don’t come back to the spot and it does cut the odor considerably. Also, try laying aluminum foil over the favorite spot. Cats hate to walk on it so they avoid it.

  • Cresm of tartar. It is made from root with baking soda. Cleans stainless pot like brand new. Just sorinkle it on and use a smamm scrub pad. It also gets ouu stains. Many home uses for cresm of tarter. Magic eraser will get all stain of corning ware. If you burn food in a pot dump what you can out and pour baking sods and water. Bring to a boil and let soak. Magic eraser will remove fork marks on plates, black marks on tile and much more.

    • I love melamine foam! I buy that in bulk, it’s so useful. It’s a lot cheaper to buy it than the magic eraser name brand, which is exactly the same thing. I can buy a huge bag of generic melamine foam online for about the same $$ as a couple packages of the erasers at the store.

  • I use baking soda all the time – so much so that I keep some in a glass sugar pourer jar under my sink. It’s super handy for dishes. Make a paste of it with a little water and you can remove scratch marks from dishes like mugs/plates from silverware. I love using it when the baby’s bottles get grungy from formula because it’s a non-toxic scrub. It’s handy for getting that kitchen sink clean too when you’re all done! :)

  • My favorite tub cleaner is baking soda mixed with enough liquid castile soap to form a paste. It removes tub scum easily and if you use peppermint castile soap, the smell is invigorating too. :-)

  • I use baking soda to clean my white cast iron sink. Works like magic to get all the dark stains off and makes it so shiny!!

    Also works to soak up spills and get rid of the after odors. I have also found that salt works to get dog pee to soak up. Had to use lots and lots of salt, left it overnight to dry, vacuumed it up and smell and stains were gone!

    Maybe a post on the wonders of salt is next? :)

  • Baking soda is the best exfoliant I’ve ever found (and I’ve bought quite a few!) and the only one I ever bother using. I used to have a jar with a pop-off top in the shower – I just shake some in my hand and splash shower water on it till it made a paste. No need to bother measuring.

  • Hola gracias por compartir yo lavo la blusa del uniforme de la bb y queda un blanco espectacular y voy a experimentar con lo demas, jillee eres grandiosa. saludos.

  • WARNING: Do NOT try the baking soda to clean crayon off walls unless you know your paint will be able to take it. I don’t know what kind of paint was used on our walls before we moved in, but the baking soda and water dilutes the paint and takes it off the walls! MUCH EASIER TO JUST USE A BIG PINK ERASER TO TAKE CRAYONS OFF WALLS- IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC!!

    I will say, I LOVE using baking soda in my tea to keep it from getting bitter, and I like to add a dash to really stinky loads of laundry. I also sprinkle it in my oven, spritz it with hydrogen peroxide, let sit a minute and then wipe off to have a CLEAN oven. (Sorry Jillee, I tried your ammonia oven cleaner, and that didn’t work– in fact it was the only spot where the baked on food wouldn’t come off, even after finding the baking soda/peroxide solution… but since I found the combo of baking soda/peroxide on your site too, you still get the credit!)

  • I have a male dog that likes to lift his leg once in a while. Spray the spot on the carpet (I’ve also used it on other carpet stains) with white cinegar, then cover with baking soda. Let it dry, then vacuum it up. Stains – and smells -are GONE!

  • I use baking soda to clean my silver: line a pan with aluminum foil; place silver pieces on foil; cover with solution of 1/2 cup baking soda to 2 quarts warm water and watch the magic! Heavily tarnished pieces may need additional/longer treatments.

  • When I was a little girl (many, many years ago) I would occasionally get a very upset stomach. My Mom used to mix baking soda in warm milk and I would have to drink it. I just sipped it – tasted God awful but it did work. So that was about 65 years ago, goes to show that people have been using baking soda for years and years. Thanks for all the new ideas!

  • Wondering about the mattress tip. Does the fabric softener that you mix the baking soda with have to be a powdered softener? Trying to imagine how this would work with a liquid one…

  • I don’t know if it has been mentioned, but I also use baking soda to scrub my stainless steel pans and skillets. It works amazing to scrub off stuck on food, and it shines the outside right up! In fact, I took an old Parmesan cheese shaker jar, filled it with straight baking soda, covered it with foil, put the lid on, and made toothpick holes on one side so I have a soda shaker to keep by my sink.

  • My son gets random bouts of the hives, we’re still not sure what its from. Instead of medicine/drugs we add 1/4 cup of baking soda to his bath. By the time he gets out of the shower the hives are gone.

  • […] Baking soda is a wonderful deodorizer and mild abrasive. This is great to use in the refrigerator for smells and spills. White vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner. It’s great for whitening clothes, cleaning stains, and getting rid of soap scum and mildew. Club soda works on all sorts of spills while lemon juice is a natural bleach. […]


  • you know what is wrong with all your baking soda hints you never give measurements for both products so are you really giving us free helpfully hints?
    I think you are trying to do us a favor but without measurements for both it might be harmful especially when there is a possibility of allergies. I am just very extra carefully because my child is Autistic we don’t know what causes it what makes it worse or what makes it better. We just try everything in our power not it irritate the factors. I am interested in the clan mattress measurements. I would appericate it very much. Thank You

    • Hi Jennifer, I just re-read through my post and I gave measurements for almost every tip. The only times I didn’t give specific measurements were when it doesn’t really matter how much you use. For the mattress freshener just take 1 tbsp of your favorite liquid fabric softener and mix it with a sprinkle of baking soda. You can keep adding baking soda until you get the consistency that you want.

  • Jillee,
    Do you have idea how to clean the nasty, mildewy smell out of a front loading washer? Ours is only 7 months old and we have done all the things it says but that smell is disgusting. Some days are better than others. If I had only known that they were so stinky, I never would have bought this set. We never let clothes sit in the washer overnight, etc. but there is still a stench!

    • Hi Leann

      I apparently there is a “Refresh” product you can buy to refresh your front-loading washing machine. I haven’t had to do this. I leave the door partially open after the wash is complete to air out.

  • I use backing soda as a fruit and veggie wash. I soak things like berries and grapes and things like apples or peppers I just sprinkle it on rub it around and rinse.

  • […] The COUNTLESS Uses for Baking Soda (Besides Baking)! | One … May 11, 2012 … And speaking of mattresses….every couple of months sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a tablespoon of your favorite… 00Share […]

  • Baking soda actually isn’t safe for kitties…. Hey inhale it and it upsets their stomachs… It’d be like a human ingesting 20 alka seltzer tablets at once. Better just to keep a container of baking soda near the box that kitty can’t access. And change the cat box regularly to keep it fresh!

    Otherwise, great tips!!

  • You don’t have to soak a skillet in water with soda, I just sprinkle baking soda on and rub with my dish rag. Works like a charm. Quick and easy! Love all these wonderful ideas!

  • I have a frontload washer and for whatever reason (my friends and I think it’s because the frontloads are sealed so tightly) it can really start to stink if you don’t clean it every few loads. I tried the “professional” cleaners/deodorizers made specifically for frontload washers, and yes, it worked – for one load. Then one day I was doing a load of really stinky wet towels and added a cup of baking soda to get rid of the smell. It not only worked on the towels, it worked on the washer for several loads! So now, to keep that frontload odor at bay, I throw in a cup of baking soda every few loads with whatever I’m washing – it is so much more effective than the name brand (and the generic) cleaners/deodorizers and WAY less expensive!

  • […] The COUNTLESS Uses for Baking Soda (Besides Baking)! | One … May 11, 2012 … And speaking of mattresses….every couple of months sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a tablespoon of your favorite… […]

  • just found you via pinterest…then found this post. used it immediately on a ring that I thought would be on my rental kitchen counter forever – and get dinged for it whenever I move out. the solution was on it for 10 minutes and then I scrubbed the stain right out. am not used to a stain-free counter!

    tried it on my white bathroom counter that has a yellow soap stain (I left soaps in a basket on my counter for a few months… and didn’t know the soaps were staining the counter). the solution you mention didn’t work..but maybe I need to keep the paste on it overnight before trying to scrub the stain out. otherwise…any suggestions?

  • Hey all,
    I noticed almost every comment was asking what the ratio of fabric softener to baking soda was. (Nb. In Australia we call it bi carb soda but its the same thing)
    Rather than using a chemical fabric softener, why not try this little hint:
    Mix vanilla extract ( not escence it’s synthetic ) with baking soda about one tea spoon of liquid extract to two metric cups of baking soda. The liquid will clump up a little, just rub it through as if you were making pastry, until it is all powdery and there are no vanilla lups left. Then sprinkle it over any surface that needs to be deodorised. To get tough smells out brush into the fabric lightly with a dry scrubbing brush leave for an hour or longer if needed and vaccuume out.
    You can swap vanilla for any natural oil, or for a seasonal change at Christmas try cinnamon and nutmeg, or ginger powder for a beautiful baking smell.

    Use the left overs as room deodoriser by placing in a jar, glass vile or anything really. I find using a salt or pepper shaker with a swivel lid ideal as you can close it to re shake it and intensify the sent, or to change how much scent you release by opening it as little or as much as needed.
    Try eucalyptus, lavender and tea trea oil, for cold and flu season……
    Remember real essential oils not the synthetic rubbish, no one wants a fake nasty smell.

    Hope this help :)

  • You know how oil drops cook around the rim of the frying pan and become sticky glue like mess ? Use an old sponge -so that it won’t scratch the pan- with a bit of baking soda to gently remove the sticky oil mess. I’m Turkish and we use either olive oil or sunflower oil to fry so I have no idea if it would work with other types of oil.

  • […] The COUNTLESS Uses for Baking Soda (Besides Baking)! | One … May 11, 2012 … And speaking of mattresses….every couple of months sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a tablespoon of your favorite… […]

  • Someone told me I could use baking soda to kill fleas on my cat. I have spent much to try and get rid of them, to no avail. I have used front line, It was over $50.00, You use it every 30 days, just put it on cat’s back between shoulder blades just under the neck so they can’t lick it. If did not work and it is easy to apply; so I know I did it right. I can’t keep shelling out money like that every three months. I took care of a friends cat and it was an outdoor cat and I just have taken them home to my Poppy (cat) I would like any advice you can give me and it would be greatly appreciated. Tomi

    • I used original blue dawn on my cats. Worked like a charm & is safe for animals since they use it on rescue animals from oil spills. Lather it up like a regular shampoo. If your cats are big like mine you will need a helper to bathe. I was so excited about this tip because it is so much cheaper & really works!

    • Zinc and l-lysine will cure cold sores. Found at vitamin aisle. After taking for a while they may go away forever. My son had them all his life, he’s 20 now. Took it for about two years off and on and now they seem to be gone for good. Also helped with stomach troubles. I think the two are related.

  • Hi,
    I liked your list, but I noticed you are using one of my pictures without credit. We are happy to share our images we just ask that there be an image credit below.
    It’s the picture of the arm vacuuming the mattress.
    Thanks again.


    • Courtney,
      I just poured say almost a half of cup into the softener and now I have a mixture that i could sprinkle onto my bed. I just poured a little amount in the softener until it became a solid. Trying it out now

  • This goes along with many of these suggestions (deodorizing) but I wanted to share. First off I love baking soda, it is a miracle worker for so many things and safe to use so if I’m having a household issue I always experiment w/ Baking Soda. Have you ever left milk in a bottle or something too long and there is a sour milk smell that won’t go away? I bought a Blender Bottle for my protein shakes and couldn’t clean it out one day and by the time I got home it had a funky sour milk smell that WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I paid $8 for the thing and didn’t want to buy a new one. Poured baking soda in dry and let it sit for about 2 days and voila!!!! Smell was gone1 Thanks for sharing all these great tips!!!!

  • I love all these ideas! I’m going to do a buch of them today while cleaning me house! I have one question! My son fell asleep on my house and ended up peeing on my couch I instantly cleaned it with warm water and soap but for some reason the stain is still there and some times when sitting out couch next to it u can still smell some or the urine! Would the baking soda and fabric softener(used for the mattress) help the stain an urine smell at all? Or do you have any idea? I’m willing to try anything! I look forward to hearing from you or someone else with ideas! Thank you

    • I remember something about combining baking soda and peroxide, look up the comments under Jillie’s list of things to do with peroxide. Hope that helps. I’m planning to try it next time I change the couch blanket cover, where the cat got it the first day it came home (grr).

  • My dentist says use it as toothpaste along w/Hydrogen Peroxide. It helps whiten teeth and also helps bleeding.

    He likes it cause it’s not only back to the ole fashion days, but cheaper.

  • I use it to clean the microwave. Mix about half a cup of BS to a cup of water and put in the microwave for about 3 mins. As the water boils the stean helps to loosen the bits of food stuck everywhere.
    Found some great tips here – thanks!
    Question – I can’t find the big quantity of BS. Where can I find the big bags?

  • I too am wondering about the mattress thing. After seeing so many things about dust mites and bed bugs I want to try this. The way it sounds to me its dry fabric softener but I can not find any dry fabric softener anywhere. I can find the crystals. She says sprinkle and let sit for a hr and vacuum. Well I dont think that means a paste and it doesnt say anything about wiping it up with a towel. Though I think that would work great for stains and smells. Also she says putting it in your closet in a jar. I would think the paste would harden. If someone knows of a brand of dry softener please let me know.

    • I think the fabric softener is just for the nice scent so I’m betting it’s the crystals. I think the baking soda does all the work so it could be used alone.

  • If anyone reading through the comments wonders about the fabric softener to baking soda ratio, I tried this out: one tbsp of softener in a plastic bowl, then added soda until it reached the consistency of paint. I then dribbled it on my mattress and spread it around with a plastic fork. Left it for an hour, wiped it with a wet towel, then soaked up as much moisture as I could with a dry towel. Then I vacuumed.

    It turned out pretty well, I had inherited a mattress with a large stain, so cleaned that with lestoil. The lestoil smell was so intense I needed to get THAT out, this seems to have done a pretty good job. Thanks!

  • Ever find a sippy cup stashed away with day old curdled milk inside? (toddlers LOVE to hide cups) It’s really hard to get the stench out. I’ve noticed even after a spin in the dishwasher, these still have a stench.
    So I started using baking soda. Fill the cup almost half full with baking soda (I usually keep the HUGE boxes of baking soda in my house) Fill it the rest of the way with HOT water. Replace the top, cover the holes with your fingers and shake vigorously. After a minute or so, point the top of the cup into the sink and remove your fingers from the holes. The water will shoot out of the holes, clearing any yucky milk chunks out of the holes. Once it stops shooting out, take the cup apart, and throw it in the dishwasher. When it comes out there will be absolutely no trace of the spoiled milk scent.

  • Great ideas, and tips from your website! I’m new to Pinterest and discovered your site!!! Doing the Happy dance as well. I have just bought my supplies for homemade laundry soap, wipes. Just saw the ones for facial cleaner pads. But I am just starting my homemade concoctions! Can’t wait!
    I also saw the other day on a yard show about using baking soda and water in a spray bottle to make a brand new fence have a more weathered look. They were trying to match the already existing wood and it worked well.

  • Great ideas, and tips from your website! I’m new to Pinterest and discovered your site!!! Doing the Happy dance as well. I have just bought my supplies for homemade laundry soap, wipes. Just saw the ones for facial cleaner pads.
    I also saw the other day on a yard show about using baking soda and water in a spray bottle to make a brand new fence have a more weathered look. They were trying to match the already existing wood and it worked well.

  • […] Shampoos  I just discovered a fabulous trick to dealing with buildup from the same old shampoo! Add 1 Tbsp baking soda to your glob of shampoo in your hand in the shower, stir it in with your finger and use as usual with your shampoo! this totally works!! cleans off the buildup on your scalp and hair! This tip found on One Good Thing by Jillie […]

  • My mother always mixed about half a small mop bucket of hot water with about a tablespoon of soda until it dissolved. She used it to wash out the inside of the refrigerator, then rinsed with plain water to remove any residue. It cleans and deodorizes at the same time. It’s the only thing she and I have ever used for this, nothing works better or is cheaper. Of course, we always keep some in the refrigerator to absorb odors, too. I have a cute little white plastic old-fashioned refrigerator with the condenser on the top that’s made just to hold soda to put in the fridge. I have also seen plastic eggs with holes in the top to put in the egg holder in the door of the fridge for holding the soda.

    It’s great for cleaning out diaper pails, too. Wash out your bird, hamster and other small pet cages with it. Make a sachet with a circle cut out of old polyester or nylon panties or cheesecloth. Put in a tsp of soda, gather and tie with a piece of string. Put one in each boot when winter is over to keep them fresh. Keep a sachet in the trunk of your car. Wash the outside of the toilet with it. Add a sachet to any boxes or bags of clothes you store away out of season. Put a sachet in any suitcases you’re not using to keep them fresh.

  • Also a question about the mattress freshner… You do mean liquid fabric softener right? So do I use a spray bottle? I guess I am imagining sprinkling and getting a big glob on my mattress. :)

  • […] slightly smaller jar I keep filled with that oh-so-versatile “miracle” substance….baking soda! I just punched a few holes in the top of the lid for those times when I just need a sprinkling of […]

  • Does anyone have any tricks for cleaning upholstery without purchasing/renting a machine? My dogs just make a mess when they jump on the furniture and it’s gradually gotten ugly. Thanks to everyone in advance.

  • A baking soda paste is great for cleaning silver. It removes all of the tarnish and softens your hands at the same time. So much better than toxic silver polish.

  • […] The COUNTLESS Uses for Baking Soda (Besides Baking)! | One … May 11, 2012 … And speaking of mattresses….every couple of months sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a tablespoon of your favorite… […]

  • Thanks for the baking soda tips. I recently learned that if you add a pinch (prob 1/8 to 1/4 tsp) to the water you’re cooking beans in they will become soft (I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I’ve tried on a few occasions to make split pea soup and sometimes the peas would never completely soften — adding the baking soda ensures that they will get soft). Really works!

  • I sprinkled the baking soda on my matress and then sprayed some fabric softern over it…i think it works well! hope i have helped you guys :)


  • Hubby likes to make egg drop soup. The egg gets cooked on to the pan and I have spent countless hours SCRUBBING it off. Baking soda alone wouldn’t even bring it off entirely. However, the other day I sprinkled on baking soda and dampened the soda with hydrogen peroxide. I waited about five minutes and, lo and behold!, the pan cleaned up like a dream come true. Everything came off the pan with a couple of gentle swipes. Love my baking soda!!

  • I’ve been using soda in ice tea for a number of years but only use a pinch per half gallon rather than a 1/4 teaspoon. Seems like using that much would be way TOO much. It sure works to take that bitterness out, and makes a smooth refreshing drink!

  • I use baking soda to clean the grease off of glass lids and kitchen appliances. I make a paste and rub on them until clean. Also use on tupperware too.

  • I tried the
    “tile grout cleaner, mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste, and scrub the grout with the paste and a toothbrush.” today. WOW, amazing. I had previously tried all sorts of cleaning things…literally everything, and nothing worked. This does! Thank you! :-)

  • I LOVE baking soda too, I go through crazy amounts of it because I use it for everything. That and vinegar (white distilled) are the primary cleaning products in my home. I add a little of both to the dishwater when I have pots and pans to hand wash (along with Dawn power clean) works like a charm and cuts down on scrubbing. My all time favorite use though is to add it to my shampoo every other day. I suffer from severe dandruff, which is probably something closer to psoriasis but I’ve never seen a dermatologist for it because if I use the baking soda the itching goes away completely. Mind you it doesn’t COMPLETELY cut down the flaking but it does improve it considerably. I used to use t-gel but I had to use it daily and eventually it stopped working. The baking soda works better than anything else I’ve tried and never quits working. I have found that it dries out my hair a little but using a GOOD conditioner solves it. I would love to try the no-poo method, but with my scalp condition I know I can’t, adding it to my shampoo helps the bsoda to be scrubbed into my scalp better since I have very thick hair.

    • Sprite, the product you need for your head is called Nizoral in the blue and white box. It isn’t all natural like the recipes here, but IT WORKS! I, too, had flaking like mad, itching and even oozing. They told me it was NOT psoriasis, but couldn’t tell me what it was or how to get it to stop. Nizoral (in the medicated shampoo section of the pharmacy) is the ONLY thing that works.

      • Maybe like me you have severe seborrhea and I have used a salicylic acne cleaner when it starts itching and builds up. Try an unbuffered aspirin in a paste or more water and let set a few minutes..

  • love Love LOVE all your tips Jillee…came across your site via Pinterest and have already tried out half a dozen of your suggestions. I am with Molly O though on the mattress re-freshener. How much Baking Soda do you use? What is the ratio of liquid fabric softener to baking soda?

  • When I’m ready to store my ice chests after using, I pour in 1/2 cup baking soda to keep them smelling fresh until the next use. Never another musty smelling ice chest!!

  • Thanks, Jillee for the tips. Question on the mattress freshening, though. Approx what ratio of soda to fabric softener? High ratio would be a paste, but if just a little, wouldn’t the mixture still be too chunky to spread? Can you help confused girl out on this one? :) Thanks!

  • I, too, sing the praises of baking soda! It is one of the ingredients that I use daily for an almost endless list of uses. The dollar weed idea has piqued my interest and am going to take a box of bs outside (just as soon as it cools down some) to sprinkle on some of the weeds (dollar & other) I have. Maybe I’ll even put some on the fire ants to see what happens.

  • FYI, make sure that if you are using baking soda as an indigestion cure that you don’t use too much of it as it can throw off your body’s acid/base balance

  • […] Shampoos I just discovered a fabulous trick to dealing with buildup from the same old shampoo! Add 1 Tbsp baking soda to your glob of shampoo in your hand in the shower, stir it in with your finger and use as usual with your shampoo! this totally works!! cleans off the buildup on your scalp and hair! This tip found on One Good Thing by Jillie […]

  • I just found out the other day that I can buy a 50# bag of baking soda at the local feed store where I get feed for our chickens. Less than $10 for the bag! I can make my own washing soda now so this will save me a ton of money. Now to figure out where to store it.

    • What are great idea– I forgot all about DIY washing soda. 50 lbs is still a lot. I was trying to visualize 50 lb– really its just about the size of 4 of the Walmart pool size bags. Then again I can always split it with someone.

      I like to sprinkle BS in, my trunk & vacuum it out a while later.

  • My husband uses to clean his Camelback which is a water bladder backpack for bike riders. He rinses it out, puts some water in it and adds some soda, shakes it and drains it. He leaves the soda in it to help it dry out. When he is ready to refill it, he rinses the remaining soda out and refills it with water or Gatorade. He has used the same Camelback for over 10 years using this method to keep it and the tubing clean.

  • I have used a baking soda paste on shingles blisters. It immediately takes away the itching and stinging and cools down the pain (if you have had shingles, you will know this hot pain). It also dries out the blisters. Love BS and keep an industrial-size bag under my kitchen sink and clean the stains from my white porcelain sink every week.

    • What is the ratio you use for the shingles paste? A good friend of mine has developed shingles and can’t seem to find anything that gives her relief. I’d really like to pass this tip on to her.

  • My little girl got thrush in her mouth and none of the medications the doctor gave me worked, so I put baking soda on it and guess what? Completely gone! And I washed her toys with vinegar and lemon juice and I’ve never seen the thrush again. Yay for natural remedies, and they work even better anyway!

    • I wish I had known this sooner! lol I keep getting thrush and my doc thinks it’s from my CPAP machine. He told me to wash the hose and mask parts in 1 to 1 mixture of water and vinegar and to brush my tongue with baking soda. So much better than taking prescription after prescription!

      • Denna, I soak my mask and hose in a sink full of water and add (Dawn) Antibacterial dishwashing liquid. This is what the medical supply folks told me to do.Hope it helps. :)

      • Debbie, The medical supply folks told you wrong. Use a milder soap than Dawn. As I replied to Denna, I have a bucket that I only use for cleaning my CPAP mask. I use a very mild soap & soak it for 1/2 hour, rinse well, then let it dry on a towel (used only for my mask).

      • Denna, I’ve been told from the medical supply company that you should never use vinegar to clean your CPAP. It can pit your mask which can render it useless. I have a small bucket that I only use for my CPAP mask. I use a mild liquid soap & let it soak for a 1/2 hour. Then I rinse it quite well with warm water & let it dry on a small towel that is only used for my mask. I’ve never had thrush or any other problem in my mouth. Good luck!

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      You might want to check your “Spam” folder??

  • I use a handful of Baking Soda and a swig of coke or sprite when I have bad indegestion. Within a minute the indegestion is gone! Precription medication doesn’t even work like a 25 cent box of Baking Soda does!

    • after reading all the benefits of using baking soda I had to add one our family has used for generations. For any type of upset stomach, use one whole limon (yellow) and the tip of a spoon of baking soda, mix together and drink immediatly. This helps settle your stomach problem, you might have to do it more than once (every few hours as needed) its almost like alkaseltzer, but way cheaper.

  • im absolutly in LOVE with baking soda i go thru at least 1 big box a week at my house! lol about once a week ill make the face scrub let it sit on till it dries then hop in the shower and rinse it off, then i att it to my shampoo to help get all the styling products (and anything else my lovely lil men have decided to put in there! lol) out, add a bit to my toothpaste and brush my teeth with it which has definatly made them whiter! i also scrub my tounge ring with the bs toothpaste mix… another thing i use it for is i scrub my stove and countertops with baking soda and water paste then come back around and spray them down with vinager and water (half an half) with a bit of lemon juice mixed in… i have neverr seen my stove sparkle so bright!!! plus my house smells of fresh lemons afterward i love it!!!!

  • That baking soda uti trick also works really well for indigestion/acid reflux as a natural remedy. Mix a Tbls in a glass of luke warm water, drink, wait 10-15 minutes and viola, acid is neutralized! Beats spending 15-20$ on OTC meds

    • katie another GREAT thingfor acid reflux is drinking lemon water!! i usually just put a lemon wedge in my glass of water in the morning and leave it in there all day as i refill.. i suffer from really bad reflux and once i started doing this i dont even have the slightest trace of heartburn or anything dont even have to take my medication anymore! plus lemon water does so many other great things for you body!! and then at the end of the day i throw the lemon wedge down the garbage disposal so my disposal smells GREAT!!!

  • My acupuncturist told me to put fresh lemon juice and about 2TBLS of baking soda in water and drink it in the morning to help bring the alkalinity level up. If I remember I also will do it in the evening at bedtime.

  • SPIDER BITE: Make a paste with warm water and apply to spider bites. Leave on for 20 minute and then wipe off with clean warm wash cloth. Do this a couple of times until bite has healed. You will see a reduce in the redness after the first time. The baking soda helps to draw the poison out. Of course if you think it is a poisonous spider bite seek medical attention.

    • I was told by a pharmist to make a paste of plain meat tenderizer (with no add spices in it) and apply it to spider bites or misquiteo bites. Leave it on there for about 15- 20 min. and wash with a warm wash cloth.I had done this after our son who was bitten three to four times on his back by a Hobo Spider. It drew out the poison and shrunk it down and went away after a couple of days. Of course if it’s a “nasty” one seek medical help.

  • Was kitten-sitting for a friend and the little guy pooped all over my brand new microfiber sofa. Wiped it off, used a wet sponge with a dab of Dawn to clean the spot, and then put a good amount of baking soda all over the area. I waited a few hours and then vacuumed up the baking soda and you would never know that anything ever happened!

  • You have no idea how much I love you! Cat litter trays, air freshner (love the smell of fabric softener) and drains are happening this evening!

    Also when you say vinegar…is white malt vingear the same as white vinegar? I’m having real trouble finding white vinegar in London :(

  • I created my “at home” version of Mary Kay’s Satin Hands (the old 3-step version). Start some warm water running in the sink (you’re hands are about to get goopy!)…slather on some of “Jillee’s substitute petroleum jelly“, next rub in a generous amount of baking soda to exfoliate, then squirt on some handwash (any kind will do, really). Rub that in so that it breaks up the greasy-paste on your hands. Next, rinse & apply some hand lotion! BEAUTIFULLY soft hands!! :)

  • I use baking soda-water paste as a face wash/scrub every morning and evening. The I do a vinegar and water solution as a toner afterward. My face is very soft and it the vinegar gets rid of dark spots!

      • I use BS for a scrub, but didn’t think abt vinegar and H20 for a toner! I’ll try it.

      • Apple Cider Vinegar is what I use – a ratio of about 1 ACV to 2 water. Try it! It’s really helped calm down the redness in my face, and made my T-zone less oily.

    • What is your water/baking soda ratio and also what vinegar do you use/ratio as well? I have been wanting to do this but have heard of different ways and types of vinegar!!


      • You can use distilled white vinegar, as well, and the ACV with the “mother” in it.

        Jillee, also use peroxide and soda to soak and scrub off burned on messes.

  • My neighbor sprinkles baking soda on her dollar weeds…does something that kills the dollar weeds or at least makes them weak and helps the grass!

  • I think I’ve used all of those tips except the UTI tip. I don’t have that problem, but I know some who do. That’s a good one to keep in the “home remedy” file.

    • Ummm… I gotta say something. Please don’t use this as a treatment for a urinary tract infection. UTIs are caused by bacteria, and oral ingestion of a basic (high pH) solution is not gonna do it for you. Think about it- the bicarb (baking soda) you are drinking is neutralizing the acid in your stomach- which is necessary for digestion and immunity. Then it is absorbed in the intestines and being distributed over your ENTIRE body, before it is filtered through the liver and kidneys. If you’re sensitive to sodium, it could raise your blood pressure. Without knowing the concentration of the solution you’re drinking, it could also alter the pH of your blood (which can be a very big deal, trust me) or cause kidney damage-especially if you’re a little older. There are much better ways to treat UTIs-Antibiotics for instance. Acidic urine is NOT the problem! If you MUST self treat, at least try pure cranberry juice (unsweetened) first- there are some good studies to show that this can work if done consistently. It is worth noting that there are other conditions besides UTIs that will cause pain, urgency and hesitancy (difficulty peeing) in women, including cystocele (prolapsed bladder), interstitial urethritis and others. And a word about prevention- Empty your bladder after sex, wipe front to back so you don’t drag “bad” bacteria toward the Cave of Wonders and your urethra and, if UTIs are a problem for you, skip the bubble bath and wear cotton undies. Please, ladies…
      Diana, RN

      • If you hadn’t said it Diana, I would have. Think about it..the one OTC that most of us use is cranberry juice which is ACIDIC. The best thing that I’ve found is to drink lots of water and see my doc.

      • Further to UTI infections – forget about being colour conscious in your bathroom – use plain white toilet paper without colour designs and if you use panty liners – forget the deodorised ones – use plain ones. I love the way we’ve drifted from the original Bicarb remedies – VBG.

      • Take vitamin c, it acidifies the urine and works pretty quickly to stop the pain. If you can take 500 milligrams first and then less every two or three hours for a while. Drink plenty of water take cranberry pills or juice without added sugar — not the cocktail juice drink— and some vitamin after to heal irritation in bladder.

      • Yes antibiotics are the first choice for a UTI. Unless its 1 a.m. when the problem makes itself known and you don’t have cranberry juice handy. No — baking soda won’t cure a UTI, but it might make you a bit more comfortable until you can get in to a doctor (because they can’t prescribe over the phone even though most of us are big girls and know exactly what the problem is). I would chance raising my blood pressure and all that other stuff for a few hours until the med center opened.

      • D-Mannose is the “active ingredient” in cranberry juice that will cure a lot of UTIs. It is a supplement and can be purchased online or most health food stores. Saves you from having to suffer through the very bitter taste of unsweetened cranberry juice. It is mostly tasteless and comes in capsules or loose powder. I also like the NOW brand cranberry concentrate with Uva Ursi that is in capsule form. I have been prone to UTIs since I was a kid and these are the two best things I have found to knock them out quickly and not have to take unnecessary antibiotics. You must start using the supplements at the very first sign of UTI and continue for a couple days after symptoms disappear.

      • Thank you, Diana, for being the brave soul and bringing the information forward. I have always had severed UTIs and kidney infections, until I lost a kidney 15 years ago. The pain is indescribable. I never did the baking soda cocktail, but did the cranberry juice and yogurt. I did, however, soak in a tepid bath with baking soda added, but that was more to relieve pain until the meds kicked in. As much as I love and want to go natural with healing, it is best to see a doctor for UTIs and kidney related problems. Thank you, again.

    • I don’t have that problem either but I’ve used that for heartburn. Works like a charm, almost instantly and way better than Tums. Caution though if suffering from high blood pressure you shouldn’t use often.

  • Everyday I look forward to your posts! I have one to add to your list that I recently found on Pinterest and it really works!! When boiling eggs, add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the water and it makes the egg shells peel off like a charm. No more white coming off with the shell!

    • This works so well! You can actually blow the egg out of the shell (probably not a great idea if entertaining but the kids think its awesome ;)

    • Oh my! I have to try this!I am a terrible egg-peeler – I have no patience at all and end up peeling away a quarter of the egg. Thanks for sharing.

      • I’ve never tried the baking soda trick when boiling eggs but I read that fresher eggs are the ones that are more difficult to peel. The older the egg is, that film that surrounds the white more easily separates from the white. So I guess it’s something to remember when boiling fresh eggs.

  • If burned on foods in pots and pans needs more work, bring a mixture of baking soda and a little water to a boil then remove from heat, cover and let stand overnight. Amazing how easily it cleans up the next morning. And baking soda/vinegar create a wonderful chemical reaction that beautifully cleans up road film from your car’s rims and other greasy messes. Just be careful with amounts. This mixture is also used for all those wonderful science fair exploding volcano projects!

  • To brush teeth, a little peroxide added, and it become a whitener too! Also good for your gums, and prevents gum disease. Also when you get bit by mesquitos, or other bugs, and rashes such as poison ivy, or oak, soak in a bath of 1/2 C baking soda and warm water.

  • The best use I’ve ever gotten out of baking soda (besides chocolate cake of course) was during my pregnancy. I had PUPPP on my stretch marks and it was the most miserable experience of my life. The only thing that would sooth it was putting a baking soda paste on my stomach and letting it dry, then rinsing with as cold water as I could stand. It burned SO bad, but the burning was so much more bearable than the itching. And once it stopped burning, the itching was gone (temporarily).

    • I wish I would have known this!! I also had puppp and have really nasty stretcharks as a result of itching sloop much. I will know next time if it happens again!

      • Take a look at essential oils and bases for this. There are several oils and or mixtures that work wonders on scars. I’m sure you could have found a remedy for the original problem as well but I know using things from that world will prevent stretch marks all together (did for me and I put on 50lbs). But I’m sure something that includes Frankincense and or Lavender with some vit. E and coconut oil or Jojoba or something would help if not get rid of any scars you have left. Try Camp Wanderer and go from there I’m sure you will find some ideas that will work wonders.

    • Oh! I wish I had known this too! I was slathering on Gold Bond itch cream for the duration. It helped but I would have much rather had a totally natural (and CHEAP!) remedy! I will have to keep it in mind for friends in the future! :)

  • Wow, I learn something here every day! I am going to try the jacuzzi one. They sell stuff to run through the system, but it is way more expensive than our friend, baking soda! Thanks again!
    Mary Malone

  • in line with the tanning note – baking soda is the best acne wash i’ve ever used. nothing else has ever worked for me (ever), but a daily face wash with baking soda (let it sit for a minute, too) has been a huge improvement.

    • Lady Brett, do you make a paste as your acne wash? what would the baking soda to water ratio be that you use? It sounds great and I really want to try it. Thanks!!

      • I like to mix equal parts honey and baking soda for a nice face scrub. It smells good, the honey is good for your skin and the baking soda gently exfoliates.

      • i actually just keep a mason jar of dry baking soda in the shower and grab a bit with wet hands, which is enough to make it pasty enough to stick. i don’t use it out of the shower because i find that it is a bit too scratchy to wash off with just a washcloth, but making a paste of it might alleviate that.

      • I make a soft scrub that’s 1 part water, 3 parts baking soda and a few drop of Dr Bronner’s peppermint castile soap, and I use this daily as a face/body wash. (I apply it to my face a few minutes before I shower and let it sit and then rinse it off during my shower.) This works wonderfully as a soap and a gentle exfoliant and my skin has never looked or felt better!

  • I managed to burn food onto the inside of the lid of an expensive pan while catering a group. I tried everything to get it off and the lid was blackened for over a year. One day I sprinkled baking powder on it with some vinegar and used my blue scrubby sponge on it. Voila! It came completely clean. You would never believe I had burned food on it. Looks like new.

  • I never thought to use it as an exfoliator on my face. I’m going to give that a try. When my boys were little, I used it on their mattresses all the time when they had “accidents” and it worked fabulously. Absorbed the smell and moisture right up. Also, I almost always soak my casserole dishes in water and baking soda overnight. They clean up so easily in the morning. It is great for the Pampered Chef baking stones that you can’t use soap on.
    I have one to add to your list. The other day, my car leaked some oil on my driveway. I covered the oil with baking soda and hosed it away in about an hour. It was a “new” leak… not sure if it will do the same for old oil stains. I need to give that a try.

  • Hi Jill,
    I love Baking Soda! So many uses. I use Arm & Hammer for things around the house, but use Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda for things like washing hair, deoderant, brushing teeth, and baking. BRM Baking soda is made thru a water process, where Arm & Hammer is made using ammonia and other chemicals that I don’t want to use on my skin or ingest.

    Thanks for all your great posts. I always look forward to each new day to see what You write about! Getting ready to try the soda for manicure!

  • I also put baking soda in my washer water to soften it so that the detergent cleans better. And to save even more money, buy your sodium bicarb at the local farm store. Here, I can get 50 lbs for about $13.00. It’s not food grade so you wouldn’t want to bake with it, but it saves me a lot of money!

    • Going to have to check out our farm store–but where to store it?
      For now the big 12 lb bags (like Jillee’s picture) can be bought at Walmart in the pool section. Keep in mind that it is a seasonal item.

    • thanks for the tip really.. I make my own laundry and dish washer pdr… plus using bkg sda for everything… except for carpet… I do use it on spills, but not on whole carpet as it tears the heck outta your vacume cleaner.

  • I’m doing the happy dance. I stopped using my corning ware because I could never get it clean no matter how long I soaked or scrubbed it. You saved me again!

    • You can also make a runny paste with baking soda and peroxide, then apply to wet pots and pans and easily scrub off even the oldest stains and buildup with a wet sponge or srub pad