9 Unexpected Problems You Can Solve With A Pencil Eraser

pencil erasers

Unless you have a student living in your house (or happen to be one yourself), you may not think you have much use for pencils or erasers around the house. After all, most of us are more comfortable with typing on our phones and computers these days, and on the rare occasion that we do jot something down, we’re probably more likely to do so with a pen!

But even if you rarely use pencils anymore, they can still be helpful to have around the house—but mainly for their erasers! You can do all sorts of useful things with pencil erasers that go way beyond erasing pencil marks, and we’ll exploring some of my favorites in today’s post!

Prepare to erase everything you thought you knew about erasers… ;-)

9 Extremely Useful Things You Can Do With Pencil Erasers

pencil erasers

1. Stabilize A Frame

Tired of picture frames that are always tilting to one side and scuffing up your walls? You can stabilize a troublesome frame with the help of a couple pencil erasers! Just glue a small piece of eraser to the bottom corners of the back of the frame to prevent tilting and eliminate scuffing and scratching.

pencil erasers

2. Remove Adhesive Residue

There are two ways to remove that stubborn sticky residue that remains after removing a sticker or label: dissolve it or rub it off. The second option is simple with the help of a pencil eraser, which should provide the grip and friction necessary to lift the remaining adhesive residue away from the surface.

pencil erasers

3. Erase Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are all but unavoidable on vinyl floors, but there’s an easy way to remove them! Just grab a pencil eraser and use it to erase the scuff marks, then wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.

pencil erasers

4. Save An Earring

Lost the back of one of your favorite earrings? Cut the eraser off a pencil and use it as a makeshift earring back! It’s a quick and easy solution in a pinch, and the rubber eraser won’t budge making it much harder to lose.

pencil erasers

5. Keep Track Of Pins

Whether you’re pinning a hem to alter a piece of clothing or working on a new sewing project, it helps to have somewhere to stick those pins as you remove them! If you don’t have a pin cushion on hand, grab an eraser instead. It works just as well, and you’ll still be able to use the eraser afterward!

pencil erasers

6. Keep Shoes Shiny

Scuff marks and haze can dull the trademark shine of patent leather shoes. Use a pencil eraser to cut through hazy residue and remove scuff marks, then buff them with a soft and clean cloth until shiny again!

pencil erasers

7. Plant Seeds Perfectly

When you’re ready to start your spring planting, grab a pencil before you head out to the garden! The eraser end of a pencil is an ideal tool for marking where each seed will go, and it leaves behind a perfectly seed-sized hole to put it in.

pencil erasers

8. Revive Rechargeable Batteries

Have trouble with a set of rechargeable batteries? Try rubbing the contact points with an eraser, as grimy contact points are likely to blame. (This tip can work wonders on troublesome flashlights as well!)

pencil erasers

9. Clean Suede

As surprising as it sounds to those who are unfamiliar with how to clean suede, the process almost always involves an eraser! Using an eraser helps to manually remove dirt from the material, which is important since many liquids (including water) can stain or discolor suede.

Learn more about using an eraser to clean suede here. (You can even use one to clean Ugg boots as well!)

How do you use pencil erasers around the house?

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  • Another good use for the eracers you put on the end of a pencil is to put on the end of a sharp knitting needle. This is much cheaper than buying the ends that sell for that purpose.

  • Great ideas. I had no idea you do use the erasers for all this stuff. The only one I’ve used is using a small piece for an earring back. It’s been several years, but I was at work and my earring was about to fall out, and I discovered the back of my earring was missing. I remembered this tip and explained what had happened to the girls in the office.

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