12 Useful Things You Can Do With A Bottle Of Hairspray

Learn the uses for hairspray when spraying a rose on a fabric.

Throughout my blogging career, I’ve discovered and shared new uses for clothespins, coffee filters, clear nail polish, and a whole lot more. So when I first encountered the idea that hairspray could be used as a simple sealant around the house, I had to learn more!

As it turns out, hairspray is a pretty handy tool to keep on hand, and an inexpensive one at that! If you don’t normally use hairspray and want to buy some for any of the purposes listed below, feel free to choose the cheapest option — it’ll work just as well!

12 Practical Household Uses For Hairspray

Uses for Hairspray

1. Add Grip To Hair Accessories

Before putting bobby pins in your hair, spray them with hairspray so that they stay put!

Uses for Hairspray

2. Prevent (Or Halt) Runs In Tights

Spray a new pair of tights to keep them from running. You can also use hairspray to stop a run that’s already started!

Uses for Hairspray

3. Speed Up Your Manicure

After painting your nails, spray them with hairspray to make the polish dry faster.

Uses for Hairspray

4. Keep Dust Off Your Curtains

Spray your curtains to keep them looking beautiful and dust-free!

Uses for Hairspray

5. Prevent Skirts And Dresses From Clinging

If your skirt or dress is sticking to your legs, use hairspray to eliminate the static.

Uses for Hairspray

6. Add Shine To Gifts

Spray wrapped gifts to make your wrapping look shiny.

Uses for Hairspray

7. Preserve Art Projects

Spray over your kids’ artwork to set colored pencils, crayon and markers. It will also preserve chalk art on the sidewalk!

Uses for Hairspray

8. Turn A Towel Into A Makeshift Lint Roller

Spray a clean towel, and then use the towel to remove lint and pet hair from your clothes, furniture or carpet.

Uses for Hairspray

9. Thread Needles Effortlessly

Spray the tip of your thread before running it through a needle.

Uses for Hairspray

10. Protect Flowers’ Color As They Dry

Coat a rose before hanging it to dry. The hairspray will preserve the color!

Uses for Hairspray

11. Tame Unruly Eyebrows

Hairspray a toothbrush, and use it to tame unruly eyebrows.

Removing Ink Stains

12. Remove Ink Stains From Fabric

Ink stains come right out after being sprayed with hairspray! Click here to learn how.

What other uses for hairspray would you add to this list?

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  • I once had a red gel pen in my purse, which was a mesh fabric. As I walked with my purse over my left shoulder, the pen drew many lines across the left hip of my pants, which were made of a fine, shiny fabric (Alfred Dunner). I was aghast! But, I just sprayed AquaNet and used a soft dry cloth, over & over until every bit of the red gel ink came out! And the pants survived very well. Amazed to this day!

  • I’m not allergic to poison ivy so I can’t personally vouch for this use but my Mom swore by it. Wash the affected area and then spray it with hair spray. I have no idea how or why it works, but I’ve shared Mom’s tip with many people who were allergic and … it works.

    • HAHA I live in Texas as well and we have some bigger-than-average bugs. A can of hairspray (and a lighter) is definitely something to have on hand. (JK)

  • I use hair spray on oil or grease stains on cloths. Just spray the spot with hair spray before putting it in the washer. It even works on previously washed and dried stains.

  • When my silk plants get really dusty, I just spray a coat of hairspray on them and they look as good as new…..without all the hassle of trying to clean them one leaf at a time.

    • You could clean your flowers by using a store bag and salt, just place salt in the bag then put the bunch of artificial flowers upside down into the bag holding the stems squeeze the bag around the stems and shake, shake and once more, do this outside or over a large sink or bath tub, take out your flowers and give a little shake to get off any remaining salt, and look at your flowers, just like brand new!

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