7 Especially Clever Magic Eraser Cleaning Tips

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

When faced with the task of removing stubborn grime and scuff marks, I always reach right for my box of magic erasers. They are truly one of my favorite cleaning tools! In fact, I love them so much that I’ve already written a full blog post on ways to use magic erasers (which you can check out at the link below!)

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Despite already having written a post about magic erasers, that doesn’t mean I’m all out of things to say about them! So today we’ll be exploring even more things you can clean with magic erasers around the house. But before we get to those, I thought it would be helpful to share a few quick tips about using magic erasers in general. These tips will help you no matter what you end up cleaning with your magic erasers! :-)

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

My Top 3 Tips For Using Magic Erasers

  • Cut them into smaller pieces. Magic erasers wear out with each use, so cutting them into pieces is a great way to make each eraser last as long as possible. I cut each magic eraser into at least four pieces, but occasionally as many as eight depending on what I’m cleaning!
  • Always add water. You should always dampen a magic eraser before using it. They aren’t meant to be used dry!
  • Wear gloves. Magic erasers act like superfine sandpaper to scrub away gunk and grime. But it can also take a toll on your hands if you’re not careful! So it’s always a good idea to wear cleaning gloves when cleaning with magic erasers.

7 Brilliant Uses For Magic Erasers

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

1. Clean Your Phone Case

A magic eraser makes the perfect tool for cleaning your smartphone’s case! (For tips about cleaning your phone itself, check out this post.) A magic eraser will make short work of dust, grime, and scuff marks on your phone case, leaving it looking brand new!

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

2. Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner

You don’t have to replace your shower curtain liner every time you notice some mildew. Just use a magic eraser to quickly remove those mildew spots! You can extend the lifespan of your shower curtain liner dramatically using this simple tip.

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

3. Clean Your Hair Tools

Hot hair tools like flat irons and curling irons tend to get grimy over time due to product buildup. But you can use a magic eraser to get rid of that grimy buildup and restore your hair tools to their formerly clean state!

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

4. Remove Nail Polish Spills

Spilled some nail polish on your table or countertop? Use a magic eraser to get rid of the polish! This can be a real life-saver in the event of a potentially catastrophic nail polish spill!

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

5. Remove Pet Marks From Glass

Have a glass door or window that is covered in your dog’s paw prints and nose prints? Use a magic eraser to quickly remove those marks! It’s quicker and easier than using glass cleaner.

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

6. Remove Permanent Marker

To clean up a food container or food storage bag that was written on with permanent marker, use a magic eraser to remove the marker. Then you can re-label the container without getting confused about what’s actually in there!

Things You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

7. Clean Your Microwave

Even the most stubborn spills and splatters in your microwave are no match for a magic eraser. Use one to wipe down every surface inside your microwave, and it’ll be looking shiny and clean in no time!

What do you use magic erasers to clean most often?

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  • DO NOT use magic eraser on your formica countertop. It will ruin it. Learn from my mistake!! I now have a big dull circle on my used to be shiny formica. :(

  • Love the posts. I’ve seen posts about ME that say NOT to use on glass since melamine is sharp, leaves minute scratches. I tend to break the rules so I tried it on a small spot on a window. It worked! I wet it, applied next to no pressure and wiped it dry. I then used it on the patio door and it’s stayed clean longer than spraying. Then I hit the inside of the windshield of my car. Excellent! Another Jillee trick that I love is using shaving cream to clean my glasses – it’s better than eyeglass cleaner. Today is “weeding” so I’m using Jillee’s “recipe” for the weeds – it works! Thanks, Jillee!!

  • Thank you Millie. Again you have saved me from using extra elbow grease and my house is cleaner. In these tough times I can use all the help I can get.

  • Dear Jillee, I just love your blog, it’s my favorite!!Some of my household hints: Use clothespins to close plastic bags containing food, clothing, toys, etc. When I freeze food, I write the contents and date with a black marker on masking tape and stick it onto the plastic container. This way I don’t have to write on the container itself. I use vinegar instead of fabric softener in my washing machine. It helps clean the machine from hard water deposits and is also better ecology wise. I also love to shop in second-hand shops and find wonderful things there. Best wishes to everyone on this site!!

  • They work great on keeping the white rubber on my kids’ tennies looking good. They’re great for scuff marks on baseboards, water spots on shower doors, and spot-cleaning kids’ toys. Cutting them down is a must. And you can buy heavy-duty ones that last longer!

  • To Clean Your Microwave – Best way = Take a sponge with teflon scrubber on one side and get it pretty wet, but not dripping. Put in your microwave, heat until hot and steamy, (microwaves differ greatly so use common sense, I use about 30 -45 seconds) and when it stops just let it sit in there for about 10 minutes or so. The steam will make mush of the hard dried on foods so you can just wipe them up with the sponge, rinse the sponge in warm water and clean until inside shines!

  • I am afraid of my magic erasers! I have them, but always fear using them due to their abrasiveness. I did bite the bullet one time, when I spilled hair dye on my new antique white bathroom cabinet door – I was desperate then… and luckily it worked. It did dull the finish, so I immediately waxed my cabinet door. I’m just sSo afraid that I will mar the finishes on painted surfaces!

    • Always rub lightly, and test an inconspicuous spot if you’re nervous! :-) Don’t forget to wet the sponge before use, and you should be okay!

  • Hi, can magic erasers gon’out if date’ ? I ask because I used one on my shower base to try and clean stains off the treads and it did nothing
    Looks like a cream cleanser and my spin scrubber! Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda didn’t work either.

  • Have a question please: are you using the Magic Earaser directly on your real marble countertop? I’ve got real marble and am wondering if I could use the ME for a few things that have “stained” my marble..

  • Every August for 17 years I cleaned the same 5 blue, plastic bowls before tossing brand new crayons in for my next class. Magic eraser was the only thing that cleaned all of the old crayon marks off the bowls.

  • Instead of running the Magic Eraser under water to wet, use a spray bottle filled with water and spray enough to moisten. This way it doesn’t get soaked and tends to last longer.

  • I applied stain to an antique chair. After drying, I noticed a drip on one of the rungs. Like sandpaper, I scrubbed it off with a Magic Eraser! (With a little elbow grease and destroying that part of the Magic Eraser! Thanks for the tip of cutting it in pieces!)

  • I can hear the yelling now but I’m sending this anyway. I use magic sponges very carefully once or twice per month in place of an $80.00 spa dermabrasion! After talking with the clinitian I learned that a dermabrasion is simply fine sand blown with high pressure to remove the top layer of skin. I get the same results with a $1.00 magic sponge. Must be gentle, don’t rub or press hard, then moisturize ;)

  • I have a cousin who uses them to get the dog slobber off of walls and doors. She has very large dogs and they fling slobber everywhere when they shake their heads. They make quick work of all the spots.

    • I am a serial English Mastiff rescue mom, typically with 2-5 at a time in our furever family + our teenage mutant sloth (human high school guy with a neurotypical attitude plus autism spectrum disorder) . Our kids (dogs) sling drool in bulk! Believe me, I’ve ended up on my tush after sliding through an indoor Mastiff rink multiple times.

      This is a PHENOMENAL fix! It falls into my “Really? Why didn’t I think of that?!” self discussion , though only the kids listen to me in between snores. I can’t wait to try this inside and outside our house and patio doors and then my CAR!! That is a whole new level! Mastiff schmutz meet open windows & wind. Easy to visualize for those uninitiated in giant breed love affairs. I recommend it highly.

  • Again and again, this website boosts, assists and delights me! Thank you Jillee and your terrific staff for all the hard work you do putting this together! I’ve learned an abundance of tricks and hacks that help me every single day. I’m so grateful, always!

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