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“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Beauty Edition

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you already know I’m all about sharing simple tips and tricks that make life a little bit easier. But sometimes, the tips that I want to share aren’t something I can write a whole blog post about!

And since I simply cannot waste a good idea, I tuck them away to use at a later date. I recently realized I had a fair amount of beauty- and skincare-specific tips in my collection, so I thought I’d share those with you today in a special beauty edition of my ongoing series “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?”

Missed the last installment, or want to revisit some of your old favorite tips? Check out the entire archive of the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” series at the bottom of this post!

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1. Shave Your Face For Skin Benefits

I was pretty skeptical about this idea at first when I started reading about women shaving their faces, but I was willing to give it a try. Now I’m a true believer (so much so that I made my favorite folding facial razor available in my shop!)

Shaving your face not only removes those pesky dark hairs we all get, but it also exfoliates the skin, helps skincare products sink in better, and even helps makeup go on more smoothly. Learn more about the benefits of shaving your face and how to do it, then give it a try for yourself!

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3. Fix Puffy Eyes With Tea Bags

This may be somewhat of an old-school beauty hack at this point, but that’s because it really works! If your eyes are red and puffy as a result of irritation or poor sleep, you can soothe them with the help of a couple of tea bags.

After brewing a cup of tea (or a couple of cups, depending on how strong you like it), toss the tea bags into your fridge until they’re cold. Place the chilled tea bags over your eyelids for about 10 minutes to help soothe irritation and reduce puffiness.

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2. Wash Your Face Twice

Thoroughly cleansing the skin allows all of your other skincare products to penetrate more effectively and really work. And when you’re spending your hard-earned money on the best anti-aging ingredients like retinol and vitamin c, you don’t want anything to stand in the way of their effectiveness.

So I suggest trying my double-cleansing method: an oil cleanse followed by a gentle water-based cleanser that won’t dry out your skin. This double-cleansing method tends to be better for aging skin because it removes makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

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4. Use Primer To Keep Lipstick In Place

If you’re a lipstick wearer and struggle with your lip color “bleeding” or “feathering” (meaning your lip color migrates into the fine lines around your lips), try applying a small amount of eyeshadow primer around the outside edges of your lips. The primer will perform double duty, helping to smooth out those lines and acting as a barrier to keep your lip color in place.

For more tips that will help you avoid common lipstick problems and pitfalls, check out this post.

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5. Use Vaseline To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

To help your signature scent last longer, apply a thick ointment like Vaseline or Aquaphor to your pulse points before spraying on perfume. Ointments form a protective layer on the surface of your skin that will not only help to prevent moisture loss but will also keep fragrances on your skin’s surface longer than if you were to apply them directly.

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6. Opt For Cream-Based Cosmetics

And speaking of mature skin, here’s a simple guideline that those of us with mature skin can use when shopping for makeup products. When in doubt, choose a cream-based formula!

Not only are cream-based cosmetics more moisturizing and easier to apply than other formulas, but they’re also less likely to create a built-up or textured look than powders are.

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7. Use Retinol On Your Neck

Your favorite anti-aging skincare isn’t just for your face! The skin on our necks is thin, and thin skin tends to lose its elasticity more quickly. A night serum with retinoids and antioxidants boosts cell turnover, which can help the appearance of wrinkles, and using it at night gives it time to renew your skin and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. (I’ve also written an entire blog post on the topic of neck skin, which you can read right here.)

The “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Series

Do you have a favorite tip or trick you use in your beauty routine?

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Beauty Tips

  • Many stores carry, on occasion, bundled packages of 5 terry cloth wash clothes. I use a fresh one every other night to wash my face. Rubbing in circular motions, the material acts as a buffer for my complexion and leaves it looking beautiful. I follow up with an oil for hydration. I’ve been giving myself this little spa treatment for years. I say “spa” because I use white clothes and they are just for my use. (It’s the little things, ya know).

  • I always keep baby powder around. It’s great for absorbing sweatiness. I live in a humid climate. I use it after bathing or showering. I also use it as my face powder with make up. I keep some tea bags in the bathroom closet for when my eyes are all swollen and puffy from allergies. I like the idea of cream based makeup. I’m just not sure since I have oily skin.

    • Please don’t use baby powder as your face powder. It’s a talc base, which is not good for you. There are several options for setting powder for oily skin with a matte finish. Alternatively you could use cornstarch, which will keep your oily skin in check.

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