Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

You don't have to go out to have a great New Year celebration -- try these at home new years ideas!

I’ve collected at lot of at home New Years ideas for throwing a great party largely out of necessity. We live a good 30-45 minutes away from anywhere a New Year’s Eve event might be held, and the prospect of driving that far in the dark during the winter has never been very appealing.

But staying home on New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be boring — not by a long shot! To prove it, I’ve rounded up dozens of brilliant ideas to help you ring in the new year from the comfort of your own home, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or hanging out with your family.

As you’ll see, there’s no shortage of things to do on New Year’s Eve if you’re celebrating at home. The list below includes plenty of ideas for everything from food to games to decorations. Many of these New Years Eve party ideas are perfect for adults and kids alike, and affordable to boot! So turn up the music and get the party going, because a fun and sparkly New Year’s Eve party at home awaits!

38 Fun And Festive At-Home New Year’s Ideas

Get Crafty With New Year’s Eve DIYs

Make New Year kits for your at home celebration.

1. New Year’s Eve Kit

From inchmark

Before you spend New Year’s at home, swing by your local party store for noisemakers, balloons, blowers, poppers and some sparkly confetti. Package it up in a party bag and with a small bottle of Martinelli’s for instant fun!

No New Year celebration would be complete without party hats!

2. Party Hat Headbands

Back in 2022, I couldn’t find ANY New Year’s Eve party decorations, so I ended up making my own party hats using cheap birthday party hats, Christmas tree tinsel, and pompoms. And since I really don’t like party hats that have that annoying elastic band that goes under your chin, I found some cute, sparkly headbands and hot glued them to the hats instead. 

Even kids love this at home new years ideas -- midnight candy kisses!

3. Midnight Kisses

From Create.Craft.Love.

This New Year’s Eve printable is perfect for that special midnight “kiss!” A super easy party favor!

Make some noise for your at home new years with these paper plate noisemakers.

4. Paper Plate Shakers

Make these simple “noisemakers” out of two paper plates, a popsicle stick, and some uncooked rice or beans, then decorate them with spray adhesive and glitter. This could be a fun activity to keep kids busy while you countdown the hours ’til the clock strikes twelve.

Another favorite at home new years ideas with the kids - pop a balloon every hour!

5. Countdown Balloons

Fill several balloons with helium and tie them in a row to help the little ones keep track of the hours as you countdown to midnight. You could also do these balloons without helium and just tape them to a door or wall. Pop one each hour, on the hour, until midnight!

Countdown to the New Year with a bag of activities for each hour.

6. Countdown Bags

Ringing in the new year with your family? Make some quick and easy “countdown bags” that will keep everyone busy and having fun. Just fill a few bags with fun activities or toys, and open one every hour leading up to midnight. You could use treats, disposable cameras, a new board game, supplies for a craft project, noisemakers and confetti, etc.

A countdown clock made of cupcakes is the perfect at home new years idea.

7. Cupcake Countdown Clock

From The Soccer Mom Blog

Create an edible clock with a small cupcake representing each of the final hours before the new year. (Store-bought cupcakes would work just fine!) Add party hats and noisemakers, and you’ve got a celebration at any hour.

How about breaking a homemade number pinata each hour?

8. Paper Number Piñatas

From A Subtle Revelry

This would be a fun way to count down to the new year. You could even make your own 2024 piñatas!

Here's a new tradition you can start at your at home new years celebration -- a New Year's Tree!

9. New Year’s Tree

From Our Best Bites

Use your New Year’s Eve celebration at home to start a new family tradition! Strip your Christmas tree of all the decorations (except the lights) and dress it all back up again with inexpensive New Year’s decorations.

These giant paper fortune cookies will liven up any at home new years.

10. Giant Paper Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are a fun New Year’s Eve idea, and I love the look of these oversized paper “cookies.” Print out some of your own customized “fortunes,” then read these instructions on how to roll your own paper fortune cookies. In addition to being a fun activity, they make a cute decoration.

Set up an easy photo booth for lots of at home new years shenanigans.

11. DIY Photo Booth

From House & Home

Photo booths can be really easy to set up! All you need is some kind of backdrop, props, and a camera.  The backdrop could be something as simple as a tablecloth hung from the ceiling, and the props could be something as easy to find as crazy scarves or glasses.

Cute and inexpensive props for your photo booth are available at craft stores.

12. Printable NYE Photo Props

From Mum In The Madhouse

Speaking of photo booths, photo props are equally fun ways to make memories of celebrating New Year’s Eve at home, and these couldn’t be easier to make!

Try printing custom bottle labels for your at home new years!

13. Printable Bottle Labels

From Bespoke Bride

If you’re going to be throwing your own party this year then why not jazz up the decor even more by adding these fun, colorful labels? These would work for any party.

Make some glittery DIY swizzle sticks to class up your at home new year's celebration.

14. Swizzle Sticks

Add a little sparkle to your bubbly this year with these simple DIY swizzle sticks. Bamboo skewers, gold pipe cleaner, some glittery gold pompoms, and a hot glue gun are all you need to give your champagne or sparkling cider a bit of extra flair. They’re perfect for festive cocktails or mocktails, too!

Reflect Back On Last Year & Make Resolutions For Next Year

Make a wishing wall and let everyone post the wish closest to their heart for the coming new year.

15. Wishing Wall

From Mark Addison

Every year in New York City, visitors from around the world write their wishes for the New Year on colorful pieces of paper and attach them to the Wishing Wall in Times Square. The wishes are collected and then become the confetti that flutters down at midnight on New Year’s Eve!

Make your own version of a Wishing Wall by designating an area where your guests can post their wishes on sticky notes. (The more festive the colors, the better!)

It wouldn't be new years without resolutions!

16. Printable New Year’s Resolution Cards

From Lia Griffith

Setting goals and intentions for the year ahead is an inspiring way to celebrate! Set out a vase full of these cute little cards and invite your guests to set their intentions for the new year.

For your at home new years, instead of names have everyone write their resolution on their glass.

17. New Year’s Resolution Cups

Whether you’re hosting a party with friends or staying up with the kids, make your drinks extra festive by adorning them with your New Year’s resolutions. Just jot down your resolution on an adhesive label and stick it to your drink cup.

Make king sized resolution cards on whiteboard for your at home new year shindig.

18. Dry Erase Board Resolutions

Add some sparkly geometric shapes to a dry erase board for people to write their resolutions. Your collective vision board can even make a fun spot for picture-taking!

These 20 questions will get everyone thinking at your new years party.

19. Reflection Questions

From The Art of Simple

Follow the link to download a free printable with 20 questions to use as a springboard to reflect on the past 365 days. There’s also a 10-question version that’s perfect for the kiddos!

Make It A Game Night

Minute to win it games are the perfect at home new years idea!

20. Minute-To-Win-It Games

From One Good Thing by Jillee

These quick and easy games are guaranteed to liven up any party! Stock up on treats or small gifts to give out as prizes to the winners, and watch the hilarity ensue.

For a relaxing at home new years celebration, haul out the sheets and pillows and make a posh blanket fort!

21. Build The Ultimate Blanket Fort

From Pretty Providence

Gather every pillow, sheet, and mattress and bring the comfy party to the living room. Order in some pizza and put on your favorite movie and enjoy a relaxing and cozy New Year’s Eve at home in your pajamas. This idea is sure to be an easy win if you have young kids at home!

How about a game of new years bingo for your at home new years?

22. New Year’s Eve Bingo

From Thirty Handmade Days

Grab this printable New Year’s Eve Bingo game that you can play while you wait for the ball to drop on TV.

This new years eve scavenger hunt will keep the kids busy!

23. Scavenger Hunt

From Reasons To Skip The Housework

This scavenger hunt will keep the kids busy until midnight searching for things on their list. Little ones can simply put an X on items as they find them. Have older kids at the party use their smartphones and challenge them to take photos of each of the items on the list.

Break the ice at your home new year's party with these conversation starter cards.

24. New Year’s Conversation Starter Game

Inspiration from Alice and Lois

While New Year’s Eve is a great time to look forward to the coming year, it’s also a good time to reflect on the previous year. This printable conversation starter game is all about reminiscing about the last twelve months! Everyone is sure to have a blast discussing all the highlights.

Kid and adults alike will have a blast on new years eve with these DIY marshmallow blasters.

25. Mini Marshmallow Shooters

From Coffee Cups and Crayons

Gather up balloons, cake pop containers (or plastic cups), and mini marshmallows and make these really easy and inexpensive marshmallow launchers! Have a contest to see who can pop marshmallows the farthest or get the most into a bowl.

Enjoy Party Foods & Festive Cocktails (Or Mocktails!)

Eat 12 grapes at midnight for good luck all year!

26. Good Luck Grapes

Many Spaniards usher in the new year by eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight on December 31st. The tradition promises prosperity and good luck throughout the coming year, and who couldn’t use a bit of good luck?

The challenge is that you must eat all 12 grapes before the clock stops chiming at midnight. If you don’t have a clock that chimes out the hour, there are smartphone apps you can download to supply the chimes. Make sure to get your grapes down in time — you don’t want to risk an unlucky year!

These non-alcoholic Jello shots are perfect for an at home new years bash with the family.

27. Sparkling Cider “Jello Shots”

From Something Swanky

Toast to a new year with a cool, sparkly dessert that wiggles and jiggles. They make a great appetizer, too!

Why not start a new years tradition -- sparkly donuts at midnight!

28. New Year’s Eve Donuts

Inspiration from The 36th Avenue

These sparkly donuts would make a perfect New Year’s Eve treat or a great breakfast for New Year’s Day! Serve with plenty of edible glitter and a big glass of milk to wash them down.

The kids will love these milk and cookie

29. Kid-Friendly Milk & Cookies “Champagne Toast”

From Style Me Pretty

Let the kids in on the fun of “toasting” the new year! Grab some plastic champagne flutes, get everyone their favorite cookies, and when midnight strikes, everyone can toast together!

Celebrate At Midnight With A Countdown, Balloon Drop, & More

A spectacular at home new years idea - a balloon drop that's easy to make but so dramatic!

30. Balloon Drop

Making your own “balloon drop” to rival NYC’s ball drop is as easy as filling a plastic tablecloth full of inflated balloons. Start by cutting the tablecloth into quarters, then reattach them with a few pieces of masking tape. Tape some long pieces of ribbon along the seams, then give them one strong pull to send the balloons tumbling down! It’s so much fun, and a terrific way to ring in the New Year at home!

Dress up your new years poppers with some sparkly washi tape.

31. Washi Tape Poppers

Dress up inexpensive party poppers with glittery washi tape. All it takes is two pieces per popper! It took me all of about 10 minutes to finish this bowl full. They’ll make a festive addition to your tablescape and to the evening’s entertainment!

Go all out and messy with confetti-filled balloons to pop at midnight!

32. Confetti Balloons

To make your own confetti balloons, add store-bought or homemade confetti to untied balloons with the help of a funnel, then either blow up the balloons or fill them with helium. At midnight all you need is a pin to start the new year off with a BANG!

Kids will love this at home new years idea -- stomp bubble wrap for plenty of noise at midnight!

33. Bubble Wrap Stomp

Ring in the new year with a fun and festive bubble wrap stomp! Just lay out a big sheet of bubble wrap (the bigger bubbles work best), and stomp your way into the new year when the clock strikes midnight. It sounds like firecrackers, and it’s a lot safer!

Want even more noise at your new years at home celebration - these easy noisemakers are just cans and bells!

34. New Year’s Bell Noise Maker

From Paging Supermom

Ring in the new year with this fun noisemaker! These New Year’s bells made with silver bells, golden yarn and wrapping paper are genius.

These DIY confetti throwers will add drama and color to your at home new years.

35. DIY Confetti Throwers

From Oh Happy Day

For a creative twist on traditional confetti, fill a plastic tube with confetti and hand them out to all your guests. With just a flick of the wrist the confetti propels out of the tube and goes everywhere. Perfect for New Year’s Eve!

Not sure what kind of confetti to use? Let everyone pick their mix at a confetti bar.

36. Confetti Bar

From kojodesigns

Whether you make confetti shooters or simply place small plastic boxes or glasses filled with confetti around the house, this is a fun way for you and your guests to celebrate when the clock strikes midnight!

Once your guests pick their confetti, give them a DIY confetti thrower made from push pops!

37. Confetti Push Pops

In my opinion, you just can’t have too much confetti on New Year’s Eve! So I decided to see if I could make my own confetti “poppers” using some recycled ice cream push pop containers. I washed and dried them (after eating the ice cream, of course), covered them with glittery scrapbook paper, then filled them about one-third full of confetti and covered with a piece of tissue paper. One powerful push from the bottom, and you have another way to spread New Year’s Eve cheer all over the place! :-)

These fun at-home new years noisemakers are made with paper plates!

38. New Year’s Eve Noise Makers

From Teaching Mama

This craft only takes about 20 minutes and you probably have everything you need for them around the house. Break open the noise makers at midnight (or 9 pm, if that’s more your style) and eat the candy!

Will you be ringing in the new year at home this year?

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  • Thank you for all these really fun ideas! Wanted to print out the NYE photo props, but one of them says 2016. Unfortunately that’s the one I wanted to print. Never mind, we’ll figure something out. Happy New Year to you, your family and your Jillee crew!

  • Some of these ideas are going to be fun, fun, fun!! We have been traveling to my sister’s house the past couple of years, so I have developed my own games. Most of them are paper/pencil ones, but we surely have fun with them! And to think that we used to battle the crowds by going out to eat and then hitting the bars. **ugh**

  • I like most of these ideas; my favorite one is the New Year’s Tree. But I would definitely stay away from the confetti ones. I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to vacuum the floors, shelves and in and of the chair cushions. You’ll be finding bits and pieces of them for years.

  • One of the few days of the year that having an only child really is no fun. But anything is better than being out with the drunk masses. Ugh. I must be getting old, I used to look forward to this night!

    • Suzy, some of our best parties were with our oldest daughter who was an only for 8 years, and that was well before pinterest or J. Get out the games, old cartoons that you and your hubby watched, make a mess and eat lots of finger foods. The days of having your child home on New Years are fleeting–enjoy them. We now go to our oldest daughter for New Years and she and her hubby are carrying on with her little family, what we started with her. Happiest of New Years to you.

  • Such a great list! The new year’s resolution generator is so much fun; thanks for sharing it. PS: Discovered your blog a few days ago and love it. Happy new year to you all :)

  • Love these ideas! Great way to enjoy a small scale celebration with close family/friends. The countdown bags are fabulous. I’m making a set for my parents to enjoy since we will be in separate cities when ushering in the new year. Thank you for sharing — you sparked my creativity!

  • Love these ideas. When we had little ones we turned back our clocks in t g e house so midnight was actually 9 or 10 pm and then play the previous year’s recoring of the ball dropping so they could experience it without having to stay up to midnight. It worked until our eldest was in first grade, now they know what year it is. But will use some of these ideas to keep them busy until midnight. Thanks!

  • Great ideas. We are such home bodies at my place . We don’t really go out for New Year’s Eve. Anymore were often in bed by midnight. I have to disagree about the champagne glasses . As someone whose not a drinker I’ve always believed you don’t need the alcohol to haves good time. So I don’t think it’s sending mixed messages.

  • I’m with you on not going out on New Years Eve, these are some excellent ideas for celebrating at home! I just love getting your newsletter, you always have such great ideas, thanks for sharing them with your readers.


    An old tradition–Eating Lentil or Bean soups or stews=—said to bring as much money (think old gold coin shapes!) as you eat!!!! My mother always saved a ham bone and made lentil soup….But our big celebration was my mothers huge birthday party held on 30 December!!!!!!! The lentil soup and my French grandmere’s Champagne Punch were the centerpieces of the night.

  • Thanks for the great ideas. Haven’t done a eve party in years; but we do a New Year’s Day instead. The reflection sheet, resolution sheet and cup poppers will be part of our celebration.

    Ideas for teens: Our boys always planned a sleepover at a friends house who was close to another friends house–each house was designated boys or girls. They all celebrated together and when it was over (a pre-determined time) 1/2 walked over to their “sleep house”. They got to celebrate with friends and parents got “peace of mind”. No kids on the road.
    Also every kid brought their favorite serious munchie (hot pockets, bagel bites, soft pretzel bites etc.) and drinks.

  • Thanks Jillee for the great ideas! I really love the more personal ones i.e. the reflection and intention letters as I will be a homebody in a quiet house tonight. The other fun ideas are ones I’d like to use perhaps next year, when I have planned ahead of time;)

    I found your blog several months ago, and I truly L.O.V.E it and the community found here. This is my *only* sure stop of the day:) and i look forward to all your ideas, new and archived!

    Happy New Year Jillee!~ thanks for being an inspiration for so many of us:D

  • This is exactly what I needed, THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR Jillee!!! I like the tree decor as we never quite get ours down in time (we have 2 bdays tween Christmas n Jan 1). We’ve enjoyed questioning each other about goals and have a best of memory jar we open… Now we have even more fun ideas all in one (pinning)place to try!

  • >