This Is The Best Way To Fold A T-Shirt (By A Lot!)

t-shirt folding hack

How To Fold Your T-Shirts Like A Pro

I’ve always dreaded folding laundry, not because it’s particularly difficult, but because it’s just monotonous and time-consuming. So the way that I fold clothing and linens is definitely more about getting it done quickly than getting it done neatly!

I guess that at some point, I had just assumed that folding things neatly would take more time than whatever method I was currently using. And I never had a reason to question that assumption, until a few years ago when I learned a new way to fold a t-shirt quickly AND neatly from a very unlikely source!

To make a long story short, I had gone out to lunch with my nephew Scott who does business in the music industry. We were joined by singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, who Scott was working with at the time. After telling Skylar a little bit about my blog and the purpose behind it (to share “one good thing” every day to help make life easier), she generously offered to share one of her own “good things” with me so that I could pass it on to all of you!

Check out this t-shirt folding hack in action in the video at the end of the post!

t-shirt folding hack

She ended up demonstrating a rather brilliant method for how to fold a t-shirt right there at the table, and it pretty much blew my mind! I hadn’t expected to learn such a brilliant and useful tip while out to lunch, especially from such a famous artist, but it was just one of those happy coincidences in life you couldn’t predict if you tried.

So thanks to Skylar, today the t-shirts in our house are always neatly folded, and it takes me less time to do it than I ever would have thought possible! So here’s how it’s done, so that you can fold all your t-shirts like a pro too! :-)

How To Fold A T-Shirt Like A Pro

tshirt folding hack

Step 1 – Lay It Out Flat

Start by laying the shirt out on a flat surface. Imagine there are two lines on the t-shirt, one that runs horizontally across the center of the shirt, and one that runs vertically down the length of the shirt about one-quarter of the way in from the left side (or halfway between the left side and the vertical center.)

t-shirt folding hack

Step 2 – Identify Points A, B, And C

The place where these two imaginary lines intersect will be our “point A.” Directly above that point at the top edge of the shirt is “point B,” while directly below it at the bottom edge of the shirt will be “point C.” (I’m going to attempt to explain this as clearly as possible, but I’ve also included photos and a video to help clarify things!)

tshirt folding hack

Step 3 – Join Points B And C

Pinch point A on the shirt with your right hand, then pinch point B with your left. Cross your left hand over your right to join point B with point C, pinching both of the points together in your left hand.

tshirt folding hack

Step 4 – Uncross Your Arms

With points B and C in your left hand and point A still in your right, uncross your arms to complete the first fold. The left sleeve and bottom section of the t-shirt will be folded at this point and the right sleeve will remain exposed.

tshirt folding hack

Step 5 – Finish The Fold

To finish folding the t-shirt, use the flat surface to help you fold the right sleeve underneath the rest of the shirt. And voila, you’ve just folded a t-shirt like a pro! :-)

tshirt folding hack

It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but it’s really a lot simpler than it sounds! And once you get arm motions figured out, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 seconds to fold a t-shirt from start to finish!

tshirt folding hack

One of the things I appreciate most about this particular folding method is that it makes for sturdy stacks. (That means no more tottering piles of freshly folded shirts that topple over at the slightest disturbance!) :-) So thanks again, Skylar!

What’s your best laundry folding tip or trick?

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  • I always alternate my folded clothing. You can get about 25% more clothing in a vertical space. In other words, the neck of the first folded shirt will be at the top…the next neck will be at the bottom, the next at the top. The neck end is taller than the center fold of the shirt, and if you stack all the necks together, you end up with a wedge-shaped stack rather than a flat stack. This works on virtually all clothing…underwear, foldable pants/shorts, socks.

  • No video available! However, I follow the Marie Kondo method of folding which is to fold the sides in and the bottom up 1/3 and then another third so it is a small bundle. Then stack them vertically in a drawer so they are all visible at once time. That way they are not stacked horizontally where you can only see the top shirt. Just google Marie Kondo folding method.

  • I really like this method so much better than the way I was doing it. I dislike folding clothes and this will make it a breeze to finish. I do confess to doing a video search at the top to watch, it’s easier for me to see an example done in real life . Thanks for a great tip!

  • WOW! Going to try this with tomorrow’s laundry for 5 people! Wish I knew this trick when I was working retail around the holidays and folding millions of t-shirts! Would this work with long sleeve shirts as well? Or sweaters/sweatshirts? Thanks for this!

  • This is the most amazing trick. I have always put T-shirts on hangers because I could not fold shirts without it driving me nuts — I love this. Thanks

  • This is flipping amazing! And once I get the hang of it without pictorials, it will be faster than the lazy way I do it now. I never gave any thought to a better way to fold before. Thanks!

  • OHH I love this!! I just folded a whole load of t-shirts! I normally try to leave them for my hubby to do as I HATE, DETEST folding shirts!! This is so easy and neat! The T-shirts take up half the room with them folded so neat! I am hooked!!! Thanks for the video!! :)

  • My husband only likes to wear t-shirts, no button downs for him. My folding time will be cut down significantly, once I master this! Thank you both!

  • Oh I love the video! Makes so much more sense now!!! I read it in a book before on how to do it, and well I just never got it! Love this!!! Will make packing much easier! Thanks!

  • Its is so funny how we make everything so difficult and it can be so simple. This was a really cool “trick”. I will be trying this out next laundry time!

  • Tried this on one of my husband’s tee shirts once I watched the video. It folded beautifully in seconds flat, once I figured out what you were doing. Then I took all the tees out of the two drawers that are stuffed with my husband’s tee shirts and refolded & organized them all in less than ten minutes.

    I am also amazed that it left a lot more room in the drawers than my old method of folding. Wonderful!

  • My husband has been doing this for years! I always wanted to learn so I could actually fold his clothes, but he moves to fast. Now I can finally learn his way. Thanks!

  • Wow. I actually got the hang of this pretty quickly! Now can you find a good video of how to fold a fitted sheet?! I’ve watched a couple of videos, but I just can’t get the hang of it.

  • OH MY GOODNESSSSSS! I watched the video and was both aghast (mouth wide open) AND giddy! I could not stop laughing! I promptly showed it to my DH, and HE had the same reaction! This is so awesome! DH immediately “fetched” an already clean, folded, put away t-shirt to try this on…. AND HE DID IT on the first try!

    I really dislike folding clothes, so this is going to help me a lot. OMG, I wish I could share this on my blog! It is so good!

  • Ohmigosh!!! That is soooo stinkin’ impressive!! It’s the little things like that (you know the ones – they don’t really have a name but just make things in life either easier or just more fun while you do them) that really put a smile in your heart, and laughter in your smile!! ;)

  • That is so awesome! So glad there is video, I would never be able to get this with just the pictures.

    Also just wondering–who took his/her shirt off in the restaurant for her to show you?

  • How timely! I was just thinking about this process last night, which I had once viewed online by another example (was unable to master). My DS came for dinner, and I offered to do his laundry in return for helping Dad move some stuff into our basement. I think, after watching this video, that I can now attempt to fold all his tees in this manner! Thank you once again for sharing!

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