8 Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks That Will Actually Help You Get Organized

Closet Hacks

8 Brilliant Closet Organization Hacks

For the most part, I really do love our house. It’s not any bigger or smaller than we need, and it’s on a nice street in a beautiful neighborhood. But if there’s one thing I wish I could change, it’s the size of the closets (the size of my closet, more specifically!)

It seems like I’m always fighting to keep my closet from descending into complete chaos. But I’m aware that short of a major renovation, there’s not a whole lot I can do about the size of my closet, so I do my best to make the most of the space I have!

Over the last several months, I’ve implemented some changes to the way I store clothes, shoes, and accessories in my closet, and now it’s more organized now than it’s ever been. So in the spirit of getting organized, I thought I’d share my favorite closet organization hacks with you today.

My hope is that these tips and tricks will help you tackle the clutter in your own closets at home! I’ve also included some handy closet organizing products that I’ve come across on Amazon. Any one of them is sure to help you in your quest to clear out your closet! :-)

(And for more clever organizing ideas for every room in your house, be sure to check out my eBook Get It Together! You can buy it in my shop, or download it for free if you’re an OGT Plus member!)Pp

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Check out another closet organization hack in action in my video at the end of the post!

Closet Hacks

1. Sweater Storage That Saves Space

A few weeks ago I wrote a post mentioning the way I like to hang my sweaters. It’s a simple method that helps eliminate stretching and those dreaded “shoulder bumps.” (You can get the full details on my sweater-folding method at this link.)

But many people pointed out that storing sweaters this way does tend to take up more space, because it makes each sweater thicker in your closet than it would be if you hung it up the normal way. And that’s a problem if you’re short on closet space to begin with!

So I thought about it, and I came up with a simple solution that I implemented in my own closet—adding a double closet rod! Just hook it onto the rod in your closet, and it gives you an additional rod nearer to the ground. Put one of these in your closet, and you’ll have plenty of space for those folded sweaters!

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Closet Hacks

Another simple storage solution you can try is hooking hangers together with a tab from a soda can. It will hang lower than your other hangers, which should help you save more space with very little effort.

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Closet Hacks

2. A Solution For Scarves

It can be tricky to figure out the best way to store scarves in a closet. One of the best ways I’ve found is to attach a few shower curtain rings or curtain clips to the bottom of a hanger.

Just slip a scarf through each ring, then hang it up next to your other clothes! All of your scarves will be clearly visible and stay wrinkle-free.

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Closet Hacks

If you’d rather go the store-bought route, there are plenty of scarf hangers available online. This one comes in a 3-pack and is really inexpensive! The hangers also have small hooks on them that could be perfect for hanging necklaces and other small items.

Closet Hacks

3. Storing Shoes & Small Items

If shoes, socks, clutches, and other small items are giving you trouble, try an over-the-door pocket organizer. They’re an inexpensive way to add additional storage to your closet. Plus, since they hang over the back of your closet door, you won’t have to worry about adding more stuff to your closet rod. (Having room for more clothes is always a bonus in my book!) ;-)

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Closet Hacks

4. DIY Pants Hangers

Hangers with clips can be really useful for hanging pants and skirts, but they can be a bit more expensive. Luckily there are plenty of simple ways to add clips to your existing hangers!

One way to do it is just by using a couple of clothespins, which works best on thin wire hangers, but it’s not impossible to use them on thick plastic hangers. You’ll just have to fold your skirts or pants in half to make the fabric thick enough for the clothespin to grab onto.

Closet Hacks

A better solution for adding clips to thicker hangers is to use bag clips like these. They fit nicely around the bottom of plastic hangers and they grip unfolded clothes well.

Closet Hacks

If you mainly use those fuzzy non-slip hangers, check out these special hanger clips. They’re designed specifically to fit over the bottoms of those hangers, so you can just clip them on and hang your skirts and pants!

Closet Hacks

5. Rotate Your Wardrobe

One of the ways I save space in my small closet is by rotating my wardrobe seasonally. When the weather starts warming up in the spring, I take all of my heavy coats, thick boots, and the rest of my winter wear and I pack it up into a few plastic tote bins.

Then I replace those items with sundresses, sandals, and other warm weather clothes. Rotating my clothes each spring and fall also gives me the opportunity to get rid of anything I haven’t been wearing (which is another great space saver!)

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Closet Hacks

6. Fit More Shoes On A Shelf

If your shoe collection is taking up a lot of shelf space, place the left shoe with the toe facing into your closet, and the right shoe with the toe facing out. The shoes will fit together more snugly, and you’ll likely be able to fit an additional pair of shoes onto your shelf this way!

Closet Hacks

7. Use Hooks For Handbags

Need a way to hang up handbags, clutches, belts, or other accessories? Try an S-hook! These hooks are usually inexpensive and easy to find, and they couldn’t be easier to “install.” (You can also hang jeans from them too. Just slide one or two of the belt loops over the hook, and voila!)

Closet Hacks

Another space-saving way to store your purses is on an over-the-door hanger. This one has three curved hooks that are perfect for hanging up purses, backpacks, and more!

8. Use A Clever Closet Organizer

When I was doing research for this post, I ended up finding a LOT of really cool closet organizers online. I couldn’t really justify buying them all just for the sake of closet research, but I wanted to share them anyway!

If you haven’t found the perfect solution to your particular closet conundrum yet, you might just find it among these clever products! :-)

Portable Wardrobe With 10 Shelves

Price: $39.99

If adding a few more shelves to your closet isn’t enough, this free-standing wardrobe could be just what you need! This wardrobe is made up of a frame of steel tubes, and has a cloth enclosure with front flaps you can close (or leave open, if you prefer). It has 10 shelves along the edges, and space in the center to hang shirts and dresses. And it’s surprisingly inexpensive, too!

S-Type Steel Hanger

Price: $8.49

This sturdy steel hanger has 5 “rungs” that are perfect for hanging pants, skirts, ties, scarves, table linens, and more! It’s a little pricey for one hanger, but it’s sure to stand up to years of use in your closet!

Hanging Drawer Organizer For Wire Shelves

Price: $12.99

This drawer organizer is perfect for those with wire shelves in their closet. Simply attach the velcro straps to the underside of a wire shelf, and you’ve instantly added a useful and functional drawer to your closet! There’s also a model with two narrower drawers to store underwear or other small items.

Hanging Organizer Tray For Wire Shelves

Price: $19.99

Here’s another handy organizer for wire shelves, and this one is perfect for wallets, clutches, and other narrow items. It has 5 compartments to keep your small bags organized. Installation is easy, because this shelf clips right onto the underside of a wire shelf.

Closet Hacks

Hanging Purse Organizer

Price: $20.95

If it’s your purse collection that’s causing problems in your closet, you could probably use a purse organizer! This one hangs right up in your closet, and has 10 different pockets for your purses and bags (or whatever else you want to store in it!) It’ll help keep your bags organized and protected from dust and dirt.

What’s your best tip for keeping your closet organized?

Here’s another closet organizing hack that actually saves you space!

YouTube video
If you like to hang your clothing, like I do, here is a great way to save on space in your closet!

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  • We use rails with multiple sliding hooks (they slide onto the rail before installing so no falling off as with ‘S’ hooks) on the back of all of our closet doors and in two tiers in the coat cupboard, the lower one is handy for the kids to use and for short jackets. Slimmer versions of these on the back of kitchen cabinet doors are great for utensils.
    The sliding hooks give flexibility of use, accommodating thick/thin and large/small items without having to replace your hook system.

  • Great ideas. My room is actually a decent size. The dinky closet is the main problem. I did try storing my out of season clothes in the garage. I had to KO that idea because our garage is our only storage area and getting some stuff when I needed it was impossible. So I finally moved the plastic bins a spare bedroom. My underbed space already has a ton of stuff there. I also hang my dressy out of season clothes in.a basement closet.

  • Great tips! This is my favorite blog of all time!! Thank you for offering workable and practical solutions to help my everyday life. You’re the best!
    I really enjoy being organized. I like to know what I have and how it will work with other pieces in my wardrobe. To that end, I have made use of every inch of my closet and under bed area. We live in a place that deposits a layer of grit/dust on everything! So I need to use Plastic Covers over the tops of all hanging clothes. I use a micro fiber cloth to clean the plastic draping over the hangers. It works unbelievably well. I use thin flocked hangers for individual pieces, cascading skirt/pant clip hangers made for five items each (sometimes I sneak two per set of clips.), a hanging pocket set on back wall holds some shoes (hubby and I share the closet which has a rod and shelf on each side and no door.), inexpensive but not brittle clear plastic shoe and garment boxes are on shelves and stacked to the ceiling, each clearly labeled for shoes and purses, two metal hangers with silicone covered rods securely hold my scarfs without any slipping off (5 rods per hanger, 4 can swing out to use then swing back and reattach. Target.com,
    (I tried the less expensive kind that lacked a non slip coating… scarfs on the floor when I tried to remove just one!)
    and additional rods that hang down from the original closet rod. I also use Rubbermaid storage bins under the bed and Dollar Store XXX Large zip bags to keep my boots clean and flat. Because I have to “climb” up and down like a goat in my closet I use a round library stool that will not budge once I step on it. Love It! And most practical for a 66 year old gal.
    To pull this all together I use an App from Google Play Store: “Your Closet”
    I am addicted to this app. After taking photos of all items you can create outfits. I have made hundreds of outfits which are divided into seasons and type of wear. It took some time to complete but has saved me such a great amount of time and indecision getting dressed or packed for a vacation. I also take photos of me wearing outfits to better judge how they really look. Couldn’t live without this App. It backs up a copy to your Google Drive account which is fantastic as it means you will never loose the contents. I hope this will help someone out there. It makes life so much happier when one knows were clothing is stored. And keeping selfies of your outfits will make you feel confident each time you step out. For non wardrobe organization I am sold on a free App called “OneNote” which works on Android, iPhone and laptop. Everything and anything you could ever dream of organizing can be added to this app! Import photos, create notebooks, much, much more. And if you are forgetful, just type in a key word. It will find all the matching entries and highlight them for you. This not only saves time, but puts everything within reach. Never buy something you already own. Just check it before you buy. You can be as detailed or basic as meets your needs.
    It is always backed up on the cloud and syncs between phone and laptop. Mine has everything from Medical to my vast inventory of Art Supplies, and Family Sizes. Yes! You will Enjoy Being Organized.

  • I have been using one of those cardboard wine carriers for my flip flops and thin soled sandals. This is a carrier I get from the liquor store when I buy 6 bottles of wine. A pair of flip flops fit easily into each compartment so I can get 6 pair in each carrier. They stay neat and upright. Another reason to buy more wine :)

  • All of these are great ideas…except I live in a house built in 1953, there are side by side closets, no doors and maybe 58″ wide each and just deep enough for my hangers. The room itself is not very big. What could I possibly do to get more room…except maybe ripping them out? We have 2 dressers in the room plus our bed and that’s it. No room for anything else. Help!

    • add a couple pics & I’m sure someone will have fantastic ideas to help. Under the bed is great to put away items not in use & there are great fabric/see through zip bags that hold up to 20+ shoes. You can add a shelf above the current one & can use those “add a rods” that simply hook on like a hanger IF you have a rod for dresses. I’ve lived in a LOT of older homes & have wayyyy too much at times so I have 100s of ideas of where to put stuff lol. I can organize & store stuff to the hilt & you can too, just think about it – what are YOUR needs…what do YOU struggle w/ storing WELL…think out of the box so to speak. I use & reuse stuff time & time again w/ great luck usually. I use the inside walls of those tiny closets even if it is like 4 or 5 inches you can use command hooks or metal hooks & hang purses/jewelry/hats etc there or robes etc you can even use command hooks on the side of furniture or tvs if you HAVE to lol. I’ve done that one kids vanity’s & tv I will add a command hook caddy to hold the remotes out of sight lol. Get creative I bet you have lots of storage hidden in that gem of a room. ;)

  • I use the folding storage cubes for my designer purses. I can get quite a few in them. I also put extra sheets, light blankets and sweaters in them. They all go on the shelf that is above my hanging clothes. I put 2 over the door shoe hangers on the inside of my folding doors for smaller shoes, (I have a LOT of shoes) and a double shoe rack on the bottom of my closet. I use metal over the door triple hangers for purses I use a lot. I go through my clothes every 6 months and donate the good ones to charity and throw out the ones with stains or non repairable.

  • I have the smallest closet known to mankind being I live in a divided rental in a turn of the century home and thank God it is tall so my seasonal linens go there on shelves. Regardless, I see these on your photo of the hanging skirt but you didn’t mention the hangers did you? If it were not for these flocked “skinny” hangers which do come with clasps if you like, I would never fit what I do in there. They really work and I highly recommend them, all the same color and lots of them and invest in at least a couple sets of the matching clasps for skirts etc. I also have to seasonally change things over and I’m in the process now. I recommend you really think about the best way to keep all steamable/ironable things in the closet and put the other stuff like T’s that you can use your wrinkle releaser (which I love) in trunks or dressers you can reach into. I don’t hang jeans, they are sturdy and hold up to wrinkling well so I lay them flat front to front, crotch folded in I bring feet to waist, and then again bottom to top and then they fold over into a nice “bundle” with the pocket facing the top so you can see which are which if you wear similar wash colors. There are a huge amount of folding techniques on line on YouTube for what you put in your drawers. They can be addicting. I have many favorites I watch on YouTube but a special favorite because it’s so unbelievably easy is how to fold a short sleeve shirt in two moves, it’s crazy simple… check out videos for extra help. I could g on forever about folding techniques now that I know them. My life is so much more simple. Hope someone gets something from this post I know it’s long!

  • When I hang up my seasonal clothes, I put the hangers on the rod backwards. At the end of the season, anything still hanging backwards, goes,to,charity, because I didn’t wear it for,a,whole season!

  • I have a heavy hanger and I bought some wire shower curtain hangers and I hung all of my spaghetti tops and tank tops on. I used the soda can flip tops to hang my sweaters, so that I can hang like 3 at a time. I used the non-slip hangers so they fit. I also have skirt hangers that have a hook, so that I can hang 3 skirts at a time. I bought an over the door plastic shoe hanger to hang all of my shoes. My hubby and I share a closet, so it gets cluttered fast! I bought him a shoe rack, so that all of his shoes stay organized. I tried hanging my flip flops with the repurposed wire hangers, but they got all tangled up and I got frustrated. I hope this helps someone. LOL

  • >