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9 Familiar Problems That Are Easily Solved With Essential Oils

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9 Of The Best Everyday Uses For Essential Oils

My very first excursion into the world of essential oils took place years and years ago when I bought a small bottle of lavender oil. I probably only knew one or two uses for lavender oil at that point, so most of the time it just stayed on my shelf.

Even though I’ve learned a lot about essential oils over the years since then, I haven’t forgotten how intimidated I once felt by that little bottle of oil!

I think there are plenty of people out feel the way I did back then—interested in essential oils, but intimidated by using them. So I thought it might be helpful to share some of my favorite everyday uses for essential oils!

My hope is that these simple tips for using affordable essential oils and oil blends help you realize just how practical and easy-to-use essential oils can really be!

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Check out how to use essential oils in your car in action in my video below.

Surprising Uses for Essential Oils

1. Deodorize Your Fridge

Eliminate odors in your fridge and keep it smelling fresh with lemon essential oil and baking soda! Just add 15 drops of lemon oil to a small box of baking soda and store it in your fridge. This will help keep your fridge smelling fresh for a whole month!

Surprising Uses for Essential Oils

2. Eliminate Food Odors

Is the smell of last night’s dinner still lingering around your kitchen? Use lemon oil to freshen up the air fast! Just set a small pot of water on your stovetop, bring it it a boil, and add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the simmering water.

The lemon-scented steam coming off the pot will quickly eliminate any lingering food smells.

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Surprising Uses for Essential Oils

3. Energy Boost

Need an energy boost to make it through the rest of your work day? Add some peppermint essential oil to your favorite diffuser! Peppermint oil has a naturally invigorating effect that can help you feel more alert and energized.

everyday essential oils

4. Settle Nausea

Tum Ease features several oils that can help soothe feelings of nausea, and the roll-on format makes it quick and easy to use anytime. Just roll some Tum Ease onto the soles of your feet, then relax until the nauseous feeling passes.

everyday essential oils

5. Deodorize Smelly Shoes

You can use my Freshly Washed blend to eliminate odors from smelly shoes! Take a spare sock and fill it with a handful of baking soda, then add 5 drops of Freshly Washed. Tie the sock off with a rubber band and place it into a smelly shoe for a few hours.

The baking soda absorbs moisture that contributes to odors, and the essential oils will help neutralize the odors and kill the bacteria that cause them.

everyday essential oils

6. Soothe Sore Muscles

Soreness in your muscles is caused by inflammation, which is why anti-inflammatory essential oils like the Restore blend are great for soothing soreness!

Stir 5 drops of Restore blend into a large handful of Epsom salt. Add the Epsom salt mixture to a warm bath and soak in it for about 30 minutes to relieve soreness.

Surprising Uses for Essential Oils

7. Get Glowing Skin

Get a natural, healthy glow with lavender essential oil! Just add a drop of lavender oil to your daily moisturizer and massage into your skin. You glow girl!

Surprising Uses for Essential Oils

8. Freshen Up Your Car

If the air in your car is feeling a little stale, make a quick “air freshener” with your favorite essential oil. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to a cotton ball, then clip the cotton ball to your air vents. The scent of the oil will freshen your car in no time!

(I like to use peppermint oil for this, because it has the added benefit of keeping me more alert while I drive!)

YouTube video
Whether you need to be calmed or energized while driving, essential oils are just the ticket.
everyday essential oils

9. Scent Your Towels

Infuse your clean towels with a fresh, floral scent using my Freshly Washed blend. Just sprinkle about 10 drops of Freshly Washed onto some dryer balls or a small cloth and toss it in your dryer with your freshly washed towels!

How do you use essential oils most frequently?

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  • I have a question regarding putting dryer balls in with towels. The dryer balls are made from wool, are they not? Don’t the wool balls contain a natural lanolin? If they do wouldn’t that be bad to put in with towels as it will cut down the towel’s ability to absorb water (like using conditioner in the dryer with towels, which is a no-no!)? Just wondering…I’ve been hesitant to use them while drying towels. Thanks

    • Sharon, the amount of natural lanolin will not make your towels less absorbent. The benefit of using the dryer balls with towels is that it will take less time to dry them and the dryer makes them less absorbent over time.

  • I always use a carrier oil before applying to my skin. I did try the peppermint oil for alertness several years ago. We were headed out of town and I thought I could sneak it in the air vent. It didn’t work because my Dad saw the cotton round and had a fit. We hadn’t even started in the car before he discovered it. I had thought I could just slip it in without him noticing it.

  • Use peppermint for headaches. A friend of mine had a bad headache that was not going away with ibuprofen. I told her to put peppermint on the back of her neck and temples. It relived her headache.

  • What is the average ratio of EO to carrier oil? I use tea tree oil on my elbows to combat scaly skin. However, I’ve forgotten the “recipe”. Any rule of thumb?

  • Hi Jillee! Great ideas!!! I have visited your store but was unable to find the shipping charges before checking out. Can you help with how I can find the shipping charges before checking out so that I will know my full total. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jill! The shopping cost depends on your address, so you’ll just have to click “check out” to see what it comes up with :-) Sorry for the hassle!

  • I love adding a few drops of geranium oil to water in a spray bottle. I spray it on napkins or handkerchiefs or tablecloths or clothes as I’m ironing. Nice!

  • Please be aware that tea tree oil is highly toxic to dogs and cats. Do not use it on or diffuse it around them. That’s the only one I won’t use.

    • It’s highly toxic to me, too! I have trouble breathing when someone is using it as a perfume, even when it’s diluted in their shampoo! It’s awful. I’ve had to leave church before because somebody behind me was wearing it. In fact, essential oils smell really bad to me. My husband, bless his heart, got me a bunch of oils and a diffuser for Christmas one year and I can’t use them. They give me terrible headaches and mess with my nose. I just don’t want them around me.

  • We live in the country and alway have a few mice in the winter. I used peppermint oil on a cotton square this winter around the house and finally got rid of the winter mice problem. Smells good and keeps the mice out!

  • I use essential oils all the time. Usually with the unsettled stomach if I’m having gastrointestinal problems I just rub a little peppermint oil on my belly area and it takes care of it. I’ve also used peppermint and lavender oils when I’m having hormonal issues and rub above my stomach. It is sometimes more effective than taking medication for it.

    • As Jillee suggests, it is always wise to dilute your essential oils with a carrier when applying topically. 2-3 drops for 5 ml of Fractionated coconut oil is a generally safe range for most adults. A milder dilution is recommended for frail adults and children under 2(if at all, depending on the EO)

  • I used rose geranium oil on a cotton ball and put inside my vacuum bag. Whilst I’m vacuuming, the machine blows out a lovely rose fragranced scent and the whole house smells like roses! You can use whatever oil you like, and it continues to blow this air every time you use the vacuum. Just do a fresh ball when you change bags.

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