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Allergies Acting Up? This Powerful Remedy Has Glowing Reviews

Powerful Remedy for Allergies

While I don’t personally suffer from allergies or asthma, I feel for my husband, kids, and all my readers who do! While many seasonal allergy sufferers primarily struggle during the spring when the air is full of tree pollen, others may notice their symptoms worsen during the summer when grasses are pollinating.

Some experience allergies during the fall, when an abundance of fallen leaves and decaying plant matter causes mold spores to spike. And if you’re sensitive to all of these allergens (tree pollen, grass pollen, and mold) like my daughter Britta is, seasonal allergy symptoms can haunt you nearly year-round.

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All Clear Essential Oil Blend

As soon as I launched Essentials by Jillee, Britta was adamant that my essential oils collection should include a blend that could help ease allergy symptoms. Since I was ill-suited to figuring out what was or wasn’t helpful in that department, she volunteered to assist me in the research and development process. Eventually, All Clear Essential Oil Blend was born!

Since we created All Clear with respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma in mind, I wanted to offer an allergy sufferer’s perspective, so below you’ll find Britta’s take on the blend in her own words.

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Britta writes:

After an allergy-free childhood and adolescence, it was an unpleasant surprise when I started experiencing stuffy noses and itchy eyes during the spring around age 20. At age 31, I wish I had enjoyed those spring allergies while they lasted because now I experience allergy symptoms more often than not throughout the year.

My once-a-day allergy pill helps most of the time, but it’s not enough when my symptoms get especially severe when pollen and mold counts are high. During those times, I rely on essential oils to pick up the slack.

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How All Clear Blend Works To Relieve Allergies

All Clear blend combines several essential oils that reduce congestion, irritation, and other unpleasant symptoms. Eucalyptus oil is a key component in relieving respiratory symptoms and opening airways, along with peppermint oil and its menthol content.

Furthermore, several of the oils in All Clear also have anti-inflammatory properties, including tea tree, rosemary, and lemon. These help soothe inflamed nasal passages and reduce inflammation, like the kind that makes your eyes puffy and irritated. The fact that citrus and herbaceous aromas smell really nice together doesn’t hurt either!

Relief Without The Rebound Affect

In addition to my once-a-day allergy pill, I used to use nasal sprays when allergies made me especially stuffy. Unfortunately, I was plagued by the dreaded refound effect and even frequent nosebleeds!

“What’s the rebound effect?” you might ask. Well here’s a quick science lesson for you: nasal sprays work by constricting the blood vessels in your nasal passages. This reduces swelling and makes it easier to breathe. Sounds great, right? 

But if you use nasal sprays for several days in a row – usually more than three to five days – the medication can cause your nasal tissues to swell up again once it wears off. This means you feel congested again and are tempted to use the spray even more. It’s a vicious cycle!

With All Clear, you can get effective symptom relief without the rebound effect. And you don’t just have to take my word for it! OGT reader Susan B. noticed the same thing:

I use it in my diffuser to clear my stuffiness in the evenings so I can sleep. For me, it works much better than nasal sprays, with no ‘rebound’ effect. Smells great, and works so well for me.

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How To Use All Clear

One of the easiest ways to use All Clear for allergy relief is to diffuse it, whether in an ultrasonic diffuser or a makeshift one (see below). I find it extremely difficult to fall asleep when I’m congested at bedtime, and diffusing All Clear on my nightstand makes a big difference.

Even my husband Neil, who tends to be skeptical of this kind of thing, can tell what a difference it makes to diffuse All Clear when my allergies are acting up. He often takes the initiative to set up and fill the diffuser for me when I’m feeling particularly miserable.

Thanks for sharing with us Britta! I’ll take over from here…

Not Just For Allergies

Don’t suffer from allergies? All Clear may still be a valuable addition to your medicine cabinet! The powerful essential oils in this blend can help to clear all kinds of congestion. In fact, OGT readers report using All Clear to help with congestion from COVID-19, smokey air, bronchitis, and more. It can even help stop congestion-related snoring! Here are just a few of their stories:

The All Clear blend was a lifesaver when my daughter and I were severely congested with COVID two weeks ago. We put it in the diffuser and also in pans of hot water and sat over it with towels on our heads for a personal steam session. We looked crazy but it REALLY WORKED!

Stephanie G.

I live in the Mid Atlantic, not far from the coast, and we’re having problems with the smoke from the wildfires in Canada. I have asthma & COPD, so, on occasion I have breathing difficulties. I had ordered All Clear a while ago and started using it every night in my diffuser and it made quite a difference in my nasal congestion over night. I woke up without any nasal congestion most days and very little on other days. It was such a help!

Maureen K.

The products I ordered from you arrived the day before my daughter left to go to Colorado not feeling her best. She has a tendency to have bronchitis and a lot of chest congestion, so I let her take All Clear blend with her. When I talked to her several days after her arrival, she sounded much better with no congestion and easier breathing.


I used the All Clear in my diffuser and I had the best sleep ever! Extra bonus….my husband did not snore!!! Not even a small snort! Love this essential oil.

Kate N.
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Alternative Methods For Diffusing Essential Oils

As Britta mentioned, if you don’t have an ultrasonic diffuser or don’t want to buy one, there are several options for “makeshift diffusers” you can use to enjoy the benefits of All Clear.

Here are some diffuser alternatives I’ve written about here on my blog that would be ideal for this purpose (click the links for more information):

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So there’s the inside scoop on my All Clear blend. I have every confidence it will soothe your allergy symptoms — at any time of year — the same way it does for Britta, her siblings, and Dave!

Still a little skeptical? All Clear is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, just contact me within 90 days to receive a full refund. There’s no risk in trying it out! 


Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

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  • For me allergies are not seasonal, they are omnipresent and relentless. Rather than face pneumonia once again, I am now on a regimin developed by my doctor that is as little as possible beyond knowing my triggers. I do have electrostatic air filters for my HVAC system that I clean monthly or more frequently depending on the number of sneezes I hear in the house. I have a saline rinse solution given me by my son’s pediatrician over 50 years ago and that is still showing up now on Pinterest,etc.. But my last line of defense comes from a Navy Seal Team physician. I take 400 mg. Grape Seed extract daily. because it helps loosen any mucus congestion and helps my body fight allergies. I thought I was going to choke to death the first time I used it because I thought I was hopelessly clogged. It broke loose all at once and remained thin and fluid until my allergies finally subsided. I double checked with a friend who teaches homeopathic medicine in Canada who concurred with what I had been told and had experienced. A minimum daily dose of 100mg. of Grapeseed extract is of real benefit for allergies and your immjne system. Larger doses during an attack taken four times daily will bring you back to near stasis while you are being exposed to whatever is in the air. The research is still out on Grapeseed extract. What scares researchers is the lack of side effects experienced with its use. A few years ago, I gave my husband 800mg. 4X a day for two days and gradually reduced the dose over a week and saved his visit to Greece. Slight sniffles are a significant improvement over a nose running like a faucet.

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