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This One Quick DIY Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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If you hard time falling asleep at night, you’re not alone! I don’t know if it’s from all the screen time, the general stress of living in today’s world, or if it’s just a part of getting older, but I have been having a really hard time drifting off once I get in bed (and that’s on top of the fact that I try not to get into bed until I’m well and truly sleepy!)

So when I recently came across a “pillow spray” that was positioned as a natural solution that could help user fall asleep faster, I was very intrigued by the idea. I loved the idea of having a simple, fast way to bring calming and restful essential oils into the bedroom, but there was a problem with the particular spray I had come across was—it was just too expensive!

pillow spray

But I was undaunted, because I knew I could make my own pillow spray that was just as effective as any I could buy, and that I could do it for a fraction of the cost. So I started experimenting and eventually came up with the effective and easy-to-make pillow spray that I’ll be sharing with all of you today!

With just four simple and affordable ingredients, this pillow spray makes it quick and easy to create a more restful environment for yourself at bedtime. Give it a try for yourself, because a few spritzes of this could be just the thing to help lull you off to sleep faster!

How To Make A DIY Pillow Spray For Better Sleep

pillow spray

You’ll need:

*Note: If you don’t happen to have any rubbing alcohol on hand, you could use witch hazel or unflavored vodka instead.

pillow spray


Remove the spray top and add the alcohol and essential oils to the bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water (around 6 tablespoons by my estimate), then replace the spray top. Give the bottle a good shake to mix, and your pillow spray will be ready to use!

pillow spray

How To Use

Just before you crawl into bed, lightly spritz your pillow and bedding with your DIY Pillow Spray. (I recommend gently shaking the bottle before each use, as the ingredients will tend to separate over time.)

Give the spray a few seconds to evaporate (it shouldn’t take long because of the alcohol), then hop in bed and lay your weary head to rest. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths, let the restful aroma work its magic, and you’ll be drifting off to dreamland before you know it.

pillow spray

And for more great ways to put Slumber to good use, check out this post for additional solutions for getting a better night’s sleep!

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you fall asleep at night?

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