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The Simple DIY For Better Sleep Is A Nightstand Necessity

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman sitting on bed with a Sleep Stick in her hand; woman's hand applying sleep stick to her foot

Slumber Essential Oil Blend Sleep Sticks For A Good Night’s Sleep

I’m always looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep, and Slumber Blend has been certainly been a big help in that regard. I have, in the past, used it to make my own sleep salve, but I was looking for a format that would be less disruptive to my early-to-bed, early-to-rise husband.

I’ve always been more of a night owl, so when I would climb in bed at night (or the wee hours of the morning), I would have to find the jar of salve, take the lid off, put it on, then replace the lid and put the jar back, which was a bit noisy and required turning the light on so I could see what I was doing. He didn’t complain about it, but I woke him up more than once (despite my best efforts).

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman sitting on bed holding a sleep stick and smiling at a golden retriever who is also on the bed
My grandpuppy, Duncan, definitely approves of my sleep sticks!

As I considered how I might solve this dilemma, I remembered the post I wrote years ago about making “winter cheeks sticks“, and realized I had my solution right there! All I had to do was use Slumber blend in place of lavender oil, and I’d be able to make my own homemade sleep sticks that would be quick and easy to apply!

Here’s how to make them.

DIY Slumber Sticks: How To Make Your Own Sleep Sticks

DIY Sleep Sticks - fractionated coconut oil, Slumber Essential Oil Blend, beeswax pastilles, coconut oil, and empty lip balm tubes

You’ll need:

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman's hand measuring beeswax pastilles into a jar with the other ingredients; woman stirring the ingredients in the jar which is in a pot of simmering water


In the top of a double boiler, or in a glass or metal bowl suspended over a pot of simmering water, combine the coconut oil, liquid carrier oil, and beeswax. Stir occasionally until melted and combined, then remove from heat.

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman's hand adding Slumber Essential Oil Blend to the melted ingredients in the jar

Add 35 drops of Slumber to the melted oil mixture and stir.

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman's hands using a measuring cup with a pour spout to pour sleep stick liquid into lip balm tubes

Pour the oil mixture into a measuring cup with a pour spot, then use it to carefully fill your empty lip balm tubes. Allow the oil mixture to solidify completely before using.

DIY Sleep Sticks - close up of woman's hand holding a lip balm tube

This recipe will fill about 20-25 small lip balm tubes. If you have any empty tubes left over afterward, you can use them to make homemade lip balm or stain treatment sticks! (Or, for a larger Slumber stick that covers more surface area, you could use an empty deodorant container rather than a lip balm tube.)

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman's hand holding a sleep stick that is open; woman's hand applying sleep stick to foot

Once you have made your sticks, using them is easy — simply swipe a stick over the bottoms of your feet once you’ve climbed into bed, or while enjoying a cup of sleepy time tea. You’ll be off to sleep in no time!

Love the idea of sleep sticks but don’t want to DIY? Just grab my Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On! The convenient roll-on bottle makes it quick and easy to apply Slumber blend topically. No mixing required and no mess!

You don’t just have to take my word for it that Slumber will help you sleep better! Just check out these customer reviews:

“3 weeks ago I started using Slumber. I didn’t think it was making a difference until I forgot to turn the diffuser on one night. I won’t be making that mistake again! The oils helps me relax and fall asleep easily.”


“This really works. Without it I’d wake several times a night. With Slumber I sleep thru the night. Absolutely GREAT product!!!”

Lorraine B.

“My first use was the first good night’s sleep I have gotten in well over a year! Fantastic!”

Valerie S. 

Do you ever have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep?

DIY Sleep Sticks - woman sitting on bed with a Sleep Stick in her hand; woman's hand applying sleep stick to her foot

DIY Slumber Sticks

Jill Nystul
Featuring sleep-promoting essential oils and natural ingredients, swiping a Slumber stick onto the soles of your feet will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.


  • Double Boiler
  • Empty lip balm tubes
  • Measuring Cup


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil
  • 2 Tbsp beeswax pastilles
  • 35 drops Slumber Essential Oil Blend


  • To the top of a double boiler, add the coconut oil, liquid carrier oil, and beeswax pastilles.
  • Stir until melted, then remove from heat.
  • Add the essential oils, stir, then transfer the oil mixture to a measuring cup with a pour spout.
  • Fill empty lip balm tubes with the oil mixture, then allow the mixture to solidify before using.

Jill Nystul Photo

Jill Nystul (aka Jillee)

Jill Nystul is an accomplished writer and author who founded the blog One Good Thing by Jillee in 2011. With over 30 years of experience in homemaking, she has become a trusted resource for contemporary homemakers by offering practical solutions to everyday household challenges.
I share creative homemaking and lifestyle solutions that make your life easier and more enjoyable!

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Jill Nystul

Jill’s 30 years of homemaking experience, make her the trusted source for practical household solutions.

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  • Indefinite want to try this. My mom has a hard time sleeping.Part of it is her age almost 80 and her Thyroid meds. She just had it removed because of Cancer. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping. I think a lot of it is Menopause related. Lately we’ve used the Dr Teals sleep spray which has melatonin in it. I would probably use a different blend of oils for the sticks. I actually give my mom my old bottle of the spray but the bottle fell somewhere that l can’t retrieve it. So the sticks would be perfect for her.

  • I have just started using essential oils, and my favorite so far is peppermint oil. I use it daily on my abdomen to help me feel less bloated. I also love how quickly it knocks out a headache!

  • How many of these sticks does it make, the big ones? I want to make gifts and dont want to have to make a few batches, is you know that would be great thanks

  • How many sticks does this recipe makes?? I am ordering the sticks but would like to make enough to fill a few for gifts and not have to do it a few times

  • My favorite essential use is Thieves Oil. I use it daily on the tops of my feet for immune health. I get sick much less often since I started using it!

  • I love essential oils, I just started using them. I purchased a few oils to make gifts for the holidays. I had great success and want to continue making more items. I made a lavender sea salt bath soak, and a coconut lime sugar scrub. I’ve been looking for a few essential oils to suggest to my Mom for hormone regulation, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :)

  • I love all the ideas you give; gotta do the photo management and the dream salve. Thanks, Jillee, for the inspiration and motivation. You are God’s messenger and one talented lady. Thanks for the hard work you do….keep the ideas coming.

  • Hi Jillee,

    I really enjoy your blog, and would love to make these dream sticks. I think this could really be helpful for me, I love essential oils! I looked at the spark website, they listed the essential oils listed that are in the dream mix. As I live abroad, I cant buy spark essential oils, and was wondering if you could help with the amount of drops needed per essential oil, so I can make up my own dream mix? I would really appreciate it if you could help give me an estimate of the amount of drops per e.o.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Love, Claudia

  • I give lavender oil to my 85 year-old mom when she has trouble sleeping. I can’t wait to make some dream sticks, it sounds like fun and it will be very useful!! Thank you Jillee for all you do!!

  • We use lavender to: spray in our rooms to prevent bad dreams, mix with coconut oil and apply to eczema, and lemon for cleaning/deodorizing. I’m hooked. But I’d LOVE a diffuser!

  • Have used essential oils in a clean air machine. It makes all the difference in the world in how I feel. Want to make some lip balm as soon as Christmas is over. Things are a little hectic around here trying to get gifts wraped.

  • I would absolutely love to win this prize!! I’m just now learning about essential oils and am very interested in them. I’m really interested in the Frankincense and it’s healing properties. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome set!!

  • Hi Jillee, I am so looking forward to making some of this, possibly in a salve the way your sister does. Can I use any coconut oil or does it have to be the high end stuff. I bought some cheaper stuff just to try it out and would love to be able to use it for these kinds of projects if possible. I am making this for my husband who has had sleep issues since he was a small boy, and also for my 11 month old son who has never slept. Is it okay for such a little guy? Thank you!

  • Hi!

    First of, thanks for sharing your recipes for homemade stuff with us all.
    I really love making my own remedies with essential oils. My favorite use is for several aches, for instance fathers ear pain went away by using lavender on his temples and neckline. My husband loves his Applecider vinegar rinse with a combination of rosemary, lavender, and carrotseed essential oils to get rid of dandruff. I just love using them in cleaning our home too, I cant imagine not using the several oils anymore, they are a gift from heaven

    With love, Claudia

  • I have never used EO before,, but have been interested in learning more about them for sometime. Reading this blog and all the uses mentioned in the comments has made me determined to get busy. Trouble is I have no idea where to get EO.

  • I am so ready for the dreamy sleep blend salve! I was going to make some today but did not have the frankincense. I also want to try the anti-aging cream. Thank you, Jillee, for your wonderful site! Love it!

  • I am just learning to use oils after my doctor recommended it. And shortly after I ran into a person who knew alot about them and she recommended nutmeg oil (ironically I had been craving nutmeg for months!) for my drained adrenals which I have started using. I think there is alot of innate wisdom in oils and I’m so much looking forward to winning this..uhmmmm… I mean ..learning to usie oils more! lol!

  • My favorite essential oil is LLP! I use it daily and do not take the OTC sinus medication any longer. I find new uses every day and love learning more about them.

  • My favorite thing is my eyesight. I have been though five eye surgeries in four years. Four of which have taken place prior to Christmas for the last four years.

    Having been though so much with my eyes, my favorite thing is being able to see. It’s just that simple.

    A close second, would be my friend, Hector. Without his help, life would have been a lot harder. I’ll always treasure our friendship.

  • I would have to say lavender as it is in so many of the blends and quite a workhorse. I use oils for myself and to help friends. So far, you and your sisters have helped me to help a friend with a child who just needed to be able to focus, a friend with allergies and adult ADHD, Wasp stings, Poison ivy, dry skin, calming down a dog, savings on laundry, cleaning and the wonderful aroma’s of oils…. while I do not have a diffuser (someday) I have tried various ways to share the aroma’s at work.

  • I would love to try any and all essential oils. My husband is nearing 80 and has foot pain that has been diagnosed as gout and several other things I can’t recall right now. He has trouble staying asleep at night. I have sciatica and can only sleep in a bed for short periods before I wake with awful hip pain. Anything that would help us stay comfortably asleep at night would be a relief.

  • I use a blend of grapefruit, tangerine and lime oils with apricot oil as a carrier. I use it in a mister all day. Smells like a margarita and gives me a little pick me up when I am dragging. I love the smell of this blend because it reminds me of summer!

  • I don’t have a ton of experience with essential oils (yet) but last year I made lemon rosemary bath salts as Xmas gifts and they were a huge hit! This year I am making 3-4 different gifts involving EOs (including the Dreamy Salve!) so I’ll have to let you know. :)

  • My favorite use for essential oils is my all natural vicks style vapor rub:) I make up a simple salve and add eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary to it. I also infuse the oils I use in the rub with chamomile and calendula flowers which are very calming. I use this personally when im sick and my kids love it too! I put it on their feet at night and put socks on them:) I use the same oil combination in my homemade mason jar soy candles to relieve a chest cold!

  • My favorite, EVERY night use is with the Jillee linen spray – LOVE it!!! I also really like Rebecca’s Slimmer & Sassier Blend (#1)! The two of you have inspired me to try many different E.O. “recipes”!! :)

  • I wuz born w/ essential from root systems on me, in my food and internal use for healing also. Firm Believer in Natural Oilz period. I use them 24 hrs a day now as Home relaxation and healing, use them on my Friends and educate them as much as possible. I have them in my purse, Truck, Home, Son’s Home, u name it, I have & use it.

  • My favorite oils are peppermint and lemon. I do all kinds of stuff with them. Peppermint oil relieves my stomach cramps and has done so much to help with my ibs.

  • My sister and I have used eos for 2-3 years. We’ve never found a site like yours that gives simple and easy to understand directions. I’ve even ordered supplies and started slowly with your remedies. My favorite recipe would have to be the dreamy salve. My 87 year old mom lives with us and shares our difficulty in sleeping. This is a God send for her and us. By the way, I couldn’t get the rafflecopter to work, so this is my entry. Hope that is okay. God bless.

  • if you need a job try this site JOBS61 (dot)¢øm. Dan does it at home and makes $28.98 hourly just sitting and typing stuff all day…No experience needed too

  • I love to use Lavender in an oatmeal and olive oil face scrub because of the way it smells and the way it relaxes me lol I love the way my skin feels when I use it. :) I would also like to try making other wonderful goodies on a very long list of things to try lol

  • My 24 year old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. She has always had problems with insomnia and anxiety that are of course worse right now I would love to try essential oils to help her and the rest of our family. The dream salve sounds amazing.

  • I guess you could call me an “essential oil newbie or wannabe”–I haven’t really tried them, but am anxious to try them. I bought coconut oil to make the dream salve but have to wait til after Christmas to get the rest of the products–so if I win them woohoo!

  • Based one of your earlier posts, I recently purchased Shield. However, I’m wanting to use it for my toddler and am waiting for the carrier oil to come in the mail. I’m super excited to try anything that will help defend us during the winter season!

  • I love essential oils and they play a big part in my life everyday.

    After surgery at 30 I found I could not wear perfumes any longer. I mixed my favorite oils and have worn them every since for 24 years. The kids call it “Mom’s” smell.

    I adore the smell of rosemary and I lightly brush fresh sprigs across the dogs to keep flying insects off them while we are in the yard.

    I put lavender in the grandchildren’s rooms when they stay with me to help them sleep. I work disasters and live on the road most of the year so lavender oils help me relax and unwind after a day in the field and just a few sniffs of rosemary gets me going when I just can’t take one more step.

    I visit your site almost every night Jillie to get great new ideas to take on the road and share …..

  • I use tea tree oil in the soap I make. It has been incredible. I go to the dermatologist 2 times a year because I have pre-cancer spots. I did a lot of sunning as a kid. Since I have been using the tea tree oil in my soap, I have healed spots and kept others from forming. I love tea tree oil.

  • I do not use EO’s yet but have been getting there slowly but surely. Now I own lemon so I can make my own dish tabs. Yesterday I realized I need two more EO’s to make the allergy mix. I plan on ordering or stopping soon to purchase those. I sure would love to win this grand prize.


  • I haven’t really used essential oils before. What a great way to get my feet wet in the oils! My husband has some minor medical issues that aren’t being “fixed” by a doctor. I would much rather approach natural ways instead of all the side effects of prescriptions.

  • love your website and look forward to receiving your daily emails. I have made and used several of your hints and ideas and looking forward to trying the calming stick. Thanks for all your hints and keep up the good work.

  • I have not used essential oils before but would really like to – I would like to start with many of the ideas on your website – I think I would start with lavender and peppermint oils.

  • I love every single one (and blends) of my essential oils. I use them in my diffuser. I make dreamy sleep salve, natural deodorant, natural toothpaste, laundry detergent, cleaning products….you name it, I make it. I especially love my dreamy sleep salve. I sleep through the night now and I haven’t done that in many years. Essential oils have changed my life and I can’t imagine a day without them. Thank you for all your amazing information. I could never have made the transition to a healthier life without your generous wisdom and guidance.

  • My favorite use of essential oils are in making solid lotions. These are super hydrating and because they are solid you can take them on an airplane without taking up precious space is your 1 quart bag of liquids!

  • Have been using eo since learning about them from following your & Rebecca’ s blogs. Have truly been a blessing but have never diffused. Want to start diffusing as a new beginning in the New Year!
    Abundant blessings from above!

  • Great idea to put your Dream balm in a stick! I like essential oils too and lately I’ve been using wintergreen for sore joints and muscles. I’m also putting orange oil and clove oil with water into the kettle on my wood burning stove for some aromatherapy and humidity.

  • I love your website I have been wanting to learn more about essential oils and there benefit’s so i tried the one using pepperment on cotton ball’s to get rid of mice and i think i over did it a little because you said to use only one drop and i saturated the cotton ball and now when the steam come’s up my house smell’s like a jar of vick’s vapor rub lol and you also said that if you listen carefully you may here the mice running away well I think the one’s in my house took a plane!!!!!

  • We use them in so many wonderful ways. Help us get a good nights sleep, help fight of colds and flus, and treat head aches and tommy aches to name a few!

  • I have fibromyalgia, along with the insomnia, headaches,aches, pains and chemical sensitivities. Essential oils seem like a good alternative using so many meds and other chemical products. I would love the chance to try the diffuser!

  • I only have one oil so my experience is very limited. I do want to use Shield and Jeddy’s though. I teach junior high in a building with over a thousand kids. Lots of germs in the air and there are many kids that have ADD and ADHD. I also like making my own chapstick. I would LOVE to win this package.

  • I love to diffuse peppermint in the office. It can get very hectic and trying at times but the peppermint seems to keep everyone’s spirits lively and positive. It also opens up mental clarity and helps to stay focused through out the day. There are so many ways I use this oil and keep it with me wherever I go.

  • My tow favorites are lemon and Jasmine. Lemon makes everything l sunny, and Jasmine is a scent that I lust love. Of course wouldn’t try to make it through cold and flu season without a bottle of Thieves.

  • I haven’t used essential oils before but i keep saying I want to but don;t know where to start. I would really like to start off with lavender oil, also vanilla. I would like to say I love reading your tips and recipes. Thanks for all of it

  • I am getting ready to make my first batch of the winter cheeks salve using frankincense essential oil. I’ve never used essentials oils before so am hoping it turns out well. Living in Fairbanks Alaska it is always super dry and very very cold here.

  • I love essential oils for all sorts of applications. I love to drink my water with a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil in the morning. I have a headache buster blend in a roller bottle (it really works), your sister Rebecca’s coconut oil and lavender “oil cleanser” to clean and moisturize my face not to mention the numerous home cleaning products I make with added oils for cleaning and killing germs. I am hooked on EO’s!!!

  • I haven’t made the dream salve yet, but I’ve loved putting the oil blend on my feet before bedtime. Another favorite eo use for me has been peppermint on my chest and neck for headaches and/or sinus allergies, and citrus oils on my feet in the morning.

  • My favorite oil is past tense which actually took my migraine away(it was love at first swipe) :-) and it helpedwith the neck/shoulder pain associated wiyh my migraines. Soo grateful for natural remedies, my life is not the same since using eo. Thsts a great thing. I hate taking meds. The first thing I grab is my eo. Citrus blissvis another fav and I use it as a perfume. I apply it on my wrists and to my neck. Its so uplifting. I also use it in my body butter. My fav. Its been awesome during the winter. My second fav would be on guard. I use that oil on my kids everyday and they love it especially on my four yr old. And every night I put peaceful child blend salve on my children’s feet before bed and swear they sleep so much better than without it. Love essential oils! My family is so much healthier and happier with natural products in our home! :-) I hope I win the raffle cause I love sharing the oils and making my own beauty products which would make perfect Christmas gifts. ;-) Obtw, cant wait to make the dream sticks ;-) Thanks for today’s post.

  • I am trying my best to use essential oils instead of medicine. Lately, using a blend of mine for headaches and Breathe for sneezing and stuffy nose. This evening, I tried putting some Breathe in my cleavage so I could smell it during yoga class. It worked. I could smell it.

  • I love using the essential oil blends I make on myself and the autistic children I work with. We have seen them stop severe escalations by just smelling an oil. Love the Lemon, Citrus Passion by Native American Nutritionals and the Guardian Blend by the same company.

  • I make peppermint and eucalyptus shower disks that help with our angry sinuses. It’s so dusty and dry here in Wyoming that we’re miserable all year long without them

  • Lavender is my favorite. I use it for calming and relaxing.
    I’ve tried the “Shield” blend recently. My husband had a horrible, long-lasting cold and I did not get it!!!

  • I use Peppermint oil for diverticulitis pain, few drops in tea, a couple drops on inner wrists can lick some off and rub on tummy where you feel the pain.

  • I love using essential oils in my diffuser — and I love that i can change it up depending on the purpose or mood. Next oil to try — hands down — Dream Blend!! Thanks for sharing — I am highly motivated to make myself some Dream Balm in empty deodorant containers!!

  • I am a peppermint person. I use it most out of all of the oils that I have. From putting it on cotton balls around the house to using it to help with my migraines. While I use many others, that is my go to oil.

  • I have just received my first batch of essential oils but I need to learn how to use them effectively. I need to get a diffuser. I tried to order the book but it was out of stock. Anyway, I would love to make the dream salve and also the headache remedy.

  • I messed up, and left a blank comment, but I enjoy your E.O recipes, since I am new to the field and know very little. I have been using Lavender for my daughters excema that she gets on her eyelids. Painful and embarrassing! Thank you for the advice on ways to use E.O in day to day life.

  • I have really been thankful for the cold/flu bomb because me and my husband keep getting colds (so do our 2 young boys) and I’m tellin’ ya, it knocks it out every time!

  • I have been using essential oils in a diffuser with a blend to help relax as well as a bacterial blend that has kept use healthy.

    I have also made a skin moisturizer with coconut oil, lavender and vit. E. I use every night and love the way it feels and makes my skin look.

    I would love to try your sleep mixture as I also have a very hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. I live MS with chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy in my feet which gives me the challenges in this area.

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas, recipes and how to’s for making so many wonderful organic products.
    Barb Schmitt

  • I have used peppermint for tommy aches for years and I was introduced to DoTerra oils but I can NOT afford them! I was so excited to learn about a different brand on your blog, I ordered several oils right away!! But now I’m SO excited to get a better nights rest!!!

  • The Poo-pouri Spray, my son has Cystic Fibrosis, which causes really smelly situations in the restroom, and this stuff works GREAT! I even took some samples with the recipe on it to his CF doctors office as well as his GI doctors office and they have handed it out with rave reviews!

  • I started out with the Peaceful Child Blend for my daughter that I purchased from you or your sister at Camp Wander. Since then I have been gradually expanding my use to include other blends you wonderful ladies have made us
    seekers of natural health privy to. This would enable me to continue to learn and make blends and salves for members of my extended family and good friends. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • I do not use essential oils now but I have wanted to try them for so long. In fact, the book in your giveaway and a 6 oil starter kit are on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas. I am probably most interested in lavender for its calming qualities and tea tree oil. But I would love to try blends. LOVE YOUR SITE and tell everyone I know about it. Thanks for all you share!

  • Hi Jill,

    We were thinking of trying the essential oils for our Grand Daughter’s Allergies. We think the Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint – The Natural Antihistamine is what we’d like to try.

  • Love this website. The essential oils posts always intrigue me but a formula to help me sleep? Count me in!! I am definitely going to try this one!!

    Thank you Jillee

  • I’m a newbie with essential oils & excited to learn more. A few days ago I was bombarded with Sinus infection & bronchitis. My inventory of essential oil is limited, but I pulled together a DIY vicks salve. I was amazed at how well it worked & had never put it on the bottom of my feet before. I also put some lemon EO in a crock pot of water to help purify the air. My infection is now 85% better!! Keep the good info coming!! I’m sold!!

  • Hi

    I was recently told I have fibromalgia, so I’m always up at various times of night and early morning, even thou those other giveaways were amazing I would so love to win this. I have two small children and would love to give them a well rested mother. Its hard sometimes for them to understand why I am so tired and in pain.

    Thank you for giving everyone a chance for the amazing gifts.

    Koni Dannaman

  • I use tea tree oil every night with my toothpaste it leaves them squeak clean. I also love lavender for its relaxing property’s I need all the help I can get to relax. I would like to start using more oils in home made cleaners and spa product.

  • I have been using Jeddy’s blend on my grandsons. They get it on their feet in the morning and if they are running late the put it on their neck between each ear. I can always tell when they have it on their necks because I can smell it. I would tell them I love how they smell. Then I realized the smell was giving me a calming feeling. I now wear a wrist sweat band on my wrist with Jeddy’s blend on it. I can smell it through out the day. I have been taking some quiet time to stop and smell my Jeddy’s blend.
    I’m excited to try some of the different salves, lavender inhalers, pain relieving stick.

  • I can’t wait to try the Dreamy Salve in a deodorant container! That stuff is wonderful and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. Putting in in non-messy container will make it an awesome gift for my mother-in-law!

  • I love essential oils for so many things, I use them in soaps, cleaning products, and even cooking. I really need to try this dream salve. I haven’t slept all night for a long, long, time. I would be so happy if this helped.

  • I love to put grapefruit or lemon in my water, it helps me drink more water, I also love to diffuse oils to make my house smell better, when I travel I always take my eo’s and a diffuser with me to use in the hotel to make the room smell better, sleep and kill anything ‘floating’ in the air. I am still learning and I am loving them more and more.

  • I would love to try Jeddy’s Blend and the headache relief.
    This package would be the ideal gift for me for Christmas, since I just can’t seem to save enough to make the leap in pricey world of essential oils. I hear so many amazing things about them and have always wanted to try them.

  • Hi Jillee!!

    I love your site and have made several of your “recipes” including using lemon essential oil in greek yogurt and making lemon greek yogurt frozen bites which my kids love !! I love peppermint oil and use it in a “spider spray ” around my doors to help deter spiders from coming in. Another favorite is I combine peppermint oil with coconut oil as a treatment for dandruff on the scalp. Tea tree oil is another favorite that is great for killing head lice. Sorry- can you tell I love essential oils and use them daily ! This kit would be a great addition to my small collection !!!

  • My favorite essential oils are lavender and anything citrus. I make hard lotion bars with EOs which are awesome for rough skin (especially my heels). I also add EOs to unscented hand lotions, body creams, hair conditioner, hard surface sprays, and in the rinse cycle of the wash. My latest adventure was making deodorant with EOs in a coconut oil base. I like knowing what is in the products I use and that the products are not synthetic. Thanks for your inspiration Jillee!

  • I’m loving EOs! I have a diffuser on my Christmas list… I keep reading about lots of combination I’d love to try in it. I made some healing salve, and want to make several more! (I love the ‘deoderant’ container application idea!). I’ve been using EOs for migraines, using Jeddy’s and Shield on my son, and perusing Jillee, Camp Wander and Dori for more and more uses and great ideas!

  • I am just discovering essential oils and haven’t used any myself yet. My friend gave me an awesome soap made with lemon and lemon grass essential oils and it is awesome to get me going in the morning.

  • The better question would be “What don’t I use essential oils for?” I diffuse them to improve mood, if we are sick, or just for the scent. I make my own cleaners and use it for scent and disinfecting qualities. To replace medicines (such as Vick’s) and beauty products.

  • Haven’t tried any yet, but have done quite a bit of reading about all the benefits of essential oils. This give-a-way would be a wonderful way to get started!

  • I use EOs for a number of things but my favorite (so far) is the “headache buster” blend. I have been able to cut WAY down on using imitrex for my headaches. I haven’t had much luck with the sleep issue but I will keep trying until I find some blend that works for me.

  • I just ordered some EO’s for the first time. That healing salve looks to be the trick for my 88 yr old mom who has thin and very sensitive skin. I will let you know how it works.

  • I make my own dry shampoo with different essentials oils, like lavender, lemon, mint, or any scent I feel like! When the weather is hot hot hot, I make my own mint infused baby powder and it keeps me cool all day long! I love it!

  • My favorite? One? Between you, Rebecca and Dori, I’ve been Pinning and saving my head off from all the fantastic ideas! LLP is huge for us. Lavender and Helichrysum healed a really nasty burn that my son received from an iron to virtual non-existence. I love “headach blend”. And I could go on and on and on. Thank you for all that you do to share and get the word out.

  • I can definitely relate to having a different sleep schedule than DH. And there ain’t nothing gonna change that for me, so I tiptoe and slide into bed as quietly as possible. The sticks are a great idea, but I wonder if you could do this all in the bathroom, and keep your socks in there, too. Put them all to walk into the bedroom. Anywho, I’m only just becoming aware of essential oils from reading about them in your blog. I did buy a bottle of peppermint oil for my mother to use to ward off the mice in her house. So, I’m eager to explore this new hobby.

  • I adore the Dream blend! I use Dream-y Sleep Salve every night! I am definitely trying these sticks as I have not gotten jars that do not have one solid top and the “canning” type jars with two pieces are making me crazy LOL. I also adore the Zen and Liquid Xanax I got in my Save My Sanity kit from Camp Wander!

  • I am so thankful to have found essential oils as well and Jillie and Rebecca’s websites this year. Every time my family and I am able to use essential oils instead of medication I rejoice at their natural healing power. I am learning how to use them more every day and love sharing this information with my family, friends and colleagues. I also diffuse oils in my classroom to either calm things down or infuse some energy in the room .

  • I LOVE essential oils! I can’t say I have a favorite because they each have such unique and special qualities. Here are a few of my favorite uses: tea tree for acne, lavender for burns and eczema, peppermint for headaches and so much more. I want to make my own dream salve to help with sleeping. Thank you for the giveaway…so fun!!

  • I love EO’s for so many uses. You can make your own fragrance blend, you can make up your own pain relief combo using vegetarian capsules, you can diffuse lavender in your bedroom at night to help you sleep, you can make any number of pain relief salves, skin moisturizing creams, anti-aging oil blend, room freshening sprays, oh the list is exhaustive! I am just learning about EO’s and I am hoping to be able to incorporate the use of EO’s into my nursing practice!

  • I have not used essential oils before, but am interested in trying them after reading about all the things you can do with them on your blog. I would really like to make a blend for helping to relax at the end of the day.

  • I have had to order the EO’s & supplies, a little at a time because I can’t afford to buy them all at once. I now have the ingredients to make the Dream Sticks, so tomorrow is the day I will start using it. I’d also like to try using the one for sleeping because I have never slept well, in my life & I’m 70 years old. Jillee, thank you for you great site.

  • I’ve been plagued with bladder infections about every two to three weeks. I’ve been using the flu bomb kit and including lemon also for over a month and haven’t had one in that time. I love all the suggestions in this post

  • I love using essential oils for almost anything and everything! But my most consistent use is to give my boys a lavender foot massage every night before bed. :)

  • Hi Jillie!

    I am entering your giveaway in hopes to win one of the days! I have absolutely no idea what oil blend to try since I have never ever bought or done a moisturizing regimen! But, being prego with number 2, I could REALLY use some pampering to make me feel “pretty”!

    So….you choose!


    Samantha :)

  • I am sort of new to the world of essential oils. I have just used them to make my lotions smell nice, but slowly building my arsenal of oils so I can start using them properly!

  • I am new to EO’s but have learned how wonderful oregano oil is.So far myself, my husband and 2 friends are discovering how wonderful oregano oil is for the stomach especially IBS.

  • I would really like to try Jeddy’s blend. My son has ADHD, and I probably have it too. He’s 14 and I would love for him to not have to take medicine for the rest of his life. Also since reading you blog, I have become more interested in what essential oils can do and how they can help with so many things.

  • The only one I have tried is pepermint. And I love it. I really want to try more of them. The Dream Salve sounds amazing!! I have fibromyalgia and Sleep Apnea so this realy sounds like something that would help me. Thanks for all of your posts and emails.

  • My cousin who died of brain cancer at the age of 47 was a great believer of essential oils and quietly converted all of her family members to their wonderful benefits. I am only sad that she died before she enjoy this website and share the information. If I were lucky enough to win this, I would be happy to make this for her mother and sister. Thanks for all of your wonderful info!

  • I made my own Number 2 spray, spider repellent, and lotion with lavender and orange essential oils. Love them all, especially the #2 spray. Would love to try more. Thanks Jillee. Happy Holidays

  • I am fairly new to EO. I have tried Jeddy’s blend for my son who is 9yrs old. We have had great success with it. I have the worst time sleeping. It would be be great to have

    Some thing that would get me through the night.

  • I am just getting started using essential oils – bought a ton of stuff tonight to make Christmas gift baskets of lotion, lip balm, body scrub, etc. for my sister and daughters. Can’t wait to try the Dream Blend to help me get back to sleeping nights. Thank you Jillee for your incredible posts!!!

  • I have only used a couple of essential oils but a couple of my friends swear by them. I am so curious and have been wanting to get started using them. I am very inspired by the different uses regarding oils for stress relief, sleep aid, adhd, back pain, as well as for the enjoyment of the aroma in a diffuser! I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!!

  • Thank you, Jillee, for this wonderful opportunity. I’m new to using essential oils and so far have used mostly lavendar, peppermint, and tea tree eos, for headaches, to improve sleep, to heal scratches and wounds, to improve sore throats, sinus, and allergy congestion, and to relieve GERD/reflux.- all have aided me to some extent, some more so than others. I’m excited to learn more, and you are giving someone a wonderful opportunity to do so. Thank you.

  • So far I’ve only used then in a simmer pot, but I just purchased some in hopes of learning to do more. I had planned on using them in making my own cleaning supplies’ but I am also interested in learning about personal care items too. Some many possibilities!!

  • I put a few drops of lemon, lime, mandarin, and pink grapefruit in an oil diffuser and the mix makes the whole room smell fantastic. It also helps me concentrate!

  • I have become absolutely addicted to using EO’s. I made your headache pillow and have used it often. Recently made the dream-y sleep salve…OMG I love it! I just made the pain relieving lotion and am so impressed…it works great on the arthritis I seem to be developing. I love your site and refer people to it all the time. Thanks :)

  • I have just started using a few essential oils. Eucalyptus to curb coughing from a cold, lavender for a disinfectant spray, peppermint, spearmint, & orange for toothpaste. There is so much that I would like to learn about EO’s! Such as using EO’s to help headaches , concentration, sleep aide, soothing tummies and boo boo’s… any way at all that I can to help my family & others live healthier and more green .

  • Have not used essential oils, but am interested in trying them. Especially the Sleep Salve; I also am a night owl (and my husband goes to bed early), and have a terrible time sleeping. I tried entering the giveaway, but not sure it worked. I enjoy your daily post that I receive via email.

  • I use the essential oils to help me with my sinus problems. I use the peppermint oil for the sinus headaches I get. I try to use the rosemary to help open the sinus passageway. I try different oils in the diffuser at night to help in sleeping.

  • I love essential oil for baby. The lavender and eucalyptus are wonderful! I like the lavender to help me sleep which can sometimes be hard with a baby lol

  • I use essential oils daily. I use them on my face to keep my skin healthy and nightly to relax and get a great nights rest. I also use them to heal wounds and bruises. I’m so happy to have been introduced to them. Don’t know how I got along without them. :)

  • I’ve used some EOs (lavender, peppermint, grapefruit) just for smells and nothing else. I’m just now getting into the whole knowledge of using EOs for more than smells :)

  • i apologize… forgot to mention our favorite use of essential oils,and/or favorite blends.the favorite use or oil or oil blend. Have used several… mostly for cooking, only. Will get our”‘goody pkg”, soon, filled with everything we need for making soap, or candles except a wide variety of essential oils! GOD SCENT….. SENT!

  • I have never used essential oils, except at my acupuncturist’s. I really want to get into them to help with appetite, fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, raynauds arthritis, joint pain etc.

  • I love using lavender essential oil in many ways – with my white vinegar for cleaning solution, on my wool dryer balls to make my laundry smell amazing, mixed with baking soda to sprinkle on my mattress to freshen it while washing the sheets, & a few drops in my bath to relax me & help me get to sleep! Thanks for all your wonderful tips & “recipes” for wonderful home-made remedies & products that contain no harmful chemicals!! You’re my inspiration, Jillee!

  • I love experimenting with the different combinations of essential oils. I have just discovered bergamot. I love the smell of it, and I’m having fun mixing it with other oils to find just the perfect smell to use in my diffuser.

  • I love essential oils! I love to diffuse them in my house and my classroom. I am always coming back to the “One Good Thing” website to re-read your recipes. I need to get to work on my eo gifts!

  • I like to mix lavender oil and coconut oil for my skin after a shower. I also like to use the poopouri. Since I’m going through perimenapause, one of the symptoms is sleeplessness. I look forward to trying the dream blend. I would also like to have a diffuser.

  • I’m loving this idea (though I like the idea of the dream salve better), and I’m crazy about everything lavender! I love all your posts about using essential oils, just haven’t made the investment quite yet!

  • I am fairly new to essential oils. I have bought a lavender and peppermint oil. I used the peppermint to get rid of some moles in my fathers yard. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball with the oil and put it at the entrance hole…….the moles must not like the smell because they went elsewhere.

    My other foray was making Naked Salve which I found on CampWanders blog….love this stuff. My next adventure will be making the Dream Sticks..

    I’m a newbie, so keep all those wonderful ideas coming

  • I’m looking forward to trying jeddys blend to see if will help my son. Right now I mix peppermint oil with coconut oil to moisturize after a shower and face the day. Thanks for the roads info Jillian! :)

  • I love lemon, lavender and peppermint for allergies – that has saved me this year from misery and being filled with medication. I also use all three and orange oil in various cleaners for my house. I am now trying a blend for hormone balance and hopefully if will work as well as the alley blend!

  • I have limited experience with essential oils BUT you and your website have completely peaked my interest in exploring and learning more about them. I read your post about coriander and I’ve recently been told by my doctor that I’m pre-diabetic. I’ve started losing weight and would love to incorporate coriander into my daily routine as well as all of the other essential oils. I would be SOOOOO excited to win the prize package. I love your site and think it’s so incredible! Thank you for all of the wonderful tips and information you provide us every day.

  • I use a lot of lavender at home – always a few drops in my toddler’s bath before bed! We recently found a locally-made dream stick that our 9 year old clammors for at bed time. No more bad dreams! Yay! I’d love to make my own. We’re also going to try Jeddy’s Blend / I think we could *all* benefit from it!

  • I’m just getting started with EO and so far I love it! I put lavender and tea tree in a bath for my kids and it helps my sons eczema and calms both of my little (and me!) down before bed time. I would love to try so etching to help my daughter and husband sleep better. My daughter is 4 and doesn’t sleep all night and my husband could use something to help him sleep when he is on the ship (Navy).

  • I have been hooked on your blog for just over a year! LOVE IT! I use lavender EO when I make all my laundry soap, scent beads and softener.I diffuse EO’s throughout my house and would love to try your dream sticks! I have 2 sons with Tourette’s, ADHD, OCD and severe anxiety disorder that affects their ability to ‘turn off’ tics etc at night and has them up until 2am or later every night! I would love to try EO’s with them.and especially see if the dream sticks helps them <3. Thanks again for all your tips etc. Look forward to each posts!

  • what great gifts!!!! thank you, so much for the opportunity to be a part of this fabulous website/blog/information/etc. community… oh, and i can’t forget your wonderful gifting!!!!

    Funny thing… my daughter goes through, at the very least 3-4 bars (of mass-manufactured) soap/week. Then, for no reason, we were given several blocks of unbelievably fragrant homemade soap. We were given several beautiful kinds/smells. I fell in LOVE with each, and every tantalizing, fragrant, soapy, block!!!
    Funny thing… my daughter goes through one block of homemade soap/week.


  • We love lavender here at our house but can honestly say that we are not yet into E O’s but the more I ready about them the more interested I am. Also,love anything lemon !

  • I love the idea of your “dream sticks” in deodorant tubes for gifts. I collected some old tubes from roll up deodorants and they all have holes in the bottoms of the containers! How do you fill yours without leakage?

  • I drip some on a piece of driftwood I have as decoration in the bathroom. It works great as a diffuser of sorts. I also dab tea tree and lavender on zits and put a few drops of orange or lemon in home made liquid soap

  • I’ve been hooked on Shield this season…using it to reduce and prevent illness. I’m convinced it has helped with all of the nasty germs around us this season! Thank you, once again, for this chance!

  • I have never used essential oils. I have used fragrance oils, is that the same thing? I don’t think it is because I got them at the Dollar Store. I really want to make some of these salves to give as christmas gifts though. My nephew has a VERY hard time falling and staying asleep so I would love to make some dream sticks for my sister to use with him.

  • I have never used essential oils but I hear many good things about them!
    I would love to hear if they have anything that helps with migraines!

  • So far I have only tried eucalyptus oil. I made up a batch of your antibacterial hand lotion with it. I am in love! Not only does it have a wonderful fresh/clean scent, it has really helped my dry hands. Plus it helps fight germs :)

  • I love using my diffuser in my computer lab, really helps with my younger kiddos.
    I use oils for personal use and for cleaning. I like so many of them, I really couldn’t choose a favorite

  • I gave a demonstration at a health fair at church on making your own cleaning products. We put drops of essential oils in the ingredients and they just smelled great, besides the wonderful benefits of cleaning!

  • My favorite blend is by far the blend in the healing salve. I use the same combo over and over – deodorant, lotion bars even put a few drops in my lotion because I love the smell so much! It’s so versatile and I love how good it is for so many skin issues.
    I have a diffuser in my amazon basket hoping DH will stumble on it and get it for me for Christmas! Thanks for such an awesome opportunity!

  • I use EO’s just about everyday! Favorites are lavender, lemon, peppermint, birch . . . I guess there are too many favorites to list :) AND Jeddy’s Blend has worked miracles for my grandson!

  • I use coconut oil for lots and I love lavender. I want to try the fractionated coconut oil. What’s the difference? Thank you for all your advice and recipes and give aways.

  • I love using essential oils. My favorite is Lavender. I use it in my coconut and olive oil mixture for my lotion and deoderant. Another way I use it is in my laundry detergent.
    I will be trying this recipe for dream salve soon. Thank you Jillee

  • I’m only a beginner in using essential oils, but I love peppermint for clearing a plugged nose! Really opens the nostrils! Just a drop or two under your nose and viola you can breathe again.