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5 Easy And Affordable Ways To Get Longer, Healthier Eyelashes

DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - collage: woman looking into mirror while brushing her eyelashes, woman with her eyes closed applying serum to eyelashes with a roller bottle

How To Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally

A few years ago now, a desire for longer and thicker eyelashes led me into a brief and unfortunate encounter with eyelash extensions. As in: I went and got them, then endured a brutal 72 hours of itching and burning before getting them removed.

Apparently my eyes simply aren’t destined for long, luxurious eyelashes, which is rather disappointing because I really loved the way they looked! :-) Oh well. There is a certain point when the price of “beauty” is just too high to pay, and itchy, burning eyes is definitely one of those points!

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After that debacle, I decided to look into other ways I might augment my somewhat skimpy lashes. That lead to the discovery of the super simple DIY lash serum I’ll be sharing with you today, along with few other tips and tricks I’ll share at the end of this post!

Check out my video at the end of the post where I try Magnetic Eyelashes for the first time.

DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - ingredients for eyelash serum: lavender oil, roller bottle, fractionated coconut oil

How To Make A Nourishing DIY Lash Serum

You’ll need:

DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - collage: woman's hand putting fractionated coconut oil into a roller bottle using an eyedropper, woman's hand putting a drop of lavender oil into the roller bottle full of fractionated coconut oil


Remove the top from a glass roller bottle and fill it with fractionated coconut oil. Add a single drop of lavender essential oil on top of the coconut oil, then replace the roller top. Shake the bottle gently to combine the oils.

DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - woman putting serum on her eyelashes using a roller bottle

To use the serum, gently roll it over your lashes. Use clean fingers to spread the serum evenly along the length of your lashes, but be careful not to pull or tug on them. (And take care not to get any of the serum in your eyes as well!)

For best results, apply the serum once a day at bedtime. The beneficial fatty acids in the coconut oil will help moisturize and strengthen your lashes over time, while the lavender oil provides additional nourishment (and it just smells nice!) :-)

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4 More Ways To Promote Longer, Healthier Eyelashes

DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - collage: woman's hands putting tea bag into water, woman with wet teabags on her eyes.

1. Apply Green Tea

Green tea features beneficial properties like flavonoids that can help with lash growth. Just dip a cotton ball into warm or cool green tea and swipe it over your eyelashes, where it will help stimulate growth and clean the hair follicles, allowing for more substantial growth to occur.

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DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - woman looking into mirror while brushing her eyelashes

2. Brush Your Lashes

Another way to keep your eyelashes healthy and help stimulate growth is by brushing them twice a day with a lash comb. Brushing helps to distribute the natural oils along the length of your lashes to help keep them strong and evenly moisturized.

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DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - woman at table eating a healthy meal

3. Eat Protein And Vitamins

Help promote lash growth and keep them healthy by making sure your diet is high in both protein and vitamins. Foods like fish, eggs, beans, and yogurt are all good choices that can contribute to healthy lashes, and soy protein can help promote lash growth.

DIY lash serum for longer thicker eyelashes - woman holding an eyelash curler in one hand and making a thumbs down with the other hand

4. Be Nice To Your Lashes

And last but not least (as well as a good reminder for me): be gentle with your eyelashes! Anything that can damage your lashes should be avoided if possible, including false lashes and lash curlers.

It’s almost impossible to remove false lashes without pulling out at least an eyelash or two. And lash curlers can lead to damage as well, either by causing breakage, or if your hand slips and you accidentally yank out a number of lashes! 

So if you’re in pursuit of longer lashes, I hope you’ll give some of these tips a try for yourself! :-)

Do you have any tips or tricks related to eyelashes?

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Curious about magnetic eyelashes? Check this out.

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  • I tried everything including natural remedy but only Dermalmd Eyelashes Growth Serum really worked. My lashes had gotten thin after having a baby but dermalmd serum thickened them up and increased length. Took about 6 weeks to notice a big difference. My eyes are usually very sensitive to products and this did not cause any irritation at all!

  • Great article! Thanks for sharing that knowledge with us! I used Latisse for a while, then switched to Careprost (generic Latisse) (it’s a way cheaper). I love it! I’m so happy I’ve found “Hotlash247” in Google and got Careprost. You can see a real difference in 2 weeks. I have used Careprost for a about year now. It’s worth it because my eyelashes are now extremely long and curly. When people talk to me, they end up staring at my eyes and smiling. I get so many compliments and comments. Absolutely beautiful. My eyelashes definitely became longer, fuller, and darker.

  • Hi Jillee! I made this but had a hard time applying it to my lashes from a roll-on bottle. Instead, I put in a dropper bottle and cleaned an old eyebrow brush, put some serum in my palm, rolled the brush in the serum, and brushed it onto my lashes. This seemed to be a much easier way for me. I am also trying this on my brows. As my hair began to thin with age, I noticed my lashes and brows doing so, as well. My brows are nearly non-existent! Does anyone out there know a magical brow growing cure?? If so…HELP!!!!!

    • I live in Western Massachusetts, and we have a Walgreen’s Pharmacy near to where we live. They carry an inexpensive make up called “Wet and Wild.” I love their foundation, lipsticks, eye brow pencils and mascara. The mascara does the trick for my spare eyelashes and makes them so much longer than they are.
      Due to having glaucoma, I asked my ophthalmologist about any oil near my eyes, he told me that he would not advise doing that. He said that mascara was fine so long as it was not more than six months old.

  • […] in about 1 – 3 months as a part of the lash growth cycle. However, you can also try with a few natural remedies to improve your lashes […]

  • I have been using emu oil off and on for years because I read somewhere it promotes hair growth. I wonder why whoever makes Rogaine hasn’t come up with an affordable option.

  • Thank you for all of your tips and hints. You have never let me astray! On this one, I think a video tutorial might be really helpful. I can’t picture how to apply it to my lashes without it getting in my eyes. Any chance of a video?

  • you forgot one amazing oil Castor oil most eyelash serum use castor oil as the base. My recipe
    in a small travel squeeze bottle. Combine 1/2 travel bottle castor oil, 1/4 avocado oil 1/4 coconut oil. Using a clean mascara brush or fine tip brush to coat eyelashes before bed.

  • I agree. Proper diet also takes part. Moisturize your lashes to avoid itchiness and other problem in the future. BTW, These are most informative and so helpful information I have read. Well done!!

  • I use castor oil on both my lashes and eyebrows. Simply apply with either your finger or a clean mascara wand. My eyelashes are conditioned and are filled in and long like they looked in high school! Be patient but it works! Also castor oil reduces dark circles and keeps eye area soft and lovely!! Highly recommend!

  • I put a drop of lavender essential oil into my mascara tube. It does two things: promotes growth and extends my mascara by helping it not clump as quickly. Been doing it a long time. It works so well. I’m going to try your eyelash serum too! Thank you. :)

  • I thought maybe I was the only one wishing I had the lovely thick lashes I had when I was younger.. So… will try this but I hate the smell of coconut oil, going to try this pure argan oil I found.. one ingredient.. argan oil.. will let you know in 4 to 6 weeks how it goes.. Here’s to thick lashes!!!

  • Those are amazing tips. I ALWAYS put green tea bags on my eyes on my eyelids to make my eyes and skin look less tired, but I had no idea to helps to follicles too!.. %)
    As to coconut oil, I agree it’s helpful, but I just don’t tolerate oils any close to my eyeballs. :( So I have to use serums enhancers like Cherish Lash – I am quite satisfied with the length of my eyelashes after a course of it.

  • Have you heard of Rodan and Fields? They have a product that is a mascara called Lash Boost! I’ve actually seen a difference on several family members that use this product and has also they have been using it on their eyebrows as well!! Imagine that paying for a product that is made for one reason but can also benefit for another. Two for the price on one!!

    • I use Rodan and Fields Lash Boost and it is incredible. Lashes are beautiful. My friend uses it for brows and has seen significant results. Takes 4-6 weeks, but well worth it.

  • I’ve had same good results as Sandi. I add a drop or 2 of lavender oil to a new tube of mascara. My lashed have grown much longer. Google eyelash mites (ugh; we’ve all got them) and then get some lavender essential oil!

  • My daughter has been using the Lash and Brow Building Serum from Mary Kay with great results!! Her lashes look amazingly longer and fuller!!! I have just ordered some for myself. (Not a DIY, obviously, but gets results).

  • I put a drop of lavender and a drop of cedarwood essential oils each time I buy a tube of mascara. I have noticed a difference in my lashes since I’ve been doing this.

    • I tried castor oil on my eyebrows to stimulate growth and either it worked or was amazing coincidence-unlike Ristasis (sp?prescription) it does not have to be done continually to maintain. It is my go-to if I happen to over-tweeze. So if it works for brows might just work for lashes….

  • Thanks. I really needed these ideas. My eyelashes actually suddenly started falling off one of my eyelids. They have kind of started to grow back. I feel like a space alien. I have been using castor oil at night and a lash serum by Rimmel.

  • >