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Snoring Keeping You Up? This Easy DIY Is The Remedy

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My husband has always been a snorer, bless his heart. Those of you married to snorers will understand what I mean when I say that while I love Dave dearly, I spend a lot of time lying awake trying not to smack him with a pillow. (He insists that would be cruel because he isn’t choosing to snore, but we’ve agreed to disagree on that point.)

Unsurprisingly, we’ve tried many different remedies and interventions over the years to try and improve the snoring situation, from special mouth pieces to staggered bedtimes. While nothing has stopped his snoring entirely, I have at least come up with a DIY solution that quiets his snoring enough that I can actually sleep, and it’s the subject of this post!

This DIY snoring solution is a twist on the homemade gel air fresheners I first posted about years ago. The gelatin base for those air fresheners makes a perfect medium for essential oils — sort of like a mini diffuser you don’t have to plug in! But rather than adding essential oils for fragrance, I used Slumber Essential Oil Blend to create an all-natural snore relief gel.

snore relief jar

How Does It Work?

Slumber is a blend of several essential oils with properties that can help calm snoring, including marjoram, cedarwood, vetiver, and lavender. Marjoram helps to relieve tension throughout the body for more restorative sleep, while cedarwood and vetiver oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce nasal inflammation that can contribute to or worsen snoring.

And last, but certainly not least, lavender is well known for its relaxing, restful effects, and helps carry both snorers and their long-suffering spouses off to dreamland. :-)

What Are OGT Readers Saying About It?

I’ve been delighted by the comments and emails I’ve received from OGT readers who have given this snore relief gel a try for themselves, including these ones!

My husband sounded like a purring kitten. He said he slept really good and barely tossed and turned, and I slept like a bear hibernating in the winter. I set one by his bedside and one by mine. Thank you so much for this life (and marriage) saving remedy. You are the best!

Lisa S.

I purchased this because my husband snores and I can’t sleep! I made the little gel air freshener Jillee wrote about. Let me tell you we both slept through the night. My husband barely snored and we both woke up so refreshed.

Sally F.

It works! I snore and my husband often moves to another room. Since using Slumber we both have more restful nights in the same room.

Jennifer W.

My husband says I snore (breathe heavily) and I ordered Slumber oil and made a snore jar with it. Every night I use the snore jar or I add Slumber to my diffuser and there have been no more complaints of snoring.

MJ Foley
Make a DIY gel freshener jar with Slumber Essential Oil Blend For Sleep.

Not Just For Snoring!

While this Slumber-infused gel in a jar has proven itself to be a simple and effective tool for snore relief, that isn’t the only reason you may want to make your own! You could set it out on your nightstand to help clear stuffy nasal passages when your allergies are acting up, or to help you relax if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

The recipe below makes two jars, so both you and your spouse can keep one close while you sleep (or you could always give the second one away as a gift!) Here’s how to make them.

How To Make DIY Snore Relief Gel In A Jar

snore relief jar

You’ll need:

snore relief jar


Measure out 3/4 cup of water and pour it into a small pot or pan. Heat it on your stovetop over medium-high heat until hot, then add the salt and stir until the salt dissolves completely.

snore relief jar

Next, slowly add the gelatin to the water and stir until dissolved, then remove the mixture from heat and add the remaining 1/4 cup of water.

snore relief jar

Carefully divide the liquid between your two four-ounce mason jars.

snore relief jar

Finally, add about 20 drops of Slumber Blend to each jar and stir with a wooden skewer or craft stick. (If you’d like to color your gel just for fun, add a drop or two of food coloring to each jar before stirring.)

snore relief jar

Place the jars in your fridge uncovered until the gel solidifies, then cover with an airtight lid. (Keep in mind that as with any gelatin product, the gel may start to liquify at higher temperatures. If this happens, no need to worry—just stick the jar back in the fridge until it solidifies again!)

snore relief jar

How To Use Your Snore Relief Gel

When you’re ready to turn in for the night, open your jar and hold it near your nose. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, then set the open jar on your nightstand and leave it there overnight.

Snore Relief That’s Ready To Use

Not much of a DIYer? You can use Slumber Essential Oil Blend in your diffuser to get the same effect as the gel jar.

A woman in pink pajamas is getting ready for bed, seeking snore relief.

If you snoring is keep you up at night, or you’re just having a hard time sleeping in general, give Slumber a try for yourself! It’s backed by my 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, just contact me within 90 days to receive a full refund. It really is that easy!

Slumber comes in both a 10ml bottle and a ready-to-apply roll-on. If you want to try both versions of Slumber, you can grab them in my Good Night Sleep Kit. I like to put a few drops of Slumber in my diffuser (or use my gel jar) and swipe the roll-on onto the bottom of my feet before bed. Then I’m off to sleep in no time!


Do you have a favorite remedy or tip for snoring?

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  • I’m excited to try this! I’m a snorer and I sleep separately from my husband as a result. However as a vegetarian, I won’t use gelatine. Xantham gum powder does the job of gelatine, use half the amount the recipe calls for with xantham gum. In this case, two tablespoons of gelatine equals one tablespoon xantham gum.

  • If your partner is snoring, the absolute first thing to do is get tested for sleep apnea. And if they have it, using a cpap machine. Sleep apnea means they’re not getting enough oxygen because they stop breathing when asleep, it’s really bad for your heart and brain. I’ve had it for years. While I’m sure this stuff helps for congestion, etc, it’s really important to rule out serious health conditions first.

    • Erin, thanks for sharing this important information! Yes, sleep apnea is very serious! This remedy is for people that snore and do not have a serious medical condition.

  • I’m going to try this! My husband and I both have sleep apnea, but also allergies. He has always had allergies, and mine have just developed in the past 2 years or so.
    Where do I get those cute pink jars!?

  • Hi Jullee

    Just wondering if this same trick on ripen Avocado with flour will work on Mango’s and Papaya’s too?
    The Avocado and flour works like a charm!


  • This works!!!! My son has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. The test was really with him. He snores louder than his loud father (try sleeping in a camper with them two…. NOT anymore!! Gotta remember to bring “The Secret In A Jar” when we go glamping). I made a jar for him and he said it worked great!! Again, Thank You for your recipes for healthier living. There are sooooo many poisonous chemicals out there that really affect our health. You are an angel. God Bless You & Your Family & the Others in your Group!!!!

  • I usually buy individual bottles, so how many drops of each should I use? I had made something like this with a recipe you gave years ago before you started selling your own brand of EOs.

  • I may have to try this. The sleep oil blend is kind of expensive. I’ve been told I snore. I actually did one of those studies at home with a monitor. It showed I didn’t have it. I think a lot of mine is due to allergies. I live in the Midwest which is one of the worst places for allergies. It can also be very humid.

    • I’m sure mine is probably due to allergies and bad air quality days don’t help. I was going to add if someone’s snoring is loud enough you can’t sleep in the same room – you might want to see a Doctor. In some cases it might be something enlarged in the throat area. I’ve known people that there snoring improved or vanished after treatment.

  • I made this, and it works. I was fairly sure it was working (for both of us) but after last night, I’m positive. My husband didn’t feel like bothering with it last night, and he snored really loud. Between that and tropical storm winds I was awake a long time. Finally, I got up and opened his jar for him. He wasn’t sleeping soundly, so he took a few long sniffs. After that, he quieted right down, and we both went to sleep.

  • I just LOVE this idea! I know a few people (myself included) that have allergy/sinus issues. Ordered the oils from Spark Naturals (also used the discount code. Thanks, Jillee!) and when I get them, I’m making a batch to distribute to those that may benefit from it and keep one for myself.

  • Going to certainly try this….not for my husband, but for me! As husband says I snore
    once in a while..mostly when I’m really tired! My question is…where do you find the
    “mesh-looking” lid in your picture? Am thinking one could also make a nice-smelling blend to set in the bathroom, etc. Loving your site.
    P.S. I sew for an online site….rosesandteacups.com
    Nannette S.

  • I don’t have the Marjoram oil. Is there anything else i could use in its place? I LOVE this idea and since i am in the middle of canning right now, my jars are out and ready to go! Thanks Jillee!!!

  • >