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toilet cleaning

I often say that some of my best ideas are sparked by my readers, and the subject of today’s post is no different! Our story begins with an email I recently received from a reader who was experiencing some unfortunate side effects related to their new low-flow toilet.

But I want to let you know up front that today’s post will feature a lot of “real talk” about toilets. I’m here to offer practical solutions to real life problems, and that often requires some real talk!

So I’m issuing a Real Talk Warning, because we will be talking about poop quite a bit today. But everybody poops, so I think we can handle a bit of frank discussion about it, right? Okay, good. :-)

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Secret Plumbers Trick to Unclog a Toilet

The Problem: The Unintended Consequences Of Low-Flow Toilets

As I was saying, I got an email from a reader asking for help with the new low-flow toilet. And it’s an issue you may already be familiar with if you have a low-flow toilet at home!

While low-flow toilets are great at conserving water, they aren’t so great at removing all the evidence of a bowel movement. This reader was concerned with the streaks and marks that were left behind after flushing, and asked if I might be able to help.

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I was intrigued by her predicament, and figured that it must be a common issue these days because of the increasing popularity of water-conserving toilets. So I decided to take the case and find a solution that could help!

bidet sprayer

The Solution: A Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Luckily, I was able to find a solution that was not only easy, but affordable too! The best way to eliminate those low-flow toilet streaks is to install a handheld bidet sprayer.

There are a couple of different types of bidet attachments you can install on your current toilet, one of which is a handheld sprayer. Once installed, the sprayer hangs off the edge of your toilet tank so it’s always within reach.

In addition to using this sprayer to clean yourself, you can also use it to clean the actual toilet! Those unsightly skid marks will be gone in seconds, without the need to use any cleaners or scrubbers to get the job done!

toilet cleaning

How To Install A Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Installing this handheld bidet sprayer couldn’t be easier! I installed one on the toilet at the OGT Studio so we could test it out. It took me all of five minutes from start to finish!

The kit included everything I needed to install it, which was very helpful. (And not that I needed to use it, but it also came with a 60-day full refund policy and a 12-month manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind!)

Toilet Cleaning

Step 1 – Turn Off The Water

You start by turning off the water to the toilet, then flushing the toilet to remove the remaining water from the tank.

bidet sprayer

Step 2 – Attach The T-Valve

Once the tank is empty, you unscrew the water hose where it connects to the toilet. Then you install the included T-valve, attaching the water hose to the bottom hole and bidet sprayer to the side hole.

bidet sprayer

Step 3 – Finish & Test

Make sure all the connection points are hand tight, then hang the sprayer clip off the side of the toilet tank. Turn the water back on and check for leaks.

If there are any leaks, turn the water back off. Use the included plumber’s tape wrap the threads at point where the leak is occurring. (I didn’t have any leaks, so hopefully you won’t need to do this step either!)

Once the sprayer operates free of leaks, use the handle on the t-valve to adjust the water pressure to where you want it. And voila, you’re done!

bidet sprayer

Bonus Benefits Of Having A Handheld Bidet Sprayer

In addition to eliminating those unsightly poop marks from your toilet bowl, there are other benefits to installing one of these bidet sprayers on your toilet. So here are some of the bonus benefits to giving this sprayer a try:

  • Wash Diapers Easily. This sprayer is also marketed as a solution for washing cloth diapers. If you use cloth diapers or have been thinking about making the switch, having this sprayer could make your life a lot easier!
  • Use Less Toilet Paper. Most people who use a bidet or bidet attachment report using much less toilet paper than they used to. Using less toilet paper will not only save you money, but it will help prevent clogs too!
  • Feel Super Clean. Once you get used to the sensation of using a bidet, you’ll love how clean you feel after using it!

Have you ever considered adding a bidet attachment to your toilet?

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  • We’ve had a low-flow toilet for years and never have a problem with washing down everything the first flush. I think it’s a reflection of diet and health. A healthy stool should not leave streaks

  • I think my Sister may have one on their toilet. Her place is fairly new ( to them). I had used their bathroom.,Went to flush. Only it wasn’t flushing the usual way. I was asking what the deal was. She was saying it’s a European thing. I’m thinking the previous home owners must have installed a bidet in their bathroom. Great idea though if you have Digestive issues like me.

  • I can see using this to help clean the toilet, but I’m skeptical about it saving toilet paper. I would think that on average it would take more TP to dry off than to just use it instead of the water.

  • I’ve had one of these on my toilets for many years. The first time I ever used a bidet was when I visited France and I fell in love. The water that shoots out is cold, so once you get over the shock of it, it’s really great. I use it on my tush too, when needed. The best thing I can recommend is after using to still dry off. It can give a rash if you have sensitive skin like I do.

  • For those who wrote about using wipes — PLEASE do not flush them!! We used them occasionally at my house and ended up with a clogged sewer line that backed up and flooded half the house. Those wipes do NOT dissolve in water. They would dissolve in the package if moisture had that effect on them, right? Save yourself a lot of headaches and expense and don’t use them — or throw them in the trash instead of the toilet if you think you have to use them.

    • You are so right, never flush those “flushable” wipes. Even if they don’t clog your own plumbing, they wreak havoc at the sewer treatment plant and are one more thing they have to filter out. We keep in the bathroom a small trash can that seals like a diaper disposal unit, labelled just for the wipes. Smell-free and discreet.

  • Great idea! I only have 1 low flush toilet in my house and it is rarely used to do no. 2. (1st floor) But this is a great idea if we ever have to pull the other toilets. Now if only the place I work would get a clue. You would think that a toilet in a commercial building in downtown MPLS would have a toilet that completely flushes – right? However, I frequently find skid marks at about a 10:00-10:30 am by the person who used that stall previously.


    This is really a good idea for what ails you, clean toilets and a sparkly fresh bum. I popped around the web and some folks, I would say about 10% have had a leak. Just my 2 cents(where is the cents symbol)

  • yo, tengo una ducha de bidet en el wc y estoy encantada, en verano no hay problema pero en invierno, tampoco lo tengo ya que lo conocte a la ducha q la tengo al lado mismo de wc, me funciona perfecto incluso para limpiar la taza

  • LMAO….THIS IS BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for this new found treasure! I have been extremely constipated all my life and now at 70 I have a prolapsing vaginal vault which is partly due to the constipation (rectocele) and having 3 kids by natural delivery and lots of heavy lifting of dog food, mulch, dirt, salt pellets, etc. Can you tell I am divorced? I had to have a hysterectomy (age 35) and at that time my gyno did a rectocele repair. Now 35 years later I am having to face another rectocele repair and vaginal prolapse but my Urogynecologist has me trying to get by with a pessary to keep my vagina from falling out (it is a very uncomfortable problem at times). This past 1 1/2 months has been hell trying to become “normal” and regular using Miralax and Benefiber. Needless to say keeping my toilet skid free is a huge challenge as I try to cope with this mess. Buy stock in toilet paper and baby wipes as I will make you rich! I am going to order this little treasure as am sure it will help resolve one of my issues (maybe 2 issues but the thought of a cold spray on my nether region makes me shudder). Thank you for all you do to educate and enlighten us!

    • Hi Granny Z: depending on where your toilet is located, (if it’s beside your sink) you can hook the bidet up to the water under the sink instead of the toilet. Then just adjust the hot and cold water with your faucets to make it comfortably warm. That’s what I do. I’ve had a bidet sprayer for several years because I was tired of paying for toilet paper. Of course, the cold isn’t so bad in the summer. :)

      • Got my sprayer today but haven’t even had a chance to open the box. I might look into how I could hook it into the sink water supply instead as the toilet is right next to the sink Thank you for this suggestion!
        Granny Z

  • I like this, a lot! You really have my imagination spun up. I reviewed the attached toilet cleaning article too, and I’m thinking a can of Coke would be cheaper than that harsh (but effective) toilet cleaner you buy at the store. And what if you could put the cola in an empty bottle so you could squirt upwards? I have a fussy grandson who won’t even use TP anymore, only wipes. Our problem is that we keep our pets out of the toilets by closing the lids (also to avoid aerosolization from flushing) and that causes mold to form in the upper reaches. Regular use of the bidet would probably eliminate it from forming… Woo hoo!

  • I’ll be dipped. I did not know there was such a thing. I mean, I know what a bidet is but did not know you could attach one to your toilet like this. I guess, I had never thought about it before. Just shows to go you, you can be in your 70’s and still learn something knew everyday. Thanks for all of your ideas and tips.

    • I attached a bidet on my toilet years ago. Not this style it sit in the back of the toilet and directs at the target area, has a dial for intensity. I love it!! I hate using any other toilet! It doesn’t help keep the toilet cleaner though. I got mine on amazon for under $40.

  • I have had one of those inexpensive cold-water bidets for three years now! It is a bit reFRESHing, but honestly it’s not uncomfortable at all and you feel much cleaner. It can really be a lifesaver if you have mobility issues for any number of reasons. I have made bidet converts out of most of my siblings, aunts, and cousins – the bidet manufacturers should should pay me a cut on all the ones I’ve sold for them. I actually miss it whenever I have to *go* away from home.

  • I have considered it for personal hygiene but I don’t think I could tolerate the cold water temperature. I have purchased a portable bidet for about $10.00 and I fill it at the sink with warm water and a few drops of soap. That works well and the pressure of the stream depends on how hard you squeeze it. I found this very helpful when my leg was in a cast and I was depending on sponge baths.

  • We installed one for a family member with loss of motor control. It’s been a lifesaver. This bathroom gets the most traffic in the house and has definitely lessened the tp bill. Also a plus for those suffering their monthly cycles as well.

  • I have a low flush toilet, waiting a few minutes and doing another couple of flushes does the trick in our home but appreciate not everyone has the few minutes time to hang around! The very nature of low flush does mean the cistern fills very quickly though. Not convinced I’d enjoy spraying my delicate areas with cold water either!

  • >