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10 Clever Shortcuts That Make Housework Quick And Easy

time saving shortcuts

No one wants to spend longer on household chores than they have to! Luckily, this post features 10 simple shortcuts that will save you time at every turn.

From accomplishing common tasks in record time to reducing the amount of work you have to do altogether, these tips will free up more of your time so you can spend it however you please.

10 Simple Household Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

time saving shortcuts

1. Spray Your Dishes

Dish sprays like Dawn Powerwash can help make post-meal cleanup quicker and easier. Just spray it on dirty dishes as you place them in the sink, and the sudsy solution will start breaking down food residues so that when you’re ready to wash or rinse them, the gunk slides right off.

Better yet, why not save yourself a few dollars by making your own DIY dish spray?

time saving shortcuts

2. Hang A Pocket Organizer Near Your Door

Make it easier to find everything you need on your way out the door with an over-the-door pocket organizer. They offer plenty of space for your wallet, keys, gloves, umbrella, and just about anything else you might need on your way out the door.

Hang the organizer on the inside of a closet near the door you use most often. Everything will stay organized and easily accessible, while also staying neatly out of sight.

time saving shortcuts

3. Give Cleaners Time To Clean

Let your cleaners do the hard work for you by spraying them on grimy surfaces and letting them sit for a few minutes before scrubbing or wiping. This gives the cleaning agents in the solution time to start breaking down grease and dirt, making it faster and easier for you to wipe up the mess and move on with your day.

time saving shortcuts

4. Try The Faster Wash Cycles

If your dishwasher or washing machine has a “Light Wash” or “Quick Wash” cycle option, give those a try. Oftentimes you’ll find that these shorter or less intensive washes clean just as thoroughly in a lot less time.

And if that does turn out to be the case for your dishwasher or washer, you’ll save water with every use too.

time saving shortcuts

5. Make Cleaning Caddies For Individual Tasks

Another smart way to save yourself time is to set up a few different “cleaning caddies” containing everything you need to do one particular cleaning task. For instance, you could make a caddy for dusting that includes a dusting spray, your duster of choice, and a few microfiber cloths for dusting smaller items and knickknacks.

When it’s time to do some dusting, you can grab your dusting caddy and and then put it away when you’re done. You’ll have everything you need and won’t have to waste time gathering supplies.

time saving shortcuts

6. Race The Clock

When an area needs tidying up, grab a basket and set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in just a few minutes when you’re racing the clock.

time saving shortcuts

7. Line Your Fridge

Line the drawers and shelves in your fridge with sheets of wax paper. When spills and messes inevitably drip onto the wax paper, you can replace it with a fresh sheet instead of having to scrub at a hardened, sticky mess.

time saving shortcuts

8. Wash Your Blender In Seconds

Next time you need to clean your blender cup, just fill it with a little bit of water and a few drops of soap. Set it on the blender base and pulse it a few times, and the sudsy water will wash the inside of the blender cup. It even gets under and around the blades, and it’s so quick and easy!

time saving shortcuts

9. Remove Your Shoes

Get everyone who lives with you in the habit of leaving shoes at the door. Your floors will stay a lot cleaner when you’re tracking less dirt into the house, which means less cleaning for you.

time saving shortcuts

10. Keep Washed Clothes Fresh

If you’re starting a load of laundry and know you won’t be able to move it into the dryer right away when it’s done, add a drop or two of Freshly Washed to the wash. This essential oil blend contains oils with anti-fungal properties, which will help keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh until you can get them into the dryer.

Essential oils could stain delicate fabrics, so I suggest putting the oil on an old (clean) sock or rag and adding that to your load of laundry.

Do you have any shortcuts that save you time around the house?

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  • The blender shortcut is a nice idea but it didn’t work out for me. Blender smells next day after letting air dry overnight. Maybe it depends on what you blend. We do smoothies and juices. I’m back to taking it apart and cleaning after each use, only takes a minute anyway.

  • I use hand sanitizer for cleaning my flat iron. I don’t let it get too built up with gunk; but I just regularly wipe the iron down with the sanitizer and use a towel to scrub back and forth until the gunk softens and comes off.


    • I don’t want to use traditional liners” because they are solid & block the light on lower shelves in refrigerator. The waxed paper trick or cling wrap trick sound perfect! I will try them! And also in my bins, making those easier & wuicker to clean.

  • BEST SHORTCUT EVER………Daily tub and shower cleaner. In large spray bottle, add 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Fill with water almost to top leaving about 1/4 ” gap, Then add a squirt of dawn dish detergent and a squirt of jet dry (or any dishwasher rinse aid). Shake well before each use. After the last shower/bath of the day, spray down stall, tub and/or shower curtain and floor. Use daily and you will notice less soapscum and mildew. I only have to scrub my shower and doors TWICE A YEAR. The key is to be consistent and spray evenly. Not only is there less scrubbing less often, but it costs pennies to make and lasts for weeks (depending on use) before refilling………………………..WIN – WIN………………..

    • Forgot to add that on the outside of the spray bottle using a sharpie, make lines denoting rubbing alcohol and white vinegar levels. By doing so, you won’t need to use a measuring cup. Faster and less cleanup…………..

  • I use a foaming pump bottle on the back of the sink. I bought a cheap foaming hand soap, dumped the soap into a zip bag and gave it to one of my kids and kept the container. Fill it about 2/3 of the way, add some dish soap and a spoon of oil (yes OIL) to the container. Put the pump back on, tip it up and down for a few mins to mix it and then I have foam that I can use for washing my hands, soaping the dish cloth to wipe down my table or do a quick wash of just a few dishes.

    Also, I don’t bother to soap the dishes after I eat. I just quickly rinse them clean and stack them in my sink to wash after dinner. Easy to wash as all the gunk is off of them and if they sit until the next day (or 2 as it’s only me and my two little grandsons), there’s no mold or smell from them.

  • When doing laundry, I sort the clothes by household member. So each child has a basket and my hubby and I share one. I sort it and place the kids baskets in their rooms, fold the sheets and towels and hide our clothes in our closet. Then when the day is done, I sit with a glass of wine and fold each basket of clothes. In the morning everyone has a basket of clothes to put away. Even my 3y/o puts hers away!

  • I love the idea of using a basket for cleaning supplies, I’ve done this for years. However, a plastic caddy is much better than a basket like the one shown. It can mold from wet sponges and is impossible to clean. BTW, if you need a really large caddy, go to an equine supply store and ask for a caddy for horse brushes!

  • I use the spray soap idea and add a spoonful of baking soda to the solution. This keeps baby bottles and sippy cups fresh and clean for my little ones. I use the spray to clean counter tops, tables, and other surfaces like plactic toys that need to be wiped off. A real time saver!

  • If your cupboards do not go the ceiling line them with wax paper . Then you just have to clean the trim and throw away the greasy/dusty paper

  • my Bosch dishwasher is great but a regular load runs almost 2 1\2 hours! But I found that even fully loaded it does a super job on HALF LOAD and DELICATE, reducing run time by about 45 minutes.

    I’m putting wax, or parchment, paper in my fridge shelves today! Thanks.

  • I use spray dish soap all the time. If you buy the Method brand spray bottle, you can refill it with whatever brand dish soap you want. I’ve used mine for over a year now. Saves money for sure. I’ve also used the spray soap in my bathroom to clean the tub and sink with.

  • I’m curious about the essential oil in the wash tip……by the time it goes through a wash and rinse cycle, sometimes two rinses, how would there be any antifungal properties remaining? Seriously, I don’t understand this. Can somebody explain it, please?

    • Essential oils are pretty strong – and dropping them onto a cloth will keep them around throughout the wash. :-) Just like your clothes smell like laundry detergent after being washed!

  • I love the lavender oil idea but am not sure if you add the oil during the wash cycle or after it is done. I imagine it would wash away when the machine is washing.

    • Add it before the wash or during – the rinse cycle would be ideal, but it will still work either way! Adding it at the end would be too late. :-(

  • I full agree to the positive remarks your getting Jill! What I also appreciatie is that you give one advice at a time and not a hundred. More than let’s say 10 would rally be to much to handle. Keep up the good works!

  • This preview on” 10 Shortcuts to Everyday chores”. I was amazed in finding out that the wax paper in your refrigerator shelves works so well. I am doing this one in the morning. My granddaughter creates messes in the door on a daily basis. No more clean up for Mamaw!
    Debbie Villers

  • Love your posts :) so very practical and affordable, and I love having pictures as visuals instead of just a block list. Have a good weekend!

    • I also love seeing the pictures along with the instructions. Makes it easier for me to remember it whn I need to pull it up in my head at a later time.

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