This Is The Only Toilet Brush That Doesn’t Gross Me Out

toilet brush

As a blogger who frequently writes about homemaking topics, I can rarely resist a cleverly designed household item. The everyday items we use to keep our homes in order may never be life-changing, but finding the right one can certainly be life-improving!

So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that today’s post is dedicated to toilet brushes (or rather, one specific toilet brush!) Because if there’s an idea or product out there that makes the work of homemaking a little bit easier, I want you to know about it—especially when it pertains to a task as unpleasant as scrubbing a dirty toilet!

toilet brush

A New & Improved Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes are designed to do a relatively yucky job, but that doesn’t mean the brush itself has to be yucky! And yet, most standard bristled toilet brushes do get that way after a while.

On top of that, they don’t always even work particularly well! Those bristles aren’t great at getting into all the nooks and crannies inside the toilet bowl.

I recently decided to try a new silicone toilet brush that I found on Amazon, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about them sooner! Here are 4 of the best reasons to ditch your old toilet brush and upgrade to a new silicone model.

4 Reasons To Make The Switch To A Silicone Toilet Brush

toilet brush

1. Better Design

This particular silicone toilet brush was designed much more thoughtfully than the old bristled toilet brushes. One of my favorite features is the upper edge of the brush, which fits snugly underneath the toilet rim and scrubs away hidden grime.

And while most toilet brush holders are pretty plain, this one is both attractive and functional! It can hold both the brush and your bottle of toilet cleaner, so everything you need is always at the ready!

toilet brush

2. Less Dripping

Bristled toilet brushes take time to dry. You’re often left with drips both on the way from the toilet to the brush holder, and within the holder itself.

But that isn’t an issue with silicone toilet brushes, because silicone repels water. After scrubbing your toilet bowl, just give it a good shake and the water will slide right off!

toilet brush

3. Stays Cleaner

The forest of bristles on a standard toilet brush makes a great hiding place for grime and bacteria. But when it comes to this silicone toilet brush, germs have nowhere to hide!

The surface is non-porous, and the bristles are more widely spaced so it’s easier to rinse clean. Plus, since it dries so quickly, you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth.

toilet brush

4. Saves Money

Silicone is extremely durable, so you can expect a silicone toilet brush to last a long time. Unlike a standard toilet brush, it can stand up to frequent use and harsh toilet cleaners, and its bristles won’t fray or lose their shape.

Upgrading to a silicone toilet brush is a smart investment that will save you money over time!

toilet brush

[bonus_tips]Silicone Brushes: Not Just For Toilets!

  • Silicone brushes aren’t only useful in the bathroom—they’re great for the kitchen too!
  • This silicone bottle brush reaches deep into water bottles, tall vases, and other hard-to-clean items with ease, and is easy to rinse clean.
  • This silicone sponge scrubs away grease and grime, dries quickly, and will outlast any standard kitchen sponge!
  • These durable cleaning tools offer a great way to save money while cutting down on household waste.

Tell me about a household product that has made your life easier in a comment below!

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  • I bought this brush but chose the one with the small holder which means it doesn’t have the ‘lid’ of the holder attached so (in my opinion) making it easier to use the brush. Even so, I still find the handle of the brush clatters against the top of the bowl while I’m cleaning. For me, it would have worked better if the small single row of bristles designed for cleaning under the rim had continued right down the side of the brush. I bought this brush because it was obvious it is far more hygienic and easily cleaned and am pleased with that aspect however think overall I’d prefer a silicone version of my old style brush which was much more effective at cleaning at least a wee bit round the bend.

  • I love this toilet bowl brush!! A little shocked at how much my old standard brush missed. I use my all-purpose homemade cleaner and that brush, and I have a new toilet! Thank you!!

  • Oh, Jillee, I’m so glad you told us about this! I had no idea these silicone toilet brushes even existed, let alone they worked so well. I’m using one of those blue scrubby things (Clorox makes it, maybe), and though I like the way it cleans, drying it is another thing altogether. I usually put it under the toilet seat so it can drip dry into the toilet, but every time I do I go into the bathroom and there is the wet scrubber, sitting on the floor where my son has removed it to use the toilet! I’m definitely getting one of these, and if I like it as well as I think I will, I’ll get another for the other bathroom. Thanks!

  • I many several verified purchase user reviews on Amazon that indicate the handle is not made of stainless steel and rusts quickly. Appears to be a common problem/design flaw. Stainless steel or plastic handles would avoid that issue. Multiple pictures on the Amazon site accompany reviews related to the rusted handles. They also said manufacturer does not honor the 1 year warranty with the rusted handles.

    I also saw comments that it is difficult to use to clean TOTO toilets, and more appropriate for a quick once over on the toilet vs. a deep cleaning of the bowl, as it is so flexible, it bends and you cannot get any force applied to the crud in there…

  • I purchased one from Norwex and I love it. I plan to get two more – one for each bathroom. Wanted to test it out before committing to purchase all 3. I agree, silicone is the way to go!!

  • Thank you for this post! I am so getting this.. and the sponge too! Another great perk to the silicone toilet brush is that the bristles won’t flick water, like when you’re running it along the rim. That is what grosses me out the most!

  • I have a toilet brush I bought off a cleaning website. There is no metal. It is sturdy has rubber bristles and has a piece on the top for under the rim. The recommendation is to put it in a large vase with soapy water to help keep it clean. Works great.

  • I’ve been using bamboo sponges and towels for cleaning that I bought from Amazon. The sponges never smell and the towels can be washed and reused dozens of times and replace paper towels.

  • I’m going to check out the sponges. I am so tired of regular sponges and trying to keep them clean. They have to be replaced often too. I don’t have a dishwasher , and this may be the answer !

  • Seems like a good idea, but I had a silicone bottle brush and eventually all the little bristle began to fall off. I think the same would happen on the toilet brush and they would fall into the toilet. Not so good for the environment. Can you tell us how long you have been using the brush?

  • I’ve had that brush for months and mostly like it but it takes a lot more scrubbing with it to clean the bowl because it’s flexible and keeps bending.

  • Norwex has a toilet brush like this with a handle that won’t rust. It has a separate part to use under the rim. That’s what I use and it is cheaper than the one on Amazon.

  • I clicked on to the link for silicone sponges and wondered why they need to come in ridiculously bright colors. Has anyone found some that are more toned down?

  • I read some reviews, common comment is brush is not sturdy enough to clean under the rim and the metal part rusts after a few months. Maybe I am looking at the wrong one you are recommending

  • This sounds like a great idea, and I can’t wait to get one ordered!! My one question is this: is any part of this scrubby? I’m picturing the hard water we have around here, and when I think of a silicone toilet brush, it seems like it would be floppy?! I do have a couple of silicone cleaning sponges and I LOVE them!! Thanks for sharing this with us Jillee!!

    • I have very hard water and I bought a silicone one awhile back. It does not remove our orange hard water stains. My parents have water that stains even with a softener and the brush would not help their toilet at all. I eventually gave up and went to a regular bristle and occasionally the disposable little pads.

  • It’s about time a new design for toilet brushes came out. The silicon design sounds more practical. I’m up for anything to make the job faster, easier and dump the bristle version. Thanks Jillian, can’t wait to try it!
    The silicon kitchen version sounds good too. Time to get rid of sponges and dish cloths that hide germs.

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