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9 Things You’ll Love If You Hate To Clean

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They say it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but let’s face it—having the right tool for a job can make that job a lot more enjoyable! We all have certain chores and cleaning tasks we hate doing, and today I’m inviting everyone to blame their tools. Because if there’s a useful and effective tool out there that can make those dreaded chores even a little bit easier, I say that’s money well spent!

Today I’ll be sharing 9 different cleaning tools that can make your least favorite cleaning jobs easier. Whether you dread cleaning the baseboards, removing carpet stains, or scooping out the litter box, there’s a cleaning tool in this list that can make it easier for you! :-)

9 Cleaning Tools You’ll Love If You Hate Cleaning

Cleaning Products

1. Tabletop Vacuum

Price: $11.61

Sick of sweeping crumbs off your counters and tabletops? Use this cute little piggy tabletop vacuum instead! He’ll eat up all the crumbs cluttering up your table. And as a bonus, this little vacuum is so cute that you could convince your little one to clean off the table for you! ;-)

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2. Silverware Scrubber

Price: $7.37

Scrubbing silverware with a normal sponge can be time-consuming and even messy. (Who among us hasn’t stood spluttering at their sink after getting splashed while rinsing a spoon?) This handy silverware scrubber makes cleaning silverware so much easier!

Use the suction cups to attach it to the side of your sink, then insert a soapy fork, knife, or spoon into the scrubber. This tool will scrub it clean, with no elbow grease necessary!

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3. Stomp ’N Go Stain Remover

Price: $24.99 (pack of 20)

Use these “stomp ’n go” stain remover pads to quickly clean up spills and carpet stains! Just remove the pad from the package, place the wet side over a carpet stain, and use your foot to press the pad onto the stain to lift it out. Then let the pad sit for 30 minutes, and you’re done!

These useful pads take the effort out of removing everyday stains from your carpet!

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4. Self-Cleaning Hair Brush

Price: $9.99

Cleaning your hair brush can be tricky, especially if you tend to brush your hair after putting product in it. But this self-cleaning hair brush has retractable bristles, which makes it so much easier to clean! Just retract the bristles and wipe or scrub the accumulated hair and product away.

And to learn how to clean your standard hair brushes and combs, check out my post at the link below!

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5. Baseboard Buddy

Price: $14.95

You can’t talk about cleaning tasks that people hate without mentioning baseboards! Cleaning baseboards is one of those semi-annual chores that many people dread. If that includes you, then you need to check out the Baseboard Buddy!

This handy cleaning tool has a special baseboard-hugging cleaning pad attached to an extendable handle. Simply swipe it along your baseboards (wet or dry) to wipe away dust and dirt! Your least favorite chore just got so much easier.

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6. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Price: $139.95

I’ve personally never had a cat, so I don’t have a lot of personal experience with cleaning litter boxes. But I have raised four kids to adulthood, so I have plenty of experience with other poop-related cleaning tasks. And guess what? No one enjoys poop-related chores, regardless of the species involved!

That’s why many cat owners are splurging on self-cleaning litter boxes. This one has a raking system that scoops solid waste away from the rest of the litter. And the waste pan is totally disposable, making it easy to switch out after a few weeks!

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7. Robot Vacuum

Price: Varies

If you hate the hassle of vacuuming, you’ll love the convenience of having a robot vacuum to do it for you! There are so many options on the market these days, so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and flooring type.

To explore and compare robot vacuum models, check out this useful guide to robot vacuums from Mashable.

Cleaning Products

8. RotoScrub Drill Accessory

Price: $12.96

Scrubbing anything can be hard work! You can save yourself a lot of effort by having your power drill do the hard work for you.

This RotoScrub drill accessory fits right into your power drill, so you can turn your drill into the ultimate cleaning tool! Use the RotoScrub accessory to scrub tile, grout, tubs, and many other hard surfaces around your home.

Cleaning Products

9. Steam Mop

Price: $69.99

I’ve gone through a lot of mops over the years trying to find out that made mopping less awful, from manual mops to sprayer-style ones. I continued to hate mopping until I got my Bissel PowerFresh steam mop.

This thing makes mopping so much easier, and it works so much better than all those other mops I tried! For much more detail about my steam mop and what exactly I love about it, read my full review at the link below!

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What’s the most useful cleaning tool you have at home?

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Bright Ideas

  • We have very hard water where we live so if we’re not diligent, the shower tiles can get super gross. Grab your favorite cleaner and spray the tile liberally. Let it sit for about an hour, then respray right before you clean. Get out your mouse sander and attach a green rectangular scrub pad and go to town. Sounds weird, but it works.

  • The extendable 360* Swiffer duster works great on baseboards, ceiling moulding, door and window frames, around the toilet, and in hard to reach corners. The Baseboard Buddy was poorly-made and a waste of money. I returned the one I bought.
    Not to mention it’s one of those “made for a specific use” tools which none of us need more of cluttering up our broom closets.

  • Unfortunately – many of the suggested items have very poor reviews which I find odd that you would recommend them based on the qualify of your blog. Although I did buy the Rotoscrub pads for my drill.

  • I love the silverware scrubber & the self-cleaning brush! Brilliant! I have a steam mop & will never go back to a regular mop. You don’t need cleaners with it but it actually cleans better because of the hot steam and it doesn’t leave streaks, so you don’t have to ever rinse your floor again either. So it’s not only super time-saving but it actually works better. When does that every happen?!

  • I swear by my Steam Mop. We have ceramic tile floors in the kitchen, front foyer and dining room. Amazing how well this mop cleans and the steam sterilizes.

  • Ok, that pig is so cute! I don’t have little ones anymore but I could see how they would love that. I could get on board with the baseboard cleaner for sure. I have white base boards that weren’t painted with the best quality paint and have a bit of a texture that dirt seems to stick to, and also weren’t caulked well enough in some places. The worst place to try to clean them is behind the toilet, especially when they are close to a wall or tub on one or both sides, so hard to get to. Thanks for sharing!

  • My aunt gave me one of those pigs a few years ago, and i love it! it works very well. I also bought a self-cleaning brush for my hairy dog, and it’s the easiest way to brush him w/o having to dig the brush clean.

  • the problem with the steam mop is that it should not be used on hardwood floors per manufacturers recommendations. (too much moisture!) When i had a linoleum floor in my kitchen i tried out a steam mop and could barely push it across the floor.

  • I tried the self- cleaning litter box and was VERY disappointed. The first one jammed. It was replaced and the second one jammed. It was replaced and I gave it away. For me, it was a waste of money.

    • I have yet to find a self-cleaning litter box that doesn’t have poor ratings. I’m disabled due to spine problems, and believe me when I tell you that I’ve been searching for a self-cleaning litter box for almost 2 decades.

  • I have to say, I watched a review on YouTub, of that silverware scrubber, and the person couldn’t get it to stay still on the sink, I think it was a stainless steel one so it should have stuck. He tried it both dry and dampened and nothing worked, it’s interesting that you got yours to stick!

  • The only tool worth buying is the steam mop. The baseboard buddy is useless. I have one that is sitting in my garage closet collecting dust. Ironic, isn’t it?!

    • Agreed- I use the soft brush attachment on my shark rocket on the baseboards and door moldings with good results. Also, I had a steam mop and used it so seldom, I gave it away. It was just one more thing to store. But I’m by myself now- I think it’s good for families with little ones and pets.

  • The Robot vacuum has been on my dream list for a while, and I recently learned about the drill scrubber, which I thought would be great for my husband to clean his drill. I DID get myself a steam mop this past year for Christmas, and, yes, I love it. I put a couple of drops of essential oils on the wet pad, so the rooms smell good as I clean.

    • I put essential oil on my steam mop pad, too! I had a Roomba a few years back. It was affordable. Now they cost a mint. Unless they have improved them, mine just kept bumping against things and changing directions. It never got the whole area. :(

      • You can purchase a Roomba for less money than advertised on this site. Plus, if you get a 25% coupon from Bed.Bath & Beyond you can save even more money.

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