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9 Quick Ways To Tidy Up When You Have No Time

5 minute organizing

Most mornings I make myself a couple pieces of toast for breakfast. And while I’m waiting on the toaster, I usually try to tidy up the kitchen a bit by clearing off the counters, loading or unloading a few dishes, or wiping down the stovetop.

As I was going about this routine the other morning, it got me thinking about this blog post I wrote a couple of years ago about quick and easy organizing projects. Whether you’re waiting on your toaster or you have a few minutes before you need to leave the house, tackling a quick project is a great way to make the most of that time!

There are so many things you can accomplish around the house in just a few minutes, so I’ll be sharing more quick organizing projects in today’s post! Here are 9 more easy ways to get more organized in 5 minutes or less.

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9 Easy Ways To Get More Organized In Under 5 Minutes

5 minute organizing

1. Filing Cabinet Fix

Go through as many files as you can in your 5-minute window. Clear out any old documents you don’t need anymore, shredding the ones that contain sensitive information. And be sure to refile anything that’s out of place!

5 minute organizing

2. Collect Loose Change

Take a lap around the house to collect all of the loose change you can find. Look in pockets, drawers, wallets, and under couch cushions, and put your collection into a bag or jar.

Save your change collection for laundry day, keep it in your car to use in parking meters, or take it to the bank and deposit it!

5 minute organizing

3. Tidy Pillows & Blankets

Gather up your throw pillows and throw blankets. Put dirty throw blankets in the laundry basket and fold and stack the clean ones. Fluff up your throw pillows and return them to their designated spots.

5 minute organizing

4. Organize The Remotes

Do a sweep of the living room to find all the remote controls for the various parts of your entertainment system. Use a label maker to label them and find a convenient place to store them.

Alternatively, you could also spend that time programming a universal remote to control all of your devices. It’s an easy way to make your setup less complicated and more organized.

5 minute organizing

5. Purge Your Inbox

Spend a few minutes doing some digital organization by decluttering your email inbox! Delete old and unwanted emails, and move any emails you want to keep out of your inbox and into a separate folder.

5 minute organizing

6. Prevent Lost Keys

Take a few minutes to designate an area for storing your keys. You could use a small tray, a decorative platter, a cake stand, a set of hooks, or even an old cigar box!

5 minute organizing

7. Make An “Outgoing” Area

Identify a box, bin, or basket you can use to create a station for “outgoing” items. Store it somewhere near the door, and use it to keep track of things you need to take with you when you leave the house. It’s a great solution for keeping track of outgoing mail, the kids’ permission slips, and or even your lunch bag!

5 minute organizing

8. Address Unworn Clothing

Go through your closet and identify five things you haven’t worn in the past year. Ask yourself if you still need those clothes, and if not, set them aside to donate.

5 minute organizing

9. Corral Reusable Bags

Go around the house and grab all the reusable grocery bags and totes you can find. Consider keeping them in your car so you won’t continue forgetting to take them to the store with you! And when you bring them inside to unload groceries, hang them on your doorknob as a reminder to return them to the car.

Share your idea for a 5-minute project to get more organized in a comment below!

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  • One thing about keys. . . You should never place your keys near the front door. Access is to easy for Burglars. We hang ours in a box in the coat closet. Our of site, but easily accessible.

  • Something I do to keep my reusable bags together is use a large clip I got at the dollar store. I keep them clipped and it’s easy to grab and take shopping. At the checkout I unhook them and keep the clip on me. At home after unloading each bag, I return to the clip. I never lose them and still wash them weekly. No worries!

    • on that same note, I use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to spray outside, inside and handles of my bags. It sanitizes and quickly dries the bags as they hang on the coat hooks by the door ready to go back to the car!

  • On getting out of bed I fold back cover (s) & prop up pillows ,open curtains & open window . (I also personally then spray the bed with a suitable fresh spray) I have my morning cuppa / breakfast & then make my bed . With duvet etc, on bed this all takes few minutes .

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