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To You, From Me: A Useful Freebie For Holiday Gift Wrapping

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Gift giving is one of my favorite aspects of the holiday season. While the act of wrapping them is more of a tedious necessity, I do like to pick out nice wrapping paper and coordinating supplies to ensure my wrapped gifts look festive and enticing.

A few years back, I started enforcing Thanksgiving as the deadline for Dave and the kids to “submit” their Christmas wish lists so that I have plenty of time to buy and wrap gifts without feeling rushed. That means many of my gifts wind up wrapped and under the tree well before the holiday, so they might as well add something to my home decor, right?

So in the spirit of making it easier for us all to ensure our wrapped gifts are pleasing to the eye, I’ve put together a set of festive printable gift tags as this week’s download!

gift tags

Printable Holiday Gift Tags With 9 Festive Designs

Just download the PDF file below, print it out onto sturdy paper, then cut the tags out and attach them to your gifts. Even if you’re simply putting a gift into a bag (or perhaps a gift in a jar?), attaching one of these tags with some nice ribbon will give it a special personal touch.

I might be biased but I think they look especially cute on a set of wool dryer balls, a Danish dough whisk, or a foaming hand soap bottle!

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Spruce up your holiday gifts with this set of festive printable tags—a gift from me to you!

Adorable Christmas gift tags featuring animals, including playful penguins.

Download The PDF

Also, keep in mind that this isn’t the first set of printable holiday gift tags I’ve shared! Check out my previous set of gift tags here.

How do you like to wrap your holiday gifts?

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  • I’m observing the march of change. The last two years our daughter jettisoned pretty wrapping paper in favor of using brown paper, recycling her grocery store bags and the brown paper in shipped packages. In order to protect the environment. I feel she’s right. But I missed her portion of prettily wrapped packages, even though I continued to use the vast stores of Christmas wrapping paper in the attic. This year, not even presents are coming from my and my husband’s end. Is it just our demographic, or are others having a struggle with prices, retirement, etc? No tree this year, because of the work on my part it entails. I do have plans to use all the other decorations, and to put lighted wreaths inside our Christmas room. Change marches on! Not with my blessing! Jillee, apologies for the negativity, and carry on!! Pretty wrapping paper is a delight to the giver as well as the giftee!

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