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7 Surprisingly Good Deals You Can Score During December

what to buy in december

Is it really December already? November seemed to pass in the blink of an eye! But I supposed the increasingly snow-capped mountains around here are looking pretty festive, so Christmas must be on its way.

Speaking of Christmas, I hope you bargain hunters were able to make some budget-friendly headway on your holiday shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But if you’re anything like me, I know you’ve still got your eyes peeled for great deals!

The major sales may be behind us, but there are still plenty of deals and sales going on this month — if you know where to look, that is! And know you shall, because you’ll find 7 of December’s best buys in the list below. Happy shopping! :-)

December Is The Best Month To Buy…

gift cards

1. Gift Cards

Many retailers offer discounted gift cards or in-store credit in December to help boost their holiday sales. You can either purchase gift cards to give as gifts, or use them like cash on your holiday shopping. Either way, it’s an easy way to save money!


2. Tools & Hardware

Discounts on tools and hardware continue this month! Keep an eye out for great deals on power tools and tool sets in particular.

christmas decor

3. Christmas Decor

Christmas decor will be steadily discounted throughout the month. The longer you wait, the better prices you’ll see. (Though the selection will dwindle over time too.) The day after Christmas is a great time to buy Christmas decor at a discount, if you want to stock up for next year!

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winter coat

4. Outerwear

Retailers want to unload the bulk of their stock of outerwear this month to make room for spring styles after the new year. Consequently, deep discounts and sales on coats, parkas, thick socks, jackets and other outerwear will be common in the weeks leading up to Christmas!


5. Toys

Toys will be on sale all month, which is good news for procrastinating parents and grandparents. Wait to shop until the second and third weeks of December for the lowest prices on toys and games.

Golf Clubs

6. Golf Clubs

It’s the off-season for golfers, but that’s good news if you’re in the market for new clubs! Look for deals on golf club sets to gift to your favorite golfer, or snag a deal on a couple of new clubs for yourself for next year.


7. Cookies

December 4th is National Cookie Day! Mrs. Fields and other cookie chains have been known to give out free cookies to in-store customers, so keep an eye out for such opportunities. Follow your local cookie shops on social media for updates about potential National Cookie Day promotions.

Are you looking out for any special deals this month?

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