10 Holiday Decorations To Deck Your Halls With This Year

Christmas holiday Decor

It has taken a couple of decades to get to this point, but I finally feel like I really love all of my holiday decorations! It took a lot of searching, both online and in person, to find the kinds of things I was looking for, and since the holidays are all about giving, I thought I’d give you a look at my collection in hopes that it might make someone else’s search a little bit easier! :-)

Below, you’ll find a list of 10 of my very favorite holiday decor items in my collection. Feel free to use it as inspiration for your own holiday decor, or if they aren’t to your tastes (no hard feelings if that’s the case!), make notes about what you like or don’t like about them. Pinning down your ideal decor style can be a process, but your likes and dislikes are a good starting point!

My 10 Favorite Holiday Decor Items

Electric Candles

1. Electric Candles

As the holidays draw near and the days get shorter and shorter, I find that I appreciate the glow of my vast collection of battery-operated LED candles more and more. I have them in all different heights scattered around the house, and they add an inviting glow to my home. Plus, the fact that they run on a built-in timer means I don’t have to bother turning them all on and off every night.

Felt Garlands

2. Felt Garlands

I love the rustic, old-fashioned appeal of just about any type of felt Christmas decor, but I’m a total sucker for a felt garland! I like to hang them on my Christmas tree, book shelves, entertainment center, buffet table and more.

Christmas Gnomes

3. Christmas Gnomes

In Scandinavian folklore, gnomes (AKA tomte or nisse) are reputed to safeguard the farms, family and children, particularly at night. A few years ago I started collecting these cute little Christmas gnomes, both as a nod to our own Scandinavian heritage and because I love the whimsical flair they add to my holiday decor!

Wooden Santas

4. Wooden Santas

As you can probably already tell, my Christmas decor is something of a collection of collections, including my collection of wooden Santas. Over the past several years, I’ve become especially attached to Santas created by Jim Shore. There a LOT of them to choose from and each one is uniquely beautiful! Time to pick out a new one for this year! :-)

Wooden Trees

5. Wooden Trees

Speaking of wood, I think there’s something so cozy about wooden decorations during the wintertime. It makes me think of the cabins and chalets we used to see when my parents would take us on ski trips when I was a kid.

Wooden trees are both cozy and seasonally appropriate, and they definitely deserve a spot on the mantel! They will look great as part of any decor “theme,” including “White Christmas,” classic red and green, or modern silver and gold.

Cranberry Bead Tree Garland

6. Cranberry Bead Tree Garland

I’ve decorated our Christmas tree with these wooden “cranberry” garlands for as long as I can remember! They’re the very first thing I put on my tree once it’s time to decorate. While using real cranberries would be more traditional, I like that I can use my wooden bead garland year after year. Holiday trends come and go, but these garlands never go out of style!

Straw Tree Topper

7. Straw Tree Topper

Topping our tree with this straw tree topper is just one of the ways we honor our family’s Scandinavian heritage during the holidays. Many cultures of Northern and Eastern Europe traditionally used straw to make all kinds of Christmas decorations. Straw was not hard to come by on farms, so it made for a convenient crafting material! I love the rustic charm it lends to our Christmas tree.

Kraft Wrapping Paper

8. Kraft Wrapping Paper

Speaking of rustic charm, there are few things more rustic or charming than kraft paper. For the past few years, I’ve been on a big kick of using kraft wrapping paper to wrap my holiday gifts. The brown paper creates a unified “look” for my gifts, while the different prints and patterns add variety. The way I see it, the gifts under your tree might as well contribute to the overall decor of the room! :-)

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 Lace & Transparent Ribbon

9. Lace & Transparent Ribbon

Lace and transparent ribbon goes so well with the kraft wrapping paper I like to use on all of my gifts! It’s a nice counterpoint to the rustic paper, yet still feels very homey and festive.

Command Hooks

10. Command Hooks

Command hooks are the workhorse of my holiday decor — I use them to hang just about everything, including garlands, lights, wreaths, signs, and so on. I like that they come in all sorts of sizes and styles, stay exactly where I put them, and are quick and easy to take down at the end of the season.

What’s your favorite holiday decor item?

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  • One of our favorite Christmas decorations is actually a wooden nativity set. We were visiting my Aunt and Uncle years ago at Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if they already had one made or hurried and made it while we were there. We’ve had it at least 30 years., We’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Also it’s so precious because these relatives aren’t living anymore.

  • We have some fun decorations- a light up ceramic tree a friend made years ago with the Lite brite pegs. Also my Sister in-law is Japanese . Her mom sends us the best cards every year they light up or play music. My mom has kept them and puts them on display.

  • My favorite Christmas decorations are my nativity scenes because they highlight Jesus’ birth (the real reason for the season) and telling my grandchildren about Jesus being our Lord and Savior through his death on a cross, the greatest gift of all!

  • I would just like to thank you so very much for ALL your post’s that you put out.
    I am originally from England but have been living in Tenerife for the past 18 years and enjoying every minute of it. We have 3 dogs and 6 cats that were all strays and we love em to bits.
    Once again Jillee, thank you.

  • I bought several strands of wooden cranberry garland 2 years ago. I took it all apart then crochetted tons of little “popcorns” Rethreaded them with the wooden cranberrys. They look so old timey and nice on the tree.

  • Thanks for sharing! I adore the felt garland, so cute! I found a wooden tree last year and would like to find more, they are one of those decor items that can easily stay up as winter decor after Christmas, when it’s too early to decorate for spring! I also love that you incorporate decor that represents your heritage. Years ago I discovered that glass pickle ornaments were a German tradition, where the child who found the ornament first on the tree won a prize! My husband and I have signicant German roots, so of course, I had to get one! I love to collect ornaments that represent the interests of our family and specifically my kids, like sports, music, hobbies, favorite characters, pets, etc. I also like to get ornaments as souvenirs when we travel to remember our various vacations. I’m also a big fan of vintage Christmas decor and have a good collection of wooden and ceramic snowmen.

    • Good for you and your husband. I am now just waking up to my European roots. So important and what incredible Europeans they were and are. Like us in the US.

  • I stay in South Africa, Cape town. I love to put up a african christmas tree. I put some branches in a pot and hang the big 5 , with other tradition things .

  • Oh my goodness, thanks to you showing the Jim Shore Santas, I found a Scottish Santa with bagpipes! lol I love the candles on timers. I plan to buy those for our windows. I too love Kraft paper. It’s so much easier to work with when wrapping than the standard wrapping paper.

  • I love the flameless candles as well but use them all year long. They are a great comfort when power goes out-the house is not in total darkness, they are safe to use around pets and can be put in areas that traditional candles cannot. I have them on all three levels of my house, with the timers going on and off at different times so that there is always some “glow” in my house.

    I also collect nativity scenes of all kinds-large, small, plastic, ceramic, glass, porcelain, vinyl stick ons, etc. I love to have some my children when they were small as well as my grandchildren, can put their hands on and tell the story of the nativity.

  • I love decorating, but don’t like to have a lot of stuff to store. I prefer decorations that store flat if possible. What ideas do you have for flat decor?

  • I put Command hooks in the center of all my kitchen cabinets, and I hang holiday potholders from them. I add a yarn bow to the hanger loop for an extra festive look.

  • My favorite is an already decorated tree. It is about 3 feet high and I have been adding miniature ornaments for years. When Christmas is done it goes in a closet with a black garbage bag draped over it, waiting to come out again next year. No annoying lights to struggle with each year, just plug it in and go. The trick is to make it thick so you can add lots of ornaments. I used a tree shaped frame and draped evergreen swags around it.

  • Oh I just love the Jim Shore Santas! I thought to myself “I’ll bet they’re not available here” but they are!!!! I’m thrilled. So I can’t get the turkey oven, but at least I can get a Santa, I’ll buy one for my daughter and her family! All of your decorations are wonderful Jillee!

  • Great ideas. The wooden trees made me think of my brother in laws dad. We’ve known their family for years and he does wood carvings like this for a hobby. He’s made a few for our family over the years. I love learning about Scandinavian traditions. My moms family is half Swedish. But, any of the traditions of their culture I’ve learned about by reading. When my Grandpas parents came to America over 100 years ago they didn’t pass any of their cultural ways down to their family.

  • >