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Use These Storage Labels When You Take Down Your Holiday Decorations

holiday storage bin labels

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday yesterday, and continues to take it easy and enjoy the season today. And then once you’re ready to tackle holiday storage when you take down your holiday decorations, whether that’s a few days or a few weeks from now, I’ve got some free holiday storage labels that I hope will be just as useful to you as they are to me!

Every year when I drag my boxes of holiday decor out of the garage to do my decorating, I think to myself, “I really ought to organize these boxes better.” But once the time comes to put away my decorations again, I’ve already forgotten about my desire to get organized, and then the cycle starts all over again the next year.

But this year will be different, because I’ve finally taken a step that will not only help me be more thoughtful about the way I pack away my Christmas decor, but will help you improve your holiday storage as well.

Holiday storage bin labels
Print out as many as you need!

Printable Holiday Decor Storage Bin Labels

I’ve put together a printable set of holiday storage labels, which you can cut apart and tape to each of your holiday storage containers that you use for your holiday decor. As you pack your decor away, use the lines on the storage bin labels to write down what you’re putting into each box so that you’ll know exactly where everything is next year.

There’s also a spot to number each of your storage bins. That way, if you brought out 3 boxes from your storage area, but the labels say there are 4 total, you’ll know that there’s still one box hidden away somewhere.

holiday storage bin labels
Add helpful reminders for your next Christmas self.

As an added bonus, these printable storage bin labels also include a small shopping list. I included this to give you a spot to make note of anything in your decor collection that’s broken or should be replaced before next year, like dead strands of Christmas lights or a broken stocking hanger.

I advise either taking care of your shopping list right away (post-Christmas clearance is a great time to get decor items at a deep discount, after all!), or putting the list at the top of the most accessible box. Then you’ll see it as soon as you get started decorating and will have plenty of time to replace whatever decor items need replacing.

holiday storage bin labels
I can already tell next Christmas will be much easier!

Download your set of printable holiday decor storage bin labels using the button below.

Printable Holiday Decor Storage Labels

This printable PDF features 3 labels for your holiday decor storage bins/boxes, as well as a shopping list you can use to note which decorations need to be replaced before next year.

A printable shopping list with the words content and shopping list.

Download The Holiday Decor Storage Labels PDF

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your holiday decor organized?

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