How To Gift Christmas Cookies: 12 Ideas For Wrapping Cookies

Ideas for wrapping cookies include plastic bags, tubes, and even baking pans.

Everyone appreciates homemade cookies at Christmas time, and the ideas for wrapping cookies throughout this post will help you pack them up so they look as good as they taste! But the method you use to package Christmas cookies isn’t just about aesthetics — it can also help protect your homemade cookies against being spilled, crushed, or damaged.

Homemade cookies are a labor of love, so use these cookie wrapping ideas to present them in a way that’s festive and functional. You can also use these cookie packaging ideas for holiday treats other than cookies, for a gift they’re sure to remember long after the treats disappear!

12 Ideas For Wrapping Cookies To Give As Gifts

Gift wrap cookies in a muffin tin!

1. Muffin Tin

If you’re giving a variety of cookies in a single gift, or just want to make the gift a little more useful, pack them up in a muffin tin! A half-size muffin tin (with only six cavities instead of twelve) is perfect for this purpose.

Fill each cavity in the tin with a different cookie, then dress it up with some decorative ribbon or cute washi tape. Your gift will look great, and they’ll be able to reuse the muffin tin again and again!

Cookie tins you can find at the Dollar Store are ideal for wrapping Christmas cookies.

2. Fun Holiday Cookie Tin

When wrapping cookies to give as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a classic treat tin! Check your local dollar store or craft store for inexpensive holiday-themed treat tins, and use Christmas tissue paper to secure the cookies so they don’t rattle around or crumble.

Package cookies in the tin, print out a colorful gift tag (they’re free!), slap a bow on the lid, and you’re done! Once the lid is on, you can even stack the tins to save space, which will make a huge difference if you’re gifting cookies to a lot of people.

Wrap cookies in a sweet gift box made out of a paper cup.

3. Paper Cups

You can pack small cookies, candy, or other bite-size treats in an adorable treat box made out of a paper cup. To make one, use a pair of scissors to cut a 1 inch slit from the lip of a paper cup down towards the base.

Cut another slit about 1 inch away from the first, and continue making 1 inch cuts all the way around the cup. Place your cookies inside the cup, then close it up by folding the top of the cup down, one flap at a time.

To make a gift box for cookies out of a paper cup just cut a few slits in the top of the cup and fold them over.

Larger paper cups will accommodate larger cookies, and longer cuts will cover the opening more completely. These snowman paper cups (9 oz) or larger Christmas paper cups (12 oz) would be perfect to use as treat bags for Christmas party game prizes!

Use a piece of scrapbook paper in a ziplock bag for wrapping cookies for gifting.

4. Scrapbook Paper & Ziplock Bag

There’s nothing wrong with packing your cookies up in a holiday-print ziplock bag , and sliding a piece of holiday-themed scrapbook paper into the bag makes it more festive and more functional. (The paper will add support and structure, which can help keep decorated cookies arranged in a single layer.) You even use a piece of cardboard, or paperboard from a recycled cereal box.

You can also use holiday ziplock bags to wrap cookie dough to give as a gift. Portion out the dough (or roll into a log), wrap it tightly in wax paper or plastic wrap, then seal the dough in the bag and freeze it. The recipient will be able to bake the batch of cookies at their leisure, and we all know that the best cookie is a fresh-baked cookie!

Ideas For Wrapping Individual Cookies

It can be tricky to figure out how to gift wrap an individual cookie, but these ideas can help:

You can DIY a colorful lid for a foil pan, or buy a holiday foil pan for giving cookies as a gift.

5. Foil Pans

Disposable foil pans are great for gifting cookies, especially soft cookies that need a bit more protection. Pans like these typically come with plain paper lids that you can easily dress up with wrapping paper and some double-sided tape!

You can also find decorative holiday foil pans, and if you don’t use them all as containers for holiday cookies, you can use the rest for packing up Christmas leftovers to send home with your guests! 

Bonus Idea: You could also make cake or brownies and give them away in the same foil pan you baked them in! Attach the recipe and a homemade gift tag with some baker’s twine for a nice presentation. (This brownie recipe has 13 variations, making it easy to personalize the gift to the recipient’s tastes!)

A mailing tube is ideal for gift wrapping cookies - it keeps them safe from being crushed.

6. Mailing Tube

If you’re looking for something more sturdy to pack your cookies in, mailing tubes are a great option, and they’re available in a variety of sizes. After putting your cookies in, fill the remaining space with wadded-up parchment, tissue, or crepe paper to prevent breakage and protect delicate cookies.

Wrap the tube in striped wrapping paper and tie off the ends to give it a fun candy-inspired look. Gift wrapping cookies has never been so easy!

The ultimate minimalist idea for wrapping cookies is a simple cellophane bag with a bright bow.

7. Cellophane Bag

We eat with our eyes first, and you can give the recipient a good look at the delicious cookies you’re giving them by packing them in a simple cellophane bag. Cellophane bags are inexpensive and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Tie off your cellophane-wrapped cookies with a bright Christmas ribbon, and you’ve got a wonderful gift ready to go!

A variety of ideas for wrapping cookies.

8. Mason Jar

Why not package Christmas cookies in a nice, wide mouth mason jar? Once your cookie jar is filled with cookies, cover the lid with festive paper or fabric before twisting the ring on.

Beyond cookies, there are lots of foods that make yummy gift ideas, and many of them would be right at home in a mason jar. They’re great for gifting because you can reuse mason jars in so many ways!

DIY wax food wrap is a great idea for wrapping cookies because the recipient can reuse it.

9. Kitchen Towel Or DIY Beeswax Food Wrap

Package homemade cookies in plastic wrap or a ziplock bag, place it on a holiday-themed kitchen towel, then gather the towel around them and tie it off with a ribbon. Alternatively, you could use a Christmas fat quarter to make DIY beeswax food wraps for gift wrap the recipient can reuse!

Wrap cookies in a DIY paper gingerbread house and it become decor the recipient can save for Christmases to come.

10. Gingerbread House Treat Boxes

Source: Crafting Cheerfully

One of the most cute and clever ways to wrap cookies for gifting is using these free printable treat boxes. These little gingerbread houses even have window cutouts that show off the beautiful Christmas cookies inside! With a few basic paper crafting supplies, you could easily make a whole neighborhood of treat boxes!

Upcycled jars are a great idea for wrapping cookies.

11. Upcycled Containers

There are all sorts of large jars and containers you could “upcycle” and use as a package or vessel for homemade goodies. Big peanut butter jars are a great option because of their straight sides and large openings, but there are plenty of other options that would work just as well.

You can completely change the look of a recycled jar by painting the lid and adding a cabinet door pull to the top. Use these darling canisters for treats, cookies, or even homemade dog treats.

A simple idea for wrapping cookies is to fold a paper plate into a basket.

12. Paper Plate Basket

Paper plate baskets are one of the easiest and most economical ways to wrap cookies. Turn a flimsy paper plate into DIY paper plate basket, add a liner and your cookies, and you’ll be done with your neighbor gifts in no time at all.

What other cookie wrapping ideas would you add to this list?

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  • Wrapping a coffee tin in contact or decorative paper or spray painting it is a great protective way to share your gift and the plastic lid keeps the contents fresh. Also buying plates at the dollar store whether holiday themed or generic is another way to make a nice presentation.

  • I often use larger Swiss Miss or lemonade canisters, after covering them with Xmas or b’day paper for the recipient. A bow on top completes it! The covered Pringles cans are also great to use for smaller edible gifts.

  • I ‘recycle’ by using Costco Muffin packaging (or any store bought baked good packaging). Used already for baked goods,it is sturdy and clear and you see the treats/cookies (as if it were in cellaphane bag). Decorate inside with colorful paper (such as scrapbook paper inside ziplock). Decorate the outside by using cutouts (i.e. Christmas Tree and snowflakes) and adhering the cutouts with double side tape or a small bit of ModgePodge.

  • I make caramels and package them in mini cupcake liners so that they don’t stick together and look cute in a box or tin. I also give ginger snaps in a reusable container and let it be known that if you want cookies again next year, you return the container for refill. No plastic waste, you know if gift appreciated!

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