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This Is The Best Way To Gift Wrap Your Christmas Cookies

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One of my favorite holiday traditions is the annual unofficial cookie exchange that takes place in my neighborhood and among the members of my church. I love seeing (and tasting) all the different types of cookies that come my way, from traditional recipes that have been in someone’s family for generations, to examples of the very latest baking trends!

But on the other hand, one of my least favorite things about the holiday season is when I make a big batch cookies (whether it’s my mom’s famous sour cream cookies or my son Kell’s favorite melt-in-your-mouth gluten free peanut butter cookies) to take to the neighbors, but they don’t even survive the journey across the street! To spend all day in the kitchen baking, only to have my culinary masterpieces marred by flimsy paper plates and uncooperative cling wrap? It’s enough to earn a hearty “bah, humbug!”

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A Better Way To Package Cookies

But luckily for me, the solution to my cookie catastrophes fell right into my lap a few years ago! My friend Autumn (who happens to be the creative mastermind behind the blog It’s Always Autumn) showed me a simple and utterly brilliant method for packaging cookies that keeps them safe and intact during delivery.

Her technique transforms a simple paper plate into a cookie basket, which is not only functional, but quite cute too! You only need a cheap paper plate and a few basic office supplies to make one, and your neighbors will surely be wowed by your cookie offering before they’ve even taken a bite.

How To Make A Paper Plate Cookie Basket

cookie plate

You’ll need:


cookie plate

Step 1 – Fold Parallel Lines

The first thing you’ll do is fold the left and right edges of the paper plate toward the center, forming two parallel lines. There should be around 3” of space between the folded lines.

These lines will form the “long sides” of the rectangular base of the finished cookie basket.

cookie plate

Step 2 – Cut And Fold Again

Next, grab a pair of scissors. With the plate laid flat, make a cut along both ends of each folded line to a point just beyond the flared edge of the plate. (These cuts should be about 1-2” long depending on the size of the plate.)

cookie plate

Imagine that the ends of these parallel cuts are two points on a straight line that runs across the plate, and runs perpendicular to the lines you folded in the previous step. Fold the plate long these two “imaginary” lines to form the “short sides” of the rectangular base.

cookie plate

Step 3 – Tape The Edges

Time for construction! With the plate lying flat, position one of the short sides of the rectangular base towards you. Fold the section between the two cuts so that it stands up, and repeat with the section on the opposite edge of the plate.

Once the short sides are standing up, you can fold up the long sides too. Wrap the pointy edges of the long sides around the short sides to form your cookie basket, and secure the ends with one or two pieces of scotch tape.

Note: I suggest starting with a “test basket,” so you can fold and re-fold it a few times to achieve the right basket size for your cookies!

cookie plate

Step 4 – Line, Fill, And Deliver!

Line the inside of your cookie basket with a piece of parchment paper or wax paper. (Not only does it look nice, but it also keeps crumbs contained and prevents oil spots from ruining the look of your packaged cookies!)

cookie plate

Finally, pack your lined paper plate basket with cookies, either in one long row or in two shorter rows arranged side by side.

cookie plate

Tie a length of festive ribbon around the basket to spruce it up a little if you want, and your cookies will be ready for a safe and sound delivery to their destination! :-)

What’s your favorite way to gift holiday cookies?

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  • This is so cute . It looks kind of complicated to me. What we do for delivering our holidays goodies – watch for Christmas paper plates to go on clearance and we save them for the next year. I know it’s not very creative, but it’s what works for my family.

  • the only other thing I would do, is to put the filled basket in a zip lock bag and seal. More sanitary and will keep the cookies fresher………………..

  • I like these for birthday gifts with the personal touch. I like to decorate them with words and birthday wishes.
    That you for such great ideas. Quora

  • I was trying to come up with a quick but clever way to pack up cookies earlier this week. Now I will bake more cookies so I can commit this idea to memory. Love it!

  • Thank you Laurie! That “- do not turn the plate and make the folds as shown -” is the piece I couldn’t quite figure out! And you’er right, it’s just a paper plate. (guess my OCD was showing just a little -LOL!)

    Thanks for the help! These are going to be fun! My grandchildren would probably enjoy decorating the plates and then I could surprise each of them with their own “package” of freshly baked cookies they help me make.

  • This is such a great idea! It’s always such a problem at Christmas how to package cookies. My husband is a teacher and gives cookies to a bunch of the other teachers. Little tins get expensive and, as you said, paper plate look so plain! This is a great solution! Thanks! And I’ll be visiting your blog soon!

  • This is a wonderful, practical idea, and the presentation is beautiful. I would love to RECEIVE a little basket like this, too! Thank you for this little craft. With Easter coming, I’m already thinking about putting my own twist on it!

  • What a fantastic idea!! Sure beats the ol’ zipper bag! Thank-you for two fabulous ideas at once! I will be using this one quite regularly, I’m sure.

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