Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Nine

Handmade gifts are always my favorite gifts to give and receive! I love exchanging plates of treats with my neighbors every year, and have made a habit of starting my gift-crafting with plenty of time left in the holiday season!

Whether you’re low on cash or are just looking for something with a hand-crafted touch, you are sure to find a few gifts you love in this list of 20 ideas! There’s something for everyone on your list. :-)

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Nine

This first handmade gift idea is for the family who could use a little help getting organized! (And what family doesn’t!?) You can use this planner to schedule meals, for appointments, or any bits of information that you need to remember. It looks great hanging on the wall, and is the perfect planner to keep everyone on the same page.

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Nine

I started with this frame that I found on sale awhile back. It has twelve frames in it, but as long as you find one with eight, you’ll have enough spaces for each day of the week (plus a blank one for the family name.). I used the extra spaces for appointment reminders, a to-do list, a grocery list…

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Nine

Pick out a few pages of your favorite scrapbook paper! If you’re looking to save some money here, you really only need three sheets – I had quite a bit leftover, but wanted to use different patterns. Measure the paper (I used this handy cutting mat) and cut out just what you need. I had two 5×7 inch spaces and ten 4×6 inch spaces.

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Nine

Decide which papers you want in which frames, and be mindful of putting them “right side up.” I had to have the raindrop pattern falling downward, of course. :-)

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Nine

Remove the back of the frame, tuck the pieces of scrapbook paper in, and secure of the back of the frame again. I wanted my labels to be on the outside, so that the family I gift this to can change the categories. If you want to make the labels a little more permanent, stick on the paper first so that they are under the frame.

Simple Handmade Gifts - Part Nine

Once you have your labels right where you want them, you’re all done! Just tie the frame with a pieces of ribbon, and attach a whiteboard marker. You can write on the glass, and it comes off really easily.

Here are some more ideas for handmade gifts:


Coin Purse/Gift Card Holder from i heart naptime


Witty Gloves from CountryLiving


Fringed Flannel Throw from it’s always autumn


Leather Cases from Shelterness

DIY Letter Bookends

Letter Bookends

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Teacup Sculpture from El Brooklyn Taco


Dog Ties from Patch Puppy


Pom Pom Coasters from Brit + Co

Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs

Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs

flat iron holder

Flat Iron Holder from Creative Juices


Holiday Salsa from i heart naptime


Glitter State Art from The Effortless Chic


Hair Ties from Everything Etsy


Reindeer Hooded Towel from Crazy Little Projects


Easy Microwave Honey Lip Balm


Hand Stamped Wooden Spoons from The Idea Room


Animal Key Chains from Between the Lines


Snow Globe Cookie Jar from CountryLiving


Coffee Cozy from Skip to my Lou

CLICK HERE to view a complete list of my “Simple Handmade Gifts” series!

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  3. This year I plan on making a hard candy wreath. Never having made one before I remember watching my mother make them for Christmas gifts. Use a wire coat hanger and twist it into a circle. Put the candy on with yarn or ribbon, Add a bow at the top and a pair of kids scissors to cut off the candy. Each one uses 3 lb of candy. Merry Christmas!

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  4. Fun gift ideas. I also love the bookmark one. I agree with Susan, it’s time to update your picture. Just a suggestion.

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  5. Are you going to replace your blog picture with the “new you” picture? Just curious.

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  6. When my grandmother came to visit in Chicago one Spring, we went out collecting wildflowers to create bookmarks for her to share with her birthday group. We put them between books to mash them, placed on white paper and used cold laminate sheets to encase them. A hole punch at the top with some nice ribbon and voila! Just a bit of a challenge to find wildflowers this time of year though :o)

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      • Just wanted to say I love your new picture! (although maybe it’s not new and I’ve just now noticed it…). The light blue color looks really good on you Jillee!

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